How to Lose Belly Fat

Belly fat has become one of the most common issues faced by many people these days! Those who have belly fat usually lose self-confidence and get worried about socializing due to their shapeless body. Some

Belly fat has become one of the most common issues faced by many people these days! Those who have belly fat usually lose self-confidence and get worried about socializing due to their shapeless body.

Some of them even try different techniques and tips to get rid of their belly-fat fast. However, most of them fail because of lack of proper awareness on the causes of belly fat and how actually they can lose belly fat effectively!

Causes for Belly Fat

junk-food-150x150-1 Fried foods, sugary soft drinks, fatty foods, high calorie desserts, huge portions of meals and many other factors can result in the increase of belly fat. You need to remember that healthy weight management should be considered as the major health concerns.

Diet and your metabolic activities alone are not the major causes for your body’s extra fat. The following reasons also can be the main causes for your over weight and belly fat.

  • Aging or slow down of metabolism

Why is it hard to lose belly fat?

There are two types of body fats present your belly area.

1. Subcutaneous Fat – This type of fat lies underneath your skin and just above your abdominal muscles 2. Visceral Fat – This type of fat builds up between your torso and the internal organs in

the peritoneal cavity.

Visceral Fat leads to belly fat or pot belly. As this fat is not directly present beneath your skin, it is hard for you to lose this fat. The fat that is present beneath the skin is easier to get rid of through exercising and sweating, which is not possible with visceral fat.

Dangers of Belly Fat

Though it may be hard to lose visceral fat, it is not an impossible task – you can get rid of it by following some techniques and tips regularly.

Top 10 Effective Tips to Lose Belly Fat

1. Strength Training
In order to lose body weight or belly fat, the first thing you need to do is to get stronger. Strength training can add muscle mass and avoid muscle loss. Strength training can also help in burning fat. One of the best strength training exercises is the Squat & Deadlift.

2. Healthy Eating
You should understand that abs are usually built in your kitchen. Despite training too hardly to build the body muscles, you can hardly achieve your goal when you cannot avoid eating junk foods every day. So, you should choose healthy foods like salads and others.

3. Limit Alcohol
limiting-alcohol-150x150-1 Both eating and drinking habits contribute a major role in your belly fat loss goal. Taking alcohol now and then to socialize is ok, but having it as a regular habit can lead to beer shaped belly gathering lot of fat there! Also, regular drinking can cause stress and may lead to liver diseases.

4. Eat More
You should understand that it is just a myth that eating so much can develop fat in your body. It actually depends on the type of food you are taking. You can eat healthy foods as much as you can. The common mistake that many dieters commit is they starve themselves as a part of their belly fat loss program. This is absolutely wrong. You should consume as much as possible, but the food should be healthy, especially when you are following exercises for more than 2 or 3 times a week.

5. Eat Less Carbs Our body requires carbohydrates to generate energy. But the problem is that we take more

carbohydrates than needed. Such carbs are stored in the abdominal area as fat.

6. Take More Fiber Then again, when taking carbohydrates, you should ensure that the major intake of carbs is through sources that are fiber rich, such as, vegetables, fruits and unrefined grains. You

should avoid refined sugars and refined grains as they can lead to more belly fat. Fiber makes you feel full and slows down the response of glycemic index of the foods that you take which can help you get leaner.

7. Take More Protein
eat-protein-150x150-1 Protein foods contain high quantity of thermic effect than that of other foods. Our body can shed more calories while processing the proteins than that of while processing fats and carbohydrates. Hence, protein food can help you lose more belly fat.

8. Take More Fat
It is not true that fat results in fat. In fact, bad nutrition and lack of proper exercise routine results in your body fat. Taking fat can perhaps help in losing fat. Our body will not be able to stock fat just when we take healthy fats regularly. One of the best examples of healthy fat sources is fish oil. It helps to increase the testosterone levels in your body naturally and also helps in losing fat. You are advised to keep yourself away from trans fats which are highly present in the products like margarine. Rather, you can consume unprocessed foods.

9. Lower Your Body Fat
You should accept the truth that the belly area is the last place where you will be able to get rid of extra fat. If you posses man boobs and double chin, you first have to get rid of your overall body fat in order to get rid of belly fat. For this, you have to eat healthy, get stronger and do cardio workouts regularly.

10. Stay Motivated
Motivating yourself is very important when you want to stick to your fat loss goal to maintain a good shape to your body. You cannot do this just by looking at yourself in the mirror every time. Rather you can try the following:

  • Measure your body fat through a fat calliper for every 2 weeks
  • Measure you waist as well for every 2 weeks
  • And take pictures of yourself for every 2 weeks

By doing the above three you can actually see if there is any progress in you or not! This can motivate you to work more on your belly fat loss goal. Finally, you should remember that taking action is the only way to achieve your goals. So, start your belly fat loss program today!

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