Mercury Fillings – Mercury Toxicity – Removal of Mercury Amalgam Fillings

Mercury is one of the most dangerous substances in the world. Many people do not know that the silver “amalgam” dental fillings in their mouth actually contains about 50% mercury. The fact that the dental fillings contain high levels of mercury is denied by the American Dental Association (ADA) is not only a cause of serious concern but also creates fear in the minds of people who already have the filling in their mouth.

Many researchers have proved that the fillings lose the mercury content over time. One researcher had the fillings of a patient removed to see the amount of mercury in it. The filling that was five years old had half of the mercury content than what it initially had. In another patient, the researcher tested the filling that was twenty years old. The filling had lost all the mercury content.


The fillings fracture the edges and crumble away. The mercury is also absorbed by the roots, the surrounding bones and the adjacent gum tissue. We also do a lot of things everyday that cause the release of the vapor from the fillings. Activities like using a waterpik, brushing the teeth, consuming hot foods and drinks, chewing gum etc are responsible for releasing the mercury vapors from the fillings.

Some people think that removing the amalgam filling can prevent the dangers associated with mercury. But removing mercury fillings without proper precautionary measures will only increase the mercury levels in the blood. It can lead to other complications as well.

It has been scientifically proven that mercury is more toxic than cadmium, lead and arsenic. Mercury exposure has no harmless levels. The vapors can directly get absorbed into the brain. After chewing your foods, the vapors from mercury remains raised for at least 90 minutes. Mercury from the amalgam can cause serious poisoning effects in human beings. It can affect the cells, blood and the brain. The mercury vapors can easily get into the blood that results in the slow accumulation of the metal in the tissues of the body.

If a pregnant woman has mercury fillings, the mercury vapors are even stored in the fetus. The breast milk also gets contaminated with mercury. It is also stored in other parts of the body like the brain, liver and kidneys. Kidney damage is also very common due to the poison. The mercury from the filling can result in about 50% reduction of the filtration process of the kidneys.

The mercury is absorbed by the body at the rate of 3-17 mcg per day. The absorbed mercury is stored in the each body cell. Each part of the body affected by mercury produces its own symptoms. The fillings also produce electrical currents that are dangerous to your health.

There are many more dangers associated with mercury poisoning. Mercury destroys cells. It attaches to the sulphydryl groups that are present in the enzymatic processes. Your entire metabolic processes can be hindered by this poisonous metal. It also depletes your immune system and causes Alzheimer’s disease. Mercury binds the hemoglobin and reduces the capacity to carry oxygen to all parts of the body. Blood vessels are damaged and the blood supply is greatly reduced.

Mercury affects the nerve fibers and the placenta. It can also be responsible for the single strand breakage of DNA. The levels of mercury poisoning or its level in the blood cannot be determined by any kind of test.

The best way to get rid of mercury is to get the amalgam removed by a professional dentist who does not use the methods of traditional drilling. By drilling, the mercury vapors are directly absorbed in to your blood stream.

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