How to Cure Tooth Decay – Author Ramiel Nagel Guest Post

Tooth decay is curable. You can reverse, heal and actually cure tooth decay, and prevent having to pay the astronomical costs of expensive dental treatments like root canals, crowns, implants etc. As a dental professional, telling the truth about the causes of tooth decay and how to cure tooth decay is extremely important to me, versus the commonly known drivel that has been told for many years by the dental health “authorities” and their subjects.

For that reason, I tracked down the author of the book Cure Tooth Decay, Mr. Ramiel Nagel and asked him if he’d be inclined to submit a guest post to me about his book. Fortunately he agreed, and below are his written words. He explains not only why he wrote his book about curing tooth decay, but also explains the truth about what causes tooth decay in the first place, and what steps are necessary nutritionally to cure and prevent tooth decay and other oral diseases.

“Do not believe in anything simply because you have heard it. Do not believe in anything simply because it is spoken and rumored by many. Do not believe in anything simply because it is found written in your religious books. Do not believe in anything merely on the AUTHORITY of your teachers and elders. Do not believe in traditions because they have been handed down for many generations. But after observation and analysis, when you find that anything agrees with reason and is conducive to the good and benefit of one and all, then accept it and live up to it.” – Buddha

Introducing Ramiel Nagel, author of Cure Tooth Decay:

Many people believe that dental treatments and fluoride are the only way to heal cavities; however, this is not based in fact. People who discover they have a cavity may feel vulnerable and unsure of how to correct the problem themselves. The most widely held notion is that cavities cannot be repaired or healed. Most people will attempt to fix the cavity by visiting the dentist, who will place a filling in the tooth to cover the damaged area.

There is new information in the book, Cure Tooth Decay: Heal and Prevent Cavities Naturally by Ramiel Nagel, that helps us understand that dental surgery and the harmful chemical fluoride are not the only options for healing tooth decay. The book, which can be purchased at, explains other ways to heal the teeth. With interesting insights and fact based studies, the book helps destroy the medical doctrine that believes in disease and suffering. Discover the true reasons why tooth decay occurs. Take away knowledge, so you become confident in your ability to prevent tooth decay and succeed in stopping it.

Many people regularly see the dentist, while others only visit when they have pain or inflammation of the gums. Most dentists take X-rays and will then notify you of the presence of a cavity. They offer to fill the cavity with some new type of natural filling for several hundred dollars, and then the problem will be solved.

But is the problem really solved?

Ramiel began his quest to discovering the true cause of cavities when his daughter suffered from tooth decay at the age of one. Most dentists refer to tooth decay in young children as “baby bottle mouth,” which is supposedly caused by children drinking bottles filled with fruit juice. However, his daughter did not eat sweets or drink fruit juices. She was frequently breastfed and had rarely consumed processed foods.

The current theory did not truly explain the reasons why his daughter had tooth decay. He knew he had to determine the actual cause of tooth decay, especially since younger children cannot undergo modern dental treatments like adults can. Since children cannot sit completely still and usually dislike objects forced in their mouth during dental treatments, dentists usually use anesthesia and other unpleasant techniques. These methods are merely a convenient and haphazard way of treating tooth decay, as they are not the best treatment option from a medical standpoint. They are also extremely costly in many ways.

Ramiel’s work is largely based on the studies and research by Weston A. Price and Melvin Page. Weston Price was well respected dentist during the height of his career, from the early 1900’s to 1948. He was the forerunner for the American Dental Association, as he was the chairman of the Research Section of the National Dental Association from 1914 to 1923. His work was widely respected during his time and he published numerous articles in many dental journals, including the Journal of the American Dental Association.

Instead of determining why people in a modern society had tooth decay, Price journeyed across the globe to discover why Indigenous people had healthy teeth. His work uncovered the truth that there was something gravely wrong with the way modern societies live. This has resulted in many people losing their pristine state of health. Price’s research led to him developing an outline for a tooth decay healing protocol, which was over 95% effective in healing tooth decay without surgery when followed under precise conditions. Basically, tooth decay and cavities can be repaired with a certain type of nutrition.

What Is Dental Surgery?

A dentist’s job is to fix the hole or pain that you have in your mouth. The usual techniques involve drilling a bigger hole in the mouth, then filling the space with a synthetic material. A dentist is actually known as a DDS, which stands for doctor of dental surgery. The surgery never addresses the real cause of tooth decay, and merely attempts to treat the symptoms of tooth decay, pain or a hole in the tooth.

The Center for Disease Control published alarming results from a study of over 15,000 people. As people age, the rate of tooth decay rises. People ages 16 to 19 have approximately 11% of all teeth affected by decay at one time. The numbers continue to climb, so that once a person is over the age of 60, more than half of their teeth have been afflicted by tooth decay. A total of approximately 93% percent of people over the age of 60 have experienced tooth decay.

If conventional methods for preventing tooth decay, such as brushing and fluoridation, were effective, than the rates of tooth decay would not continue to rise. Either it would stay at the same rate or it would get better. This is what is referred to as an unscientifically sound practice. The statistics clearly show failure, due to the fact that decay of the teeth becomes worse over time. This means that either Nature is flawed and people are doomed to a life with tooth decay or humans are flawed in utilizing and understanding Nature.

The Current Theory on Tooth Decay is Wrong

The American Dental Association states that:

“[Tooth decay] occurs when foods containing carbohydrates (sugars and starches) such as milk, pop, raisins, cakes or candy are frequently left on the teeth. Bacteria that live in the mouth thrive on these foods, producing acids as a result. Over a period of time, these acids destroy tooth enamel, resulting in tooth decay.”

Here are several reasons why there are issues with this theory:

#1) It is believed that we breathe in thousands of germs each hour, which means it is impossible to rid your mouth of bacteria, even if you brush your teeth regularly.

#2) There are studies that show people in some Indigenous groups had fermentable carbohydrates stuck on their teeth, and they never brushed their teeth. Yet, the teeth were mostly or completely free of decay.

#3) Bacteria does not consume sugars due to a lack of nutrients in them. Sugars are processed to prevent spoilage and consumption by bacteria. It makes little sense that these sugars with no nutritional value become food for the bacteria once they are in the mouth.

#4) Flours are treated to prevent spoilage and the minerals, which are the bacteria’s food, are removed. Hence, bacteria do not eat processed flour for the same reasons mentioned above regarding sugar.

#5) Bacteria do like to eat milk, vegetables, fruit, fish and meat, yet these are foods are not linked to being causes of tooth decay.

#6) The study from the CDC shows that even though people use prevention methods, roughly 90% of the population continues to be afflicted by tooth decay at least once in their lifetime. While some may say that the individuals who have tooth decay are not following the recommendations to brush or floss, this is merely a way to blame the victim instead of looking at the true cause. People were not told what actually causes tooth decay, so they have not had the knowledge to stop it.

The True Causes of Tooth Decay

Harvard Professor Earnest Hooten studied the work of Price, and came to the conclusion that: “It is store food that has given us store teeth.” He believed we should consider the ways of Indigenous groups due to their low or nonexistent rates of tooth decay.

Dr. Price was able to show the disastrous results when Indigenous groups came into contact with modern societies. Groups that had been free from tooth decay for generations were suddenly afflicted by tooth decay once they came into contact with modern foods.

Indigenous people would go to great lengths to find foods that contained special fat-soluble vitamins, and our modern culture does not regularly consume these nutrients. Surveys done by the United States Department of Agriculture have shown that a large percentage of the population in under nourished. It should not be astonishing due to the fact that modern societies tend to eat foods that are processed and full of chemicals.

This means that you must pay careful attention to the foods you are consuming. Processed foods are not going to help you achieve optimal health. You must consider the consequences of each and every bite of processed food that you consume.

Dentist Melvin Page used blood tests to determine the cause of tooth decay in modern societies. If a person consumes too many processed or sugary foods, the blood chemistry in the person becomes out of balance. This leads to phosphorus and calcium levels being abnormal in the body. This results in minerals being stripped from the bones. Basically, sugar causes tooth decay because it diminishes nutrients in the body.

Tooth decay is not the result of bacteria and the acids they produce. To restore the balance of phosphorus and calcium, and ensure minerals are able to bond to the teeth, you must eat health building foods. Simply avoiding processed foods and sugars are not enough; you must eat foods that contain the right minerals and nutrients to build strong tooth structure in place of decayed, damaged tooth structure.

Freeing Yourself from Tooth Decay

This is simply an introduction on how you can be truly free from decay. Our teeth can rebuild themselves and cover themselves with a hard layer, if we provide our body with the right nutrition.

What is the right type of nutrition?

The most significant factor is fat-soluble vitamins. These are present in plant and animal foods that are raised in nature. The fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, and E come from whole foods. You can find these vitamins in grass-fed animal foods, as well as in the organ of wild fish and shellfish. You may have heard that powerful animals, such as bears, sometimes eat only the head (or brain) of salmon for nourishment. This is due to the fact that the organs of land animals and fish contain the vitamins that make us healthy.

You can find the fat-soluble vitamin E in the germ of grains from oats, barley, rye and wheat. If the grains are processed, the vitamins are oxidized and the result is grains that are rancid. Commercial grain products are improperly processed, so it is extremely difficult to find grains that contain the vitamin intact. Even organic foods can be harmful to our teeth due to the nutrients being lost from improper preparation. Only eat freshly ground grain products. The grains should also be fermented to make them digestible and release trapped nutrients.

When we lack all of the key fat-soluble vitamins in our diet, we experience tooth decay. Numerous people think a diet full of organic foods is enough to stay healthy. However, many of these people continue to suffer from tooth decay. The reason is due to the lack of fat-soluble vitamins and bio-available minerals in their diet.

Those who eat animal products need to consume grass-fed milk, cheese, cream and butter. Preferably from cows that eat rapidly-growing grass during the spring and summer. We also need to consume truly free-ranging chicken eggs and organs from land or sea animals.

Another key reason why people are afflicted by tooth decay is from consuming too many sweet foods. Whether the sweets you are consuming are natural or processed, any type of sweet food can cause a change in blood sugar, which will result in minerals being pulled from the bones. Minimize the amount of sweet foods you consume, including bananas, honey, dates, maple syrup, carrots and other types of fruit.

Living Without Tooth Decay

Ramiel has created a book that will show you how to live free from tooth decay with good nutrition. Both he and his daughter were afflicted by cavities and tooth decay, and they have both strengthen their teeth and stopped cavities, without the use of dental treatments. His daughter also has an improved mood and her teeth protect themselves from infection, which is known as arrested decay. With the right nutrition, he was able to escape painful and dangerous dental treatments and heal his teeth naturally. As a parent, he has helped protect his daughter from these same treatments, and for that, he is eternally grateful.

In today’s society, many people believe that “life is suffering.” Often times, people have unfelt and deep beliefs regarding suffering and disease. Most people are not consciously aware of these beliefs, so they dismiss the answers that are blatantly staring them in the face. It causes people to promote things like water fluoridation and dental surgery, when these things are not necessary given the fact that our teeth our not designed to decay.

By making the correct choices for your lifestyle, you can minimize and prevent tooth decay, as well as repair cavities once they have formed. Don’t continue to be fooled by the illusion that you cannot cure diseases. We do know the cause of tooth decay and how to cure it. Use this knowledge to take responsibly for your dental health. Learn more about how to live a life free from tooth decay and how to prevent and heal cavities naturally by purchasing a copy of the book at

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