How to Make Baby Shower Diaper Cakes – Make Your Own Homemade Baby Shower Diaper Cake

For the baby shower I’ve been planning, I decided to make my own baby shower diaper cake to use as a centerpiece decoration gift. For anyone who has yet to make a diaper cake on their own, making a diaper cake is not hard, just time consuming. The large diaper cake I made for the girl baby shower was the very first diaper cake attempt I’ve ever made, and once the “cake” was completed, I was quite happy and satisfied with how it turned out.

Mind you, the idea of making a diaper cake for the baby shower made me somewhat nervous since I had never made one before. I spent several days viewing pictures of diaper cakes online and reading instructions posted to gather some ideas of how diaper cakes are made and what “ingredients” are typically used, and to try and understand how each of the diaper cake layers are secured to each other so the cake didn’t turn out looking like The Leaning Tower of Pisa.

Baby Shower Diaper Cakes


There are many sites online where diaper cakes can be bought, customized and personalized to match the baby shower theme or nursery room, with cheap to extremely expensive prices to match. There are also diaper cake kits available online, as well as plain undecorated diaper cakes where you only need to add the decorative items of your choice at very cheap prices. Making your own, homemade diaper cake is not only the cheaper way of including a pretty diaper cake centerpiece for the party, but making a personalized diaper cake is only limited by your imagination.

Deciding on what things to add to the diaper cake and figuring out how to wrap the diaper cake with cellophane paper, netting or tulle and ribbons etc so it (hopefully) appears to be professionally made was one of my top priorities. If you have ever researched diaper cakes online in an effort to learn how to make diaper cakes for a baby shower, you likely discovered that some directions are better than others.

undecorated-diaper-cake 3 Tier Undecorated Diaper Cake

Some so-called step-by-step instructions leave much to be desired, and finding directions written just in text but with no pictures showing the cake-making process can be frustrating. Fortunately, Youtube has several good videos showing how to make a diaper cake in a step-by-step process in however many tiers you have in mind for the cake, and that is primarily where and how I learned how to make a diaper cake. Youtube videos is an excellent resource for learning how to make just about anything.

Making baby diaper cakes is not difficult, even for those who don’t consider themselves to be “creative” or artistic at all. Some people seem to have a natural knack for crafts of one kind or another, an innate ability to make just about anything imaginable out of thin air, that ultimately turns out to be some of the most beautiful and highly sought after craft projects and decoration pieces for home or parties. Including beautifully handcrafted diaper cakes costing two or three hundred dollars each, if not more for the larger diaper cakes.

cupcake-baby-3-tier-diaper-cake Cupcake Baby 3 Tier Diaper Cake

Many of these ingenious minds have turned their crafts into money making businesses, which allows the rest of us to simply buy a diaper cake rather than making one ourselves. If you do an online search for “diaper cakes” or “diaper cakes for sale”, you’ll probably be amazed at some of the astonishing ideas for girl or boy diaper cakes, including pictures of two, three and four tier diaper cakes that will knock your socks off. Classic Winnie the Pooh diaper cakes, pink diaper cakes for girls, monkey diaper cakes for monkey-themed baby showers, ladybug diaper cakes, safari diaper cakes with wild animals, and many more.

When I was finalizing my ideas for making a large 5 tier Precious Moments Noah’s Ark diaper cake and choosing all the diaper cake ingredients I needed, I came across this site here and saw some of the most unique diaper cakes for baby showers and I was awestruck about the pure genius behind these diaper cakes. A “baby grand piano diaper cake”?! Really?! Genius! Girl and boy baby carriage diaper cakes?! Incredible! The “Dr. Seuss Cat-in-the-hat diaper cake” and “Guitar diaper cake” nearly knocked me off my chair when I saw those pictures. Simply amazing.

baby-einstein-3-tier-diaper-cake Baby Einstein 3 Tier Diaper Cake

The longer I looked at perhaps hundreds of diaper cake pictures online and carefully reviewed the ingredients and decorations used for each diaper cake, besides the cloth or disposable diapers of course, the more convinced I became that yes, I could make a diaper cake myself. And not a small diaper cake either, not one with just two or three tiers including the cake topper.

When all was said and done and the diaper cake I made was completely finished, topped off and wrapped up with ribbons and bows, the completed diaper cake measured 24L x 16W x 32H. A large 5-tiered personalized diaper cake, perfectly customized to match the baby girl nursery and Precious Moments Noah’s Ark baby shower theme to a “T”. I do not in any way consider myself to be naturally talented when it comes to making crafts of various kinds, not by a long shot. But I am more than willing to give it my best and take the time necessary to learn how to make something unique, special and very personalized for whoever the craft or gift is intended for.

precious-pooh-3-tier-diaper-cake Precious Pooh 3 Tier Diaper Cake

Frequently asked questions that come up for people (including me) wanting to make a diaper cake include:

How many cloth or disposable diapers do I need for making a diaper cake? There really is no one right answer to that because it all depends on the size diaper cake you have in mind to make. For the diaper cake I made, I must have bought 200 to 250 disposable diapers in size 1, but I didn’t keep track of how many diapers were used for each and every layer and I probably had 50 diapers left over when I was finished.

What kind of diapers should be used to make a diaper cake? Some people use plain white cloth diapers, while many others use one brand or another of premium disposable diapers in newborn and size 1. One great idea is the suggestion to create a “Diaper Sampler” cake by using a few different types or brands of disposable diapers to help the mom and dad-to-be decide which brand they like best for the coming baby girl or boy.

What do you use to display the diaper cake on? I already had a large heavy duty platter to use for the foundation base to hold the diaper cake on and build the layers up. Online recommendations suggest either using a platter you already have at home, a round or square piece of cardboard, or buy a cake serving tray at a party supply store. Diaper cakes can be very heavy, so keep that in mind when choosing something to build the diaper cake on if you’re going to need to lift and carry it somewhere else.

What diaper cake ingredients are best? Again, there is no real answer to that because what you choose to decorate and accessorize the diaper cake with all depends on the size, style, theme etc you’re going with. Typical items might include baby needs like rattles, receiving blankets, bibs, baby socks, crib sheets, baby washcloths, booties, onesies, baby wipes, baby bath towel, teethers and soft toys, super soft plush animals, pacifiers, ribbons and bows, baby shower lullaby music CD, baby shampoo/lotion and more.

Let your imagination run wild, as nothing baby related is off limits when making diaper cakes for baby showers. If for one minute you begin to feel as though you just can’t make a diaper cake yourself, think again. Making diaper cakes is not hard, just time consuming. Take your time, plan well in advance of the baby shower and you will be amazed at the creativity that starts to flow naturally and when your diaper cake is completed, you’ll feel an enormous sense of accomplishment for having made your first very own baby shower diaper cake.

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