If Tomorrow Never Comes

Did you happen to watch last nights showing of Oprah Winfrey’s premier television movie “For One More Day”? “For One More Day” is the story of a man whose mother’s death and the details surrounding

Did you happen to watch last nights showing of Oprah Winfrey’s premier television movie “For One More Day”? “For One More Day” is the story of a man whose mother’s death and the details surrounding it have haunted him for years. His subsequent fall into depression and alcoholism causes him to lose his family, and when he discovers he missed his own daughter’s wedding because he wasn’t invited, he decides to take his own life.

However, a miracle happens which allows him to spend one more day with his mother – a day he missed and always wished he’d had with her. During their touching encounter he learns the secrets his mother has kept from him, about his childhood, and even more about himself. Allowing the truth to sink in may give him the necessary strength to let go of the demons that haunt him.

If you only had one more day, what would you do with it?

Three weeks ago my ex-husband and father of my six children had what is called a “silent heart attack”. He is only 49 years old. The only symptom that he had was a feeling of “slight pressure” in his chest, no real “pain” to speak of. While driving to work one morning he debated as to whether he should drive himself to the hospital or go to work as planned. Fortunately he decided to go to the hospital, where it was quickly determined that he had a block in an artery and needed immediate surgery. There was no time for any phone calls to family, children or friends. It was only after he came out of surgery that anyone knew what had happened. The doctors told him that had he gone to work that he would likely have had a full blown heart attack and the chances of his getting the needed emergency care would be slim to none. My children’s father could have died that day. Thank God he decided against going to work.

That situation, along with two more I will tell you about, really brings life into perspective. We don’t know how long we each have to live our lives. I think of my husband and children that I love and adore. It impresses upon me the vital importance of saying “I love you” each and every day to our spouse, children, parents and others we hold dear. It puts into perspective the trivial disagreements between spouses, parents with their children, and working very hard not to sweat the small stuff.

When was the last time you yelled or screamed at your children or spouse? Do you regret it? Have you since held them close and genuinely apologized? Better yet, how about learning to change that about yourself so that your children do not grow up doing the same to their own children?

The illusion of time-

In October 2006, Patrick suffered a stroke at the age of 36. We often hear about strokes occurring with those in their elderly years, but reading Patrick’s story really moved me and I felt today was the day to bring it to your attention. Reading his story “The Illusion Of Time” will likely move you as it did me. Patrick says: “Like a true illusion, time really depends on your perspective. To a four year-old, 36 is an impossible age to imagine. While to someone in their 50’s or 60’s, 36 is too young to have a stroke. And then there is the most dangerous of all illusions about time – the idea that you will be given “enough time” to live your life.”

This past Tuesday December 4th, wife and mom of four sons, Melody suddenly and without warning blacked out while working at her computer. When she finally awoke, not having any sense of how long she’d been that way, she reached for her mouse but found she couldn’t. She couldn’t move her arm, her hand curled and paralyzed. Melody details her present situation in her post “Uncertainty Leads To Holding Tight To One’s Faith And Keeping A Vow”. While my husband and I were busy enjoying putting up our Christmas tree last night, getting the numerous holiday decorations placed throughout the house, I couldn’t get Melody off of my mind. She is still with me today, and I wish her only the very best and quickest recovery.

If tomorrow never comes-

If today were your last day, what would you do with it?