Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick Book Review and Video

This is a book review guest post of Hush, Hush: The New York Times bestselling book by Becca Fitzpatrick. The “Hush Hush” novel is a very popular book among teens and young adults, including a Hush

the-hush-hush-book-by-becca-fitzpatrick-150x150-1 This is a book review guest post of Hush, Hush: The New York Times bestselling book by Becca Fitzpatrick. The “Hush Hush” novel is a very popular book among teens and young adults, including a Hush Hush fansite “Fallen Archangel” at and a Youtube video trailer.

In Hush, Hush, Nora Grey meets Patch Cipriano. Patch is mysterious, attractive, a bad boy, and the school’s newest transfer. Nora is brown-haired, smokey-eyed, an only child, and a columnist for the school’s eZine.

In the biology class they share together, Patch seems to know way too much about Nora; things not even her best friend, Vee Sky, knows. But when the tables are turned, and the biology assignment requires him to talk about himself, he refuses to budge. Patch’s nonchalant attitude leaves Nora frustrated with mixed feelings. While her teen hormones cause her to be attracted to Patch, something else, deep down, tells her she needs to be afraid.

When a mysterious shadow appears in Nora’s room, and a man wearing all black and a ski mask shreds her friend’s car, she looks to Vee for comfort, and winds up meeting Elliot Saunders and his best friend Jules at a local diner. While Jules seems to act strange around Nora and Vee, Elliot warms right up; confessing he just transferred from Kinghorn Prep to Coldwater High.

During the gym class that Nora winds up sharing with Elliot, she finds Patch spying on her and learns that Patch has some inhuman talents. After Elliot invites Nora and Vee to the Delphic Seaport with himself and Jules, they find out they weren’t the only ones there. When Jules strangely excuses himself, Nora finds she’s ditched her friends to ride the newly renovated Archangel, with Patch. While on the ride, Nora finds she gets launched from the car and falls; only to discover she is still safely strapped in the car at the end of the ride. Although Nora was hoping Vee would be around to give her a ride home, she discovers that Patch is her only option.

When Vee and Nora go on a shopping trip, Nora gets the feeling that someone is following her. In an attempt to uncover who the culprit may be, Nora and Vee swap a few items, and Nora watches as Vee walks out of the store with a few of her things; pretending to be Nora, of course. While the intention to disguise Vee as Nora was meant to be good, the outcome isn’t so great. Nora has to call 9-1-1 and have Vee taken to the hospital. When Nora goes to visit Vee the next day, Nora uncovers the strange coincidence that the man, who was wearing a ski mask and shredding her car, is the exact same person responsible for putting Vee in the hospital!

While Nora is at the library doing some research a few days later, she finds out that Elliot was a suspect in a murder case at Kinghorn Prep. After her discovery on Elliot, Nora finds that she is strangely being brutally bribed into going on a ski trip with himself, Vee, and Jules for Spring Break. Although Vee ignores Nora’s attempts to warn her to stay away from Elliot and Jules, the message doesn’t get through till things are a little too late.

Once Nora finds out that Vee is with Elliot and Jules at a party, Nora decides that she has to rescue Vee from them. Nora arrives close to the location that Vee told her, but finds they had already left, and Nora must call Patch for a ride home. On the ride to Nora’s house, Patch’s car ironically dies out, and they find themselves in a hotel trying to avoid the storm outside. As Nora finds herself touching the V-shaped scars on Patch’s back, she experiences flashbacks into Patch’s past. Not only does Nora find out she is the descendant of a Nephilim named Chauncey, she uncovers Patch’s true intentions towards Nora, and the fact that Patch is actually a Fallen Angel.

After they talk and realize that something isn’t right about Jules, Patch drops off Nora at home to do some research of his own. Once at home, Nora finds herself in a life-or-death situation with Patch’s ex-girlfriend. As Patch arrives to save the day, Nora receives a mysterious phone call, demanding her presence at the school. There she is confronted by Jules, who reveals his true intentions to Nora.

What I love about Hush, Hush is the complicated relationship the characters share with each other. When you think you know what’s going to happen next, you have no idea! You get thrown for a loop so many times you can’t even keep track of them all!

When it comes to a Prologue, most books don’t need them. Although some authors use the prologue to talk about events that happened in previous books in the series, Becca Fitzpatrick’s prologue for Hush, Hush actually serves a purpose! If you don’t read the prologue to Hush, Hush, you won’t understand the real significance of Jules’ character, and why he is so important to the story.

Another thing that I like is that when certain words, like Nephilim, are used in books, most of the time you’re left guessing what it could possibly mean! Becca Fitzpatrick does an awesome job telling you what certain words mean, by using the dialogue of the characters. Crafty!

When it comes to attention-getters, some authors can’t seem to remember what their teachers taught them in school! I don’t like reading books where it takes ¾ of the book to REALLY get started! Although I’m a huge fan of the Twilight Saga (TEAM JACOB ALL THE WAY!) Stephanie takes up quite some time just getting things started! But Hush, Hush!? Who would’ve thought that using Human Reproduction on the first page and a jerk-of-a-guy on the next would equal success! YEY!

Despite the fact that Hush, Hush is getting more and more attention, its cover has already won five awards! Thanks to James Porto who took the amazing shot using Drew Doyon to depict Patch, Hush, Hush won: Best YA cover, Best Male-only Cover, Most unique cover, Best debut cover, AND cover of the year!

Although I’ve already read Hush, Hush 4 times, and let my cousin-in-law borrow it, I plan on reading it over and over again once I retrieve it! Thanks Becca for writing such an amazing novel! Oh yeah, and in case you haven’t noticed, I have nothing to complain about Hush, Hush; only compliments!

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