It’s a Girl Thing – Beauty Secrets and Makeup Meme

, Telling It Like It IsThe subject of beauty and makeup is definitely a girly-girl thing, and I had never heard of the beauty secrets and makeup meme until Megan tagged me, so I thought it might be fun to play along and see how this girly post turns out. I’m not sure I would say there is any real secret to using makeup, since I believe in the concept of “less is more” and allowing a woman’s natural beauty shine through. Sorry guys, this one’s for the ladies.

I do not consider myself to be a girly-girl, not after growing up with five brothers and no sisters to balance things out, but over a period of years my tomboy personality has evolved into one that is comfortably feminine and balanced. I still hate wearing dresses, after being forced to wear the most God-awful frilly frocks to church while growing up, and I’ve managed to avoid wearing the darn things (except my wedding dress) for much of my adult life.

My Foundation:

I’m not one to buy into the idea that women need to spend a lot of money on makeup in order to look good. Therefore my foundation is Cover Girl’s Ultimate Finish Liquid Powder Makeup in Creamy Natural, available at any grocery store or pharmacy on the planet.

My Mascara:

I also don’t stick with the same brand for each makeup item I buy. My mascara is Maybelline Full N’ Soft Waterproof Mascara, in black. Cheap, and it does the job it’s meant to do. Don’t you hate it how so many guys have long natural eyes lashes and us ladies have to pile on the goop just to make ours show up? What’s up with that?! My sons have the longest eye lashes I’ve ever seen on any man, and it’s simply not fair.

My Day Cream:

Oil of Olay Age Defying Face Cream. Yeah that’s right, age defying makeup. Those fine lines are appearing faster and faster as each day passes, and I’m not the least bit happy about it. It’s taken me awhile to find the best anti-wrinkle cream on the market, but I’ve finally found it.

My Essential Beauty Product:

Does sleep count? Getting the proper amount of rest helps reduce those nasty looking bags under the eyes, and no matter how much under-eye concealer is used, you can’t effectively cover up puffy, swollen eyes. So yeah, my essential beauty product is sleep. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

My Favorite Makeup Product:

I love the Noxzema Plus Moisturizers Deep Cleansing Cream, and have been using it for years. My daughter’s are all hooked on it as well, and will never again have to learn the hard way that using soap on their face is not a good idea. See, mommy is always right. Okay, almost always right, says youngest daughter standing over my shoulder.

My Perfume:

A few years ago I fell in love in with Fire & Ice by Revlon and have been using that perfume ever since. I’ve tried other perfumes and lotions given to me as Christmas or Birthday gifts, but I always go right back to my favorite perfume. When I was 12 years old, I used to love the smell of Coppertone tanning lotion, so I used it instead of perfume as a young girl. Fortunately I’ve grown out of that.

My Nails:

, Telling It Like It IsYes, I have nails and they cost me thirty dollars every two weeks at a local nail salon. I’d be more than happy to just have my natural nails, but since I can’t seem to keep them out of my mouth whenever I’m under a lot of stress, store bought nails work best for me. Plus my hubby says my nails are great for scratching his back. Hmm.

My Hands:

Umm, would Yes be the right answer? Yes, I have hands. Two to be exact. Oh, I’m probably supposed to talk about how I take care of my hands. I don’t use hand lotion very often, but when I do it’s usually Vaseline Intensive Care since it doesn’t have some disgustingly strong fragrance that would cause me to go and wash my hands all over again to get the stinky smell off.

My Feet:

My two feet are properly cared for with a regularly scheduled pedicure, and I love the foot and calf massage I get at each appointment. I usually don’t have much interest in having my toes painted with nail polish, except during spring and summer when I’m wearing sandals most of the time.

Three Products to bring on a deserted island:

  1. Sunblock since I get sunburned so easily. I’ve yet to be able to get a great tan because no matter how hard I try to get a tan that looks great, I just burn and peel.
  2. Listerine mouthwash. I work in the dental field, so that’s a given for sure.
  3. Batteries. LOTS and lots of batteries. For my electric toothbrush of course! What did you think I was gonna say?! But then again…, oh never mind. Ha!

Women I admire for their beauty:

Tyra Banks Eva Longoria

Catherine Zeta-Jones

Women with the Best Sense of Style:

Everyone’s definition of style is different. What might be fashionable and trendy to some, especially young 20-something ladies and teens, just doesn’t fly with me. I don’t follow fashion trends, nor do I care about expensive brand names on clothing labels, because there are a lot of reasonably priced beautiful clothes, shoes and accessories in stores that women can choose from. I really can’t think of any famous or well-known women that I would say always show what I would consider to be the best sense of style in how they dress or present themselves, so I’ll have to skip this one.

My Ultimate Dream:

, Telling It Like It IsTo be able to work out of my home, doing something I enjoy immensely, and be my own boss.

How Do I Define Womanhood:

Strength. Courage. Wisdom. Grace. Beauty. Confident. Respectable. Happy.

My Favorite Fashion Publication:

It doesn’t exist.

Okay, let’s see…. Who to tag with this Beauty Secrets and Makeup Meme? FussyPants; The Mother Load and Suburban Oblivion. I can hardly wait to see what answers these three ladies will come up with. , Telling It Like It Is P.S. Please excuse the “dust” of my sidebars mishap, while I straighten out the unexplainable blitz of what my sidebars were looking like prior to this post. Update: The sidebar mishap has been fixed.

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