Mercury Free and Fluoride Free Dentists

Holistic dentistry goes by many different names. Some people refer to holistic dentists as “biological dentists”, “natural dentists”, fluoride free and mercury free dentistry. Whatever terms are used to describe what holistic dentistry is, many people are becoming more and more aware of the harmful effects of mercury fillings, commonly referred to as silver amalgam fillings containing mercury.

Just like the growing public awareness about the dangers of fluoride, and cities across the U.S. making the wise decision to ban fluoridation in water supplies, individuals and parents wonder how and where they can find a holistic dentist that does not use fluoride or toxic mercury amalgam fillings on dental patients.

Fortunately, there are a few online websites that provide lists of holistic dentists throughout the U.S. by state or zip code, and lists of specific mercury free dentists that meet or exceed the requirements for the proper removal and replacement of mercury fillings with much less toxic dental products than mercury-filled amalgam fillings.

, Telling It Like It Is There are fundamental, philosophical differences between holistic dentistry methods and practices vs. dental practices and procedures performed by traditional dentists. Holistic dentists truly understand the importance of overall health, including teeth and gums of course, and perform their dental procedures that is good and healthy for the whole body collectively.

The Natural Dentistry website gives an excellent definition of what holistic dentistry is, and the philosophical differences between how traditional dentists view dental practices, procedures and treatments, versus how truly holistic dentistry is viewed and performed. Differences in viewpoint and practice of holistic vs. traditional dentistry include such things as fluoride, “silver” mercury fillings, root canals (root canal therapy), and the biocompatibility of dental materials used on patients in the dental office, and more.

“…traditional dentistry is the practice of treating the symptoms in the teeth and gums and attempting to prevent such problems from reoccurring. Holistic dentistry is the practice of treating the underlying problems that cause symptoms in the mouth, attempting to eliminate those problems (and, hence, preventing the symptoms from reoccurring) while ensuring the work done in the mouth does not have an adverse affect on your overall health.”

Finding a holistic dentist directory is easy, if you know where to look. It is vitally important to understand that just because a dentist may refer to him or herself as a natural dentist, holistic dentist or biological dentist, that does not necessarily mean they follow all of the views and practices of true holistic dentistry. Ask good questions to any potential dentist, whether a holistic dentist or a traditional general dentist.

Remember, you are essentially hiring the chosen holistic dentist to perform quality dental work that is in line with your own viewpoints and philosophies regarding alternative dentistry methods, products and procedures. You are hiring the dentist you select, not the dentist hiring you to become their patient.

Always ask important questions to whatever claimed “natural” or holistic dentist you may have interest in becoming a patient of. Good questions to ask a prospective dentist go far beyond the general questions asked about dental insurance acceptance and filing, where the doctor studied dentistry, or how long the dentist has been in practice.

  • What is their official position on fluoride, fluoridated toothpaste, etc?
  • What is their official views on mercury fillings?
  • Does their tooth-colored, bonded composite fillings contain fluoride?
  • Is testing of dental materials possible to determine their biological compatibility?
  • What procedural policies does their dental office adhere to for the proper and safe removal of mercury fillings?
  • Is the removal of mercury fillings advised? Why or why not?
  • What air and water filtration systems are used?
  • What protective filtration methods are used during and after mercury/amalgam filling removal?
  • How does the doctor decide what dental materials are used in the patient’s mouth?
  • Is it the doctor’s philosophical belief that a heavy metals-free mouth is ideal?
  • Does the dentist’s porcelain crowns contain aluminum?
  • Does the dentist make metal-free crowns and bridges? There are alternative, biocompatible, metal free materials available for making crowns.
  • Does the dental hygienist perform in-office fluoride treatments?

Choosing a dentist new to you is hard enough, but finding the right kind of holistic or biological dentist to provide optimal care and treatment of your mouth that is also compatible with your overall health and wellbeing is paramount.

To begin a search for a natural, holistic, biological, mercury free (amalgam free), fluoride free dentist in your area, here is a list of directory websites where you can find a true holistic dentist to care for you and your family’s dental needs.

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, Telling It Like It Is

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