I’m Going To Be A Grandma

iftomorrownevercomes1-150x150-1 It’s hard for me to imagine that I’m going to be a Grandma since I’m only 47 years old, but in about six weeks from now my first grandchild will be born. We already know it’s going to be a bouncing baby boy, with a name yet to be determined. I say it’s hard for me to imagine becoming a Grandma because I always pictured Grandma’s being much older than I am, wearing those tacky granny dresses around the house, and their gray hair pulled up in a bun. That is sooooo not me!

I mean, aren’t Grandma’s those wonderful OLD women who quite happily spend their time baking cookies they’ve made from scratch, as opposed to just buying a box of Oreo’s at the grocery store? Aren’t Grandma’s usually on their hands and knees digging in flower or vegetable gardens for hours on end? Yeeesh, I don’t even OWN a rocking chair! Oh my gosh, I’m going to be a Grandma and very soon. And to think that I was worried about being too young to be this d*** old before my time because of having to buy reading glasses last year. That is nothing compared to this!

My son and his lovely lady are still trying to decide on the little tyke’s name, and far be it from me to interject any suggestions, having done more than my share of finding suitable names for each of my six rug-rats children. I just hope they don’t saddle the poor kid with some goofy-girly name like Leslie, Tracy or Ashley. Oh the horror!

I’m simply beside myself with anticipation of holding the little guy, and I certainly must verify he was blessed with all ten fingers and ten toes. I think becoming a grandma is going to be great fun, especially since I can hand him right back to the parents when in serious need of a diaper change or starts getting very fussy. I get the privilege of spoiling him rotten, keeping him dressed in the cutest clothes, and not having the responsibilities that go with being the actual parent. Having someone like ME for a Grandma will ensure he’ll learn that, while I may have suddenly been ushered into the world of OLD people, Grandma’s are also very COOL.

Hmm, since I’m going to be a Grandma soon, I wonder if this means that I’m now too old to put on my dancing shoes and go clubbin’? Nah, nothing can stop me from doing that! Update: I’ve just started a brand new Grandma Blog called Grandma Stories, where I share Grandma stories about being a grandma.

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