Kaboom Town 2009 Addison TX July 4th Fireworks Show – DFW Goes Kaboom!


Kaboom Town in Addison TX, just north of Dallas, is having their annual Kaboom Town fireworks show in celebration of the July 4th Independence Day today, Friday, July 3, 2009 starting at 5:00 p.m. until midnight tonight. Are you going to Kaboom Town in Addison today?

Kaboom Town Addison TX fireworks show is the biggest and best fireworks show around DFW, and Kaboom Town is always a spectacular fireworks show. Since Garland and Carrollton have canceled their fireworks shows due to budget cuts, we’re trying to decide which July fourth fireworks show we’ll be attending this year.

Since we live in Plano Texas, we may attend the Frisco fireworks show because it’s closer than Addison, or we may have our own cookout in the backyard and just watch nearby fireworks go Kaboom and light up the sky. Fellow Plano resident, Stephanie Cleveland, shares her own thoughts about Kaboom Town and it’s enormous appeal to Texas residents living in surrounding towns and cities.

Kaboom Town in Addison always occurs on July 3rd every year, and with thousands upon thousands of people attending Kaboom Town, visitors would be wise to arrive very early in order to get the best spot to watch the 30-minute fireworks show, and to find a decent parking space that doesn’t require walking from Plano TX. Yes, there are THAT many people expected to attend Kaboom Town this year.

Kaboom Town is located in Addison Texas, at Addison Circle Park, Bud Light Main Stage, 4970 Addison Circle Drive. There is no charge to attend Kaboom Town, but bring money if you plan on buying food, drinks and to watch the showing of Raiders of the Lost Ark immediately following the fireworks show. The spectacular 30-minute fireworks show is choreographed to music and will be simulcast live on 100.3 FM radio for everyone to enjoy the combination of music and fireworks equally.

Kaboom Town was named Travel + Leisure’s Best July 4th Fireworks display, and for very good reason.

A 4.4-square-mile suburb north of Dallas with 15,000 residents may seem an unlikely spot to celebrate the nation’s birthday, but it’s an excellent one—or so think the half-million people who watch the display each year. Preceded by flyovers of commemorative planes (courtesy of the town’s Cavanaugh Flight Museum) and the patriotic music of military bands, this show features the most current technology, the newest shells on the market, and a live radio simulcast.
Where to View: By virtue of northern Texas’s trademark flatness and lack of humidity, these fireworks’ spectacular displays can be seen from miles away, as if carried by the night air’s heat.

D Magazine has a detailed list of fun things to do in the Dallas-Fort Worth area during the July 4th Independence Day holiday festivities, concerts, and more.

The Dallas Morning News has a short list of July 4th fireworks shows including Kaboom Town, Fair Park Fourth and Trinity River Fiesta, so be sure to check those listings.

The DMN Opinion page provides detailed information for those interested in attending Fair Park Fourth at Dallas’ Fair Park, including admission fees, parking costs, and a performance by our own Olympic Gold Medalist Carly Patterson who will sing in the stadium at 8 p.m. on Saturday, July 4, 2009.

Happy Birthday America!!!

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