Mercury Fillings Detox – Mercury Detoxification For Safe Removal of Mercury Dental Fillings

Mercury is one of the components of dental amalgam. Amalgam, a mixture consisting primarily of silver, tin, and mercury, has been used as the main type of dental filling for more than 150 years worldwide. The dentistry world has been divided over the use of amalgam from its inception, but due to its cost, longevity and ease of use, it became the preferred filling for both dentists and patients.

In the early ‘90s, a TV program focused public attention on the fact that it was possible that unsafe quantities of mercury from the fillings were leaching into the bodies of people with amalgam fillings. Over the years that followed, this snowballed into a major controversy. There are obvious reasons to be alarmed. Mercury has been known to be highly toxic and has multiple adverse effects on almost all body organs.

However, health agencies across the world have declined to term mercury fillings as a potential threat. In their defense, they claim that the mercury in amalgam is stable and does not corrode into the blood stream, and that amounts of mercury that can be detected in bodies of patients is one-hundredth of the safe limit. However, this has not done much to allay the fears of the general public.


Here are the basic steps that you can protect yourself from the ill effects of mercury that may already have slipped into your system.

1. Remove the source of toxicity

Speak to your dentist about safely removing your amalgam fillings. Though this may be a costly and troublesome process including multiple visits to the clinic, it will remove the source of potential toxicity and give your body and mind the relief it needs.

You must also keep in mind that safe removal of amalgam is very important, since standard methods such as drilling can actually end up releasing more mercury into your system.

2. Replace them with safer alternatives

Resin composites and dental porcelain are two options that you have which are safe. Though these are more expensive and have a shorter life than amalgam, they will not treat your body like a toxic waste dump.

3. Help your body return to normal

Adopting a balanced and healthy diet will help boost your immune system to eliminate the mercury that may have already be in your system. Ensure that your diet contains adequate amounts of B vitamins and vitamin C.

Glutathione, a naturally occurring binding agent in your body that helps eliminate oxidized heavy metals from your bloodstream tends to get depleted with long term exposure to harmful levels of mercury. You may want to consult a physician to determine if you need to take any special supplementation to help you restore your body’s intracellular glutathione level.

4. Increase your body’s ability to eliminate mercury

To eliminate mercury, Chelation is the medical term used for the process of eliminating heavy metals from your body. Apart from special pharmaceutical formulations, there are several natural chelating agents that you can include in your daily diet.

These include cilantro, garlic, liquid zeolite, and foods that are high in vitamin C. Chelating agents tends to deplete other trace mineral nutrients in the process of eliminating mercury, hence you should include foods rich in calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc, and selenium while using this protocol.

5. Keep your intestines healthy

The primary route of mercury elimination is through the colon. Mercury poisoning also causes severe damage to the intestines. Most mercury detox protocols will encourage you to move your bowels multiple times a day if possible. Include as much fiber as you can in your diet. Find ways of consuming gut-friendly bacteria by including yogurt in all forms in your diet. Drink as much water as you can. Talk to your physician about supplements such as chlorella or lactobacillus spores which will help in healing your bowels.

Heavy metal detoxification is time consuming and comes with a host of side effects. It will take several months for your body to return to normal. The methods adopted often cause other imbalances which must be addressed and medically managed if necessary. Do not embark on a detox regimen without consulting your physician first. Follow his recommendations closely and diligently.

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Mercury Detoxification, Chronic Mercury Poisoning, and Mercury Amalgam Fillings by Dr Tom McGuire

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