LunchBots Stainless Steel Food Containers and Bento Boxes

lunchbots-stainless-steel-food-containers-150x150-1 Jacqueline Linder, Founder and CEO of LunchBots, the family-owned business providing consumers healthy and safe stainless steel lunch and snack food containers, is an entrepreneur and company I greatly respect. With the growing awareness and concern about the abundance of harmful plastic products used in many homes, more people are making the necessary changes to get rid of their plastic storage containers and are searching for healthier options.

When I first heard about LunchBots awhile back, it was important to me to take the time needed to check out the quality of their product line, the company’s history and mission, rather than just jumping on the bandwagon full steam ahead simply based on a few online reviews.

Making the change from plastic containers, wraps and sandwich bags etc is of course an important one that I take very seriously. It also makes perfect sense to choose healthy and safe food containers that are washable and reusable, versus buying, using and throwing away disposable plastics. Just the overall savings alone of having the highest quality, reusable food containers and lunch boxes for kids and adults that are proven to be healthy and safe, is the way to go.

Jacqueline Linder’s concern about the chemicals leached into food from plastic is what inspired her to create alternatives to plastic, namely, reusable stainless steel.

“Concerned about chemicals in plastic containers leaching into our food, I went on a search for alternatives. Stainless steel was the perfect material; it’s safe, lightweight, and non-breakable. However, I couldn’t find stainless steel food containers anywhere—not online, not in restaurant supply stores, not in kitchen gadget stores.

After a year or so of searching for stainless steel food containers and not finding what I needed, I built it. In 2008, I launched LunchBots from the garage of my home in Northern California.

LunchBots is a family-owned business and our mission is simple: to provide the highest quality, best-looking, healthiest food containers on the planet.”

LunchBots stainless steel food containers and bento boxes has made it easy for me to prepare and pack healthy homemade meals and snacks for on-the-go, as well as storing leftovers, without the use of any plastic. I don’t have any reason to buy plastic sandwich bags anymore, nor plastic Saran wrap, etc. The LunchBots Duo, Trio or Quad is the perfect size for packing kid’s lunches and snacks for school or daycare, or adults packing their lunch to take to work.

lunchbots-childrens-stainless-steel-dish-set-150x150-1 As a grandma who enjoys frequent visits with the grandchildren, one of my favorite products by LunchBots is the children’s 3-piece stainless steel dish set that includes a plate, bowl and mug, and I don’t have to worry about the grandkids possibly hurting themselves from accidentally dropping or breaking one of our dishes. I’d much rather have a dent in the stainless steel, then have to deal with cut fingers or toes from a broken dish.

It’s important to mention that not at stainless steel is made the same. If you have ever purchased inexpensive stainless steel food containers before, you likely have experienced the sheer disappointment in discovering how cheaply some are made. The lids don’t fit right, they easily dent and kink, and you just want to throw them away after one or two uses. You won’t have that kind of problem with LunchBots containers at all, as their products are literally top of the line, 100% high-quality stainless steel.

With the continuous influx of new information and studies being done about BPA in plastic containers and various home products, and the growing understanding of how the plastics are leeching into the stored foods and therefore our bodies, it makes sense for parents and families to switch from plastic to glass, cast iron and stainless steel food storage containers. Err on the side of caution, is the typical mantra.

Reducing the use of plastics in the home isn’t Jacqueline’s only hope with her product line. She also hopes to inspire parents and people in general to pack healthier meals, make better food choices, and also finding ways to encourage picky eaters to actually enjoy healthy foods.

While I love the fact that LunchBots come in a nice variety of bright and vibrant colors, I personally love the sleek and shiny look of just stainless steel without any additional colors. Since we’re getting closer and closer to the holiday season and the Christmas shopping rush, and the cold winter months coming up soon, I’m buying some LunchBots sets as gifts this year, but I’m also getting myself some of their insulated stainless steel food containers for keeping hot foods hot when I’m on the go.

Have you tried any of the LunchBots brand of containers? What are your favorites?

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