Online Garage Sales are Great for Early Christmas Shopping!

, Telling It Like It Is I discovered online garage sales a couple of months ago, and after seeing how great they are for finding deals on new and like-new stuff, I joined as many of the online garage sale groups on Facebook that are within a reasonable distance from my home, making it a great help in my early Christmas shopping adventures and very nice on the budget.

I’ve been happily surprised to find some excellent Christmas gifts in the online garage sales, great gift ideas in brand new or like-new condition, some with the original store tags, and some without tags but in new condition, packages never opened, clothes never worn, children’s clothes and toys that are as if they had just been bought at the store. But at much cheaper prices than if I had bought these gifts at the store myself.

Christmas gift shopping at garage sales? You betcha! I’m very selective and careful about what I buy for myself or for gift recipients at garage sales, online or offline. I wouldn’t dream of giving someone a gift of something bought at a garage sale or in an online garage sale group that had any sign of wear, tear, stains etc. I wouldn’t buy for someone else a Christmas gift item or birthday gift in any garage sale that I wouldn’t want for myself or in my home. New or like-new products, that I know someone wants or needs, I jump at the chance to make a good deal on that item. The gift recipient receives a nice thoughtful gift, and I get to save a little money in the process. It’s a win-win deal!

Ever since I got my still-new sewing machine, I’ve been thinking about buying a Serger machine to use with my sewing machine. Having priced Serger machines in the stores, I’ve been waiting to find the right deal. A local online garage sale group member suddenly posted an offer for a like-new, still in the original box, never used Kenmore brand serger machine. Brand new serger machines can cost around $250.00 or more bought in the store, but I got that like-new Kenmore serger for a mere $50.00. If I didn’t want or need that serger machine, but knew one of our Christmas gift recipients wants a serger machine, I would have bought it for the $50.00 and wrapped it up and given it as a Xmas gift.

I’m still amazed at the fantastic deals and excellent quality of items being sold in these online garage sale groups. Like-new baby clothes and toys, maybe worn once or played with once, being sold at ridiculously low prices. Kids clothes and toys, products for the home and kitchen, guy stuff, electronics, the list goes on. Online garage sales are an excellent and cheaper way of buying good, quality Christmas gifts, and the earlier the Christmas shopping starts, the better off you are. Before long, many more people will suddenly realize they need to start doing a bit of Christmas shopping, and your chances of getting first dibs on an item in a garage sale group will be greatly reduced.

It is quite rare for me to do any Christmas shopping, or birthday gift shopping etc, in an actual brick and mortar store. Go to the mall to shop for gifts? No way! Not me! I can get a lot more gift shopping done sitting in front of my computer and shopping online, take advantage of the many sales going on right now, enjoy the wonderful benefits of free shipping, wrap up the gifts as they arrive at my door and check off names of gift recipients, and I’m done Christmas shopping! I can then focus on all the fun and enjoyment of planning family gatherings for Thanksgiving and Christmas, enjoy the 24/7 Christmas music, and not have stepped foot out the door or dealt with crazy parking problems at the mega-malls.

All year round, I make mental notes of when a family member or friend mentions something they want. Someone mentions they’re interested in starting a collection of some kind, perhaps a collection of family-related figurine collectibles? Mental note taken. That’s an excellent and easy way of having pre-set ideas of what to give someone for Christmas, anniversary, or their birthday etc. There’s quite a few gorgeous figurine collectibles that I’ve seen that I really like and might (maybe) want to start a collection of my own some time, just not yet. The less stuff I have to dust, clean or move around, the simpler life is for me.

If I can’t make a homemade gift for someone’s Christmas gift, then I’m definitely shopping around for the best deals and discounts I can find to stretch that dollar as much as possible, but still make the gift recipient quite happy with their gift. 50% off sales? 70% off sales? Buy one get one free sales? They’re all happening right now, if you just take the time to look for those deals. Early Christmas shopping allows me to pace myself with the spending, while at the same time, allowing me to take care of other special occasions and yearly parties that occur during the Christmas holiday shopping months. And my wallet thanks me every year.

What are you waiting for? Find your local online garage sale groups on Facebook and start your early Christmas shopping now, before everyone else buys up what you’re looking for. It might even be me! Happy discount shopping!

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