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I’m not one to keep close personal tabs on the current fashion trends, having the mindset that I must have a closet full of the latest and greatest, with their equally high price tags. But I have been known to do a bit of online shopping in search of Juicy Couture to give as Christmas or Birthday gifts. For Christmas last year, I was on a hunt for the famous and oh-so-cute tracksuits that so many young ladies are wearing these days. I’m a big believer in eBay, and fortunately lucked upon several untouched auctions of Authentic Juicy tracksuits, jeans and purses for my daughters at extremely reasonable prices.

Around this time each year I usually begin inquiring and searching for the latest gadgets for my husband and sons, and what the young ladies are all talking about as being the “hottest trends”. I’m inevitably brought right back to the Juicy line, as they are very good at creating fashions and accessories that are not only trendy and fashionable, but also mindful to maintain a sense of modesty as well.

, Telling It Like It Is If you’ve not yet had the opportunity to experience the Juicy Couture line of clothing, often adorned with slogans, I highly recommend looking into it. There are a variety of online auction sites where you can quite easily find a large selection of the Juicy line of clothing, accessories, purses etc. In 2002, Juicy Couture added collections for men, children and even pets. They even have their own “Barbie” dolls, made in the likeness of the Juicy Couture creators Gela Nash-Taylor and Pamela Skaist-Levy, wearing miniature Juicy outfits and accessories that your little girls will love.

In 2007, Juicy Couture released a new tag on clothing. Copycats have been relentless to mimic the famous line, often causing confusion with uninformed online buyers. In the fall of 2007, Juicy Couture once again changed the tags. The tags still consist of a pink tag but now include a piece of cardboard that says “Choose Juicy” on one side and the story of the collection on the other side.


I wanted to write an update on this post to make it perfectly clear that I do NOT advocate or recommend “inappropriate” clothing for young children or teens. The Juicy products I purchased had NO messages displayed on either the jacket or pants, and were extremely modest in appearance with full coverage.

Since this post was published, I have found a number of Juicy products for young children that I would not ever buy for my children or anyone else’s children. I strongly abhor provocative, “inappropriate” clothing styles for children and teens. Parents must carefully consider whether the clothing is “appropriate” or not for their own children, and make an informed decision of what their children can or cannot wear.

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