Indestructible Dog Toys For Labs – Best Indestructible, Tough Dog Toys For Aggressive Chewers

hurley-dog-chew-toy-4 Our Lab is what is commonly referred to as an aggressive chewer or power chewer, and dog toys made of soft pliable materials or fabric are quickly destroyed, torn and ripped to shreds in a matter of minutes. Our Lab can’t distinguish between the dog toys bought specifically with her in mind vs. the soft squeaky dog toys purchased for our Chihuahua. The moment the female Labrador sees or hears the sound of a squeaky toy being played with by the much smaller dog, the game of tug-a-war begins between the two dogs.

Our female Chihuahua enjoys playing with her soft dog toys and it’s a rare occasion when she is able to completely destroy one of her toys. The Lab, on the other hand, will chew up and spit out in tiny little pieces virtually any destructible dog toy within her reach. Labs are digging, chewing dogs, that is for sure. Labs will chew, rip, tear up and shred dog toys that are not indestructible. Some dog toys are toxic and dangerous to a dog’s health, and we’ve found out the hard way that replacing destroyed dog toys for these tough chewers can be an expensive habit.

Best Dog Chew Toys for Aggressive Chewers

When our Lab was still a puppy, playing and chewing on tennis balls were strong and durable enough to satisfy her instinctual need to chew, but not anymore. She still chews on and plays with tennis balls on occasion, but we’ve purchased several different indestructible toys that she can chew on and attempt to destroy to her hearts content, without success.

It wasn’t easy to find inexpensive dog toys that were guaranteed to be indestructible, but after a lot of online research and getting recommendations from other large dog owners with a ferocious chewing habit, we’re very happy with the results. There really is such a thing as indestructible dog toys for chewers like our Lab, and it should go without saying that fabric, fleece or plush dog toys are not intended for powerful chewers.

Puppies and dogs love to sink their teeth into everything, so we carefully went looking for the best safe dog toys made of tough durable materials that dog toy manufacturers say are guaranteed as indestructible. Petco’s website says dog toys made of vinyl are entertaining and fun for dogs but should not be left alone with powerful or aggressive chewers. Our Lab loves to play with and chew on cotton rope knots, and rope knot toys for dogs have a “dental floss” effect to help clean a dog’s teeth, and are eliminated easier if swallowed than other kinds of dog toys.

Dog toys made of latex are softer than vinyl and will stretch, but could be torn apart in the mouth of aggressive chewers, so we avoid latex dog toys for our Lab. Rubber dog toys are the strongest, most durable and long-lasting type material for dog toys and are said to be almost indestructible. Fortunately, there are many options to choose from when buying dog toys made of strong durable rubber, with many different shapes, colors and styles to choose from.

Indestructible Dog Toys For Labs

The best indestructible dog toys for Labs and other aggressive chewing dogs include the West Paw Hurley chew toys, made from the durable material called Zogoflex. Dog toys by Hurley are considered to be so indestructible that makers will actually send you a free replacement if your pooch somehow manages to destroy the toy. These dog toys come in a variety of colors and shapes, and if it weren’t for the fact that our Lab enjoys playing with and chewing on doggy bones, sticks and durable balls in the backyard, we could easily replace all her toys with Hurley chew toys.

A great dog toy for chewers is the Huck Ball, made by the same people who make Hurley toys. This ball toy for dogs is strong and durable, able to withstand the strong jaws and teeth of heavy chewers, and the ball bounces in unpredictable ways so that playing fetch with your dog never gets boring or dull. The Huck ball comes with a money-back guarantee too, so choosing this dog toy is a win-win for dog and the owner’s wallet.

Kong dog toys have been around for long time and they offer indestructible dog toys that are well designed and fun for dogs to play with and chew on without any need for dog owners to worry. There are many other suggested toys for dogs that are power chewers not discussed here, but rest assured that not only will your dogs appreciate and enjoy chew toys that are virtually non-destructible, but your wallet will thank you too.

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