How To Improve Your Alexa Rank

Like many other bloggers, I’ve been reading all varieties of blogs that post on the topic on “How To Improve Your Alexa Rank”. Inevitably I find these same bloggers commenting on the effectiveness (or ineffectiveness) of other bloggers claims of increasing your Alexa rank in a matter of days. There is no shortage of tips and hints on the fastest, more effective ways of increasing your Alexa rank, but I have yet to find what has been proven to work.

There are some who say that you ought to put the Alexa Widget on your blog, or installing the Alexa Toolbar will work wonders. There are also those who claim that if you really want your Alexa rank to improve, you have to pay for it, which I have no interest in doing. I did sign up under a variety of blog groups, like MyBlogLog,, Digg, Technorati, Stumble Upon, BlogCatalog, and RSS Feeds and so on.

I’m not entirely sure I fully understand all there is to know About The Alexa Rankings, but I’m sure continuing my research to find out everything I can. Whether or not the tips and tricks offered by others really works or not remains to be seen. As a newer blogger, I have much to learn about what really works and what doesn’t, so I personally have no proof at this point what would work for you. If you would like to read some of what I’ve read, you can start with these:

How To Boost Your Alexa Rank-

Increase Alexa traffic ranking by 5 million points in 10 days

Everything considered, with all I’ve read up to this point, tells me that if you want to increase your Alexa rank, and get more traffic to your site, you should simply write that in your blogs. Simple as that. Blog about your own blog.

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