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need-by-carrie-jones-150x150-1-4 Author Carrie Jones’ best selling thriller book entitled Need is a must read for tweens, teens and young adults (ages 12 and up).Welcome to Bedford, Maine. A small quiet town that holds some interesting secrets! Meet Zara White. She’s a junior at the local school. She just transferred from Charleston.

Her stepfather just passed away from a heart attack, and being incapable of caring for Zara, her mother sent her to Maine to live with her grandmother Betty. She likes to list fears when she’s scared and nervous about something. Grandmother Betty is somewhere in her 60’s. She’s retired but to pass the time, she works as an EMT for the town.

Nick Colt is a classmate of Zara’s. He’s a loner, and an incredibly handsome looking guy. He’s said to be “bad news” around the school. He’s also never had a girlfriend. Ian is also a classmate of Zara. He walks her to school on her first day, and seems to like Zara as more than a friend. Issie and Devyn befriend Zara immediately on her first day. They like each other but aren’t dating. Issie has a whole lot of spunk, while Devyn is more nervous and keeps to himself.

While Zara is on her flight to Maine from Charleston, she gets weird feelings from her seat-mate, who remains unnamed. To help her face her fears, she starts naming a bunch of fears: Cheimatophobia, frigophobia, psychophobia. Grandmother Betty picks up Zara up from the airport and gets settled in at home in preparation for school the next day.

Zara slips and slides on the ice on her way to school while driving her Subaru she’s named “Yoko”, Nick Colt is the one who walks her to the office. While Zara is waiting, the secretary Mrs. Nix needs someone to escort Zara to class. The first option: Megan certainly doesn’t want to do it, so it’s Ian who becomes Zara’s personal escort. While escorting a student to class seems harmless, Nick tells Zara (while they’re running the mile in gym) that she should stay away from Ian.

Believe me, that’s not the weirdest thing that’s happened yet. The man who was sitting next to Zara on her flight from Charleston mysteriously appears at her school. Not only does this man show up at her school, but she sees him flat-out pointing at Zara. But, it gets even crazier when Issie and Devyn find that their mystery man leaves a mysterious golden, sparkly trail.

When Devyn digs up some information, he hopes that Zara will believe him when he tells her that he thinks their mystery man is a pixie. How silly is that, right? Well, when they do more research they find that the pixie King is looking for a queen. When they read further, for the pixies to fill their “need”, they have to take young men and use their blood as tribute till a queen is found. So things start to make sense once word gets out that a boy was kidnapped a week before Zara arrived in Maine.

When Zara is on her way home, she hits a patch of ice and slides off the road. Lucky for her, Nick Colt appears and rescues her from the icy patch. Mysteriously enough, when Nick escorts Zara back to her car, she sees gold specks on the back of Nicks’ coat… Hm…?

As the next couple of days go by, the group does more and more research into the pixies. When Zara gets curious about whom the last person was to check out a particular book on pixies, she sees it was her stepfather Matthew White. It was an indication to Zara that her stepfather somehow knew about pixies!

When Grandmother Betty gets a call that she’s needed at night, Betty calls Nick to have him come and keep Zara company while Betty is away. Before Nick arrives, Zara shoots him a text message to say she’s going running. Really, she’s going Pixie-hunting to get some answers.

While Zara is running, a man in the woods calls for her. In an attempt to draw Zara into the woods, he continues to call her name but doesn’t show who he is. So Zara won’t get lost in the woods, she follows an old superstition and turns her jacket inside-out, and runs back towards the road. Almost getting hit, Zara sees Nick and jumps into Nick’s car and heads home until Betty gets home.

When Nick lets Zara know that he’s developed feelings for her, he tells her that she must run back inside her house, and he takes off into the woods. A nervous and frantic Zara waits only a few minutes and then decides she has to know if Nick is ok. So Zara takes off into the woods after Nick and starts calling after him.

Despite hearing someone call her name once again, and not finding Nick, Zara does come across a huge dog/wolf. When Zara sees that the animal is hurt and was shot by an arrow, she does what she can to help him. When Zara finally gets cleaned up and goes back to check on the dog/wolf, he’s no longer there; but Nick, who is standing in the room naked with a blanket wrapped around him, is.

When Nick explains that he’s actually a werewolf and Grandmother Betty is a were-tiger, it’s a little too much for Zara to handle. But, she has no choice but to accept it since the Pixie King is now in her house destroying everything. Strange questions finally get answered when Zara gets kidnapped by Ian and gets taken to the King.

What do I think of this book? It’s incredible! I wasn’t ever into stories about pixies and faeries, so it surprised me when I found myself getting sucked into the story of NEED. It’s got some classic humor, and some that you’d expect teenagers to catch faster than anyone.

I was surprised when I was telling my boyfriend what was going on in the book, and looked at the chapter titles. Each chapter is a name of a fear, and what the fear is. So there is no “Chapter 1, 2, or 3”. It’s “Autophobia” – the fear of being alone; “Didaskaleinophobia”- Fear of going to school, that kind of thing. I also realized that while the names of the chapter seem odd, they actually tell you what’s going to be going on in that particular chapter.

Didaskaleinophobia is that chapter all about Zara’s first day at school; Pixiophobia (made up word for the book) is all about when Zara runs into the pixies, and so on so forth. It made me feel smart when I made the connection! Go me!

Carrie Jones makes you believe that Nick is a pixie who is trying to get after Zara for some evil dark purpose. Really, he’s a wolf just wanting Zara’s love and trust. Handicapped Devyn is really an eagle, and Issie is just an ordinary human caught up in the mess which is fantasy. So what exactly is Ian? What does he want with Zara? And could the Pixie King be Zara’s biological father? You’ll just have to read NEED by Carrie Jones and find out! Don’t forget to pick up book 2: Captivate, of Carrie Jones pixie fantasy! Stay tuned for my review of Captivate by Carrie Jones.

Guest post review written and submitted by Heather P. If you’re on Twitter, you can follow Heather P and engage with her and fellow Vampire Academy fans, Hush, Hush and Twilight book fans.

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