Pillow Pets – Original My Pillow Pets Pillow As Seen On TV

my-pillow-pets-puppy-dog-150x150-1 It’s no wonder My Pillow Pets, seen on TV promotions, is listed as one of this year’s hottest toy brands for Christmas and baby showers. Even Oprah named Pillow Pets as one of the top toys of the year, so you can bet that parents and grandparents are wondering where to buy Pillow Pets for their kids and grandkids.

If you’ve heard the television commercial for My Pillow Pets, you’ve probably had the song stuck in your head, too. “It’s a pillow .. it’s a pet .. it’s a pillow pet”. If not, you can watch and listen to the My Pillow Pets video commercial on youtube right here.

My Pillow Pets reviews and write-ups give Pillow Pets a thumbs up across the board, with no negative review mentions found. Pillow Pets are described as soft, cuddly, plush folding huggable stuffed toy pets for kids, made of high quality, super soft chenille. As of this writing, there are 36 different adorable Pillow Pets to choose from, including a puppy dog, bear, monkey, alligator, unicorn, elephant, cat, cow, giraffe, frog, horse, hippo, ladybug, lamb, lion, zebra, tiger, and more.

With My Pillow Pets, kids get the comfort and companionship of a soft, cuddly stuffed animal along with the functionality of a pillow. Pillow Pets is a real, usable pillow and a pet. Just undo the velcro strap and it pops open into a full size pillow. Redo the velcro and it is a lovable pet again. While browsing through the Pillow Pets animal selections to buy a couple as Christmas gifts, I was thrilled to find Pillow Pets books, backpacks, soft slippers, cute Pillow Pets blankets and hats for kids to enjoy.

My Pillow Pets come in two sizes, either the 11” small Pillow Pet or the 18” large Pillow Pet. Pillow Pets are machine washable on the gentle cycle, but are not recommended for the dryer, so just air dry the pillow. The small eleven inch pillow pets pillow retail price is $15.99, while the large eighteen inch pet pillow will cost you $24.99, if you purchase My Pillow Pets products directly from the website at www.mypillowpets.com.

Unfortunately, there are some unsavory con-artists selling fake, inferior Pillow Pets, and others offering fake discount coupon codes for My Pillow Pets, so be careful to avoid that nonsense and buy the real thing. Genuine, authentic, original Pillow Pets will display the My Pillow Pets or Pillow Pets label sewn onto the back leg of your chosen pet.

After spending a little time searching for retail stores that sell Pillow Pets locally in order to tell you where you can buy Pillow Pets in the Dallas area, I managed to find authentic My Pillow Pets online at a slightly cheaper price on Amazon. Personally, the cuddly puppy pillow pet is my favorite, as well as the puppy dog backpack and matching slippers.

Both boys and girls, toddlers to teens, will love My Pillow Pets, and what fun kids will have snuggling their Pillow Pets pillow while watching television, road trips, airplane rides, reading books or taking an afternoon nap. Expectant mothers would be thrilled to receive a Pillow Pets pillow at a baby shower gift or “just because” you were thinking of the mother-to-be or new mom, and you can bet that moms and grandmothers will be racing to order My Pillow Pets for Christmas, birthdays and other occasions for kids and grandkids before they’re completely sold out.

Considering the fact that these pet pillows are currently listed among the most wished for in stuffed and plush animals for kids, I for one am not going to wait before buying these cuddly and adorable pillow pets, and I’d suggest that you not wait either if you want them delivered in time for Christmas.

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