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personalized-easter-basket-150x150-1-2 When giving holiday gifts to kids such as Easter, I much prefer to make my own homemade Easter baskets and fill each basket with candy and treats, small toys, decorated cookies, coloring books and crayons and maybe a game or two as personalized Easter gifts for the little kiddos in the family.

The little girls and boys in the family celebrating Easter look forward to seeing what goodies and small presents they will find in the Easter baskets I’ve handmade for them. I’m not a last-minute shopper at all. There is no running to the stores the day of or the day before Easter Sunday (or any other holiday) to grab up the remaining (yet picked-over) candies, treats, presents and Easter cards from the local Walmart or five-and-dime stores for the children I love.

As of today, Easter Sunday is just 20 days away, and I have already bought Easter dresses for the girls, and all the candy and toy gift items needed to fill each Easter basket. Since the little kids live out of state, we won’t be hosting an Easter egg hunt or party here this year, but with the soon-to-be born new addition to the family, next year’s Easter party and festivities will be a lot of fun.

12-wind-up-jumping-easter-eggs 12 Wind Up Jumping Easter Eggs!

Coming up with Easter basket ideas is rarely difficult for me, but I’m not bragging. One of the greatest things about planning well ahead of holidays and gift-giving is the ability to scour the internet for inexpensive, unique gift ideas before all the good stuff is sold out. Waiting until the last minute to buy Easter candy, toys and treats usually means the most popular candies and chocolate Easter bunnies, Easter marshmellow treats and candy eggs are not on sale anymore but are actually nowhere to be found.

When I’m needing to buy candy for any holiday or special occasion, I shop online for candy at which is an excellent and cheap candy warehouse with the best selections and prices I’ve seen in a long time. I especially like to find novelty or hard to find candies for filling Easter baskets or to be included in birthday gifts, baby showers or other occasions.

Even though the little kids get their fill of candies and treats for Easter, I like to create more of a variety-pack type gift with a stuffed toy like a plush Easter bunny and maybe one or two Easter books, plus a few cheap but fun things the kids can play with long after the holiday is over. The children’s parents certainly appreciate the fact that I don’t overload their kids with so much candy and junk food, but I focus more on small toy gifts that are holiday themed.

the-sing-a-ma-jigs-easter-bunny The Sing-A-Ma-Jigs Easter Bunny

The internet has lots of places to find printable Easter cards, some of them are free and others are not, but I’ve got the Hallmark Studio Cards software on my computer and never have to go searching to find holiday cards online or in stores. I much prefer to spend my money on things that are not quickly thrown out, like cards often are, and do what I can to make Easter as memorable as possible. I’m more apt to make my own Easter card for kids with colored paper, crayons or markers, than I would be willing to spend money on store-bought cards that are overpriced for a holiday.

Buying Easter baskets that are pre-made, pre-filled with candy and other goodies can get very expensive. Even making your own handmade baskets can get quite pricey if you’re not careful, but I’ve managed to make Easter baskets for under twenty dollars and even some that cost under 10 dollars. It all depends on where you shop for Easter stuff, how long you wait before you purchase the items needed to complete the gift basket, and what your budget is at the time.

personalized-easter-baskets Personalized Easter Baskets

It doesn’t cost much at all to buy a cheap bamboo or plastic Easter basket, fill it with colored Easter basket grass, and add a few inexpensive holiday-themed gift items for a great gift. Sometimes I buy holiday shrink wrap to wrap around the entire gift, shrink wrap it with a blow dryer and tie a pretty ribbon or bow around it and I’m done. Other times I’ve made gift baskets with a nice wicker basket I’ve found or have on hand, fill it with whatever I want to give as a gift without using shrink wrap, a gift bag or box of any kind.

For me, and hopefully for you, holidays are not meant to be stressful. Don’t worry yourself about Easter or any other holiday coming up, like Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. Either buy an inexpensive Easter basket already filled with whatever you want to give as a gift, or make a do-it-yourself basket filled with cheap but fun small toys, candies and such and just enjoy your Easter Sunday brunch, lunch or dinner with those you love.

The personalized Easter baskets shown at the top left can be found here for those who may be interested in it. Have a Happy, Hoppy Easter!

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