Pinterest is NOT a Waste of Time!

When I was first introduced and invited to join Pinterest, I didn’t have any idea what Pinterest is and what possible uses I would have for becoming a user. Some people have the opinion that Pinterest is a complete and total waste of time. I disagree wholeheartedly, but I can also understand why some might think of Pinterest as nothing but a time-waster. It’s all in how you use it, how much time is spent “pinning” and whether or not Pinterest users actually DO any of the things that have been “pinned” to a board.

For me personally, Pinterest is an excellent bookmarking tool, much better and simpler than loading up browser favorites to online articles or tutorials on How-To do this or that. While I will occasionally “pin” a recipe or two to my food/recipe board that I absolutely take the time to prepare and try out at home, at the moment I’m much more interested in the DIY Crafts category, sewing and patterns tutorials, wedding planning, tips and recipes for breadmaking with a breadmaker machine, and most especially quilting.

Ever since I decided to buy a sewing machine of my own, I began making a written list of sewing projects of things I want to make, just small and easy crafts to sew as a way of practicing with my machine until I felt comfortable enough to work on bigger sewing projects like making quilts. But, I lost the list I had started. Sigh. Pinterest came to the rescue! With Pinterest, I’m able to “pin” (save) the various types of sewing and non-sewing crafts I’ve already made and am in process of making to my various Pinterest boards, along with linked how-to tutorials and videos of how to complete the craft projects perfectly.

, Telling It Like It Is

The picture above is of a pair of homemade fleece pajama bottoms I decided to make out of some fleece fabric I originally intended on making into a receiving blanket but changed my mind. The coolest thing about making your own pajama bottoms is that you really don’t need to buy a pattern to make them. Use existing clothes, like your favorite jeans or a pair of PJ bottoms you already have, trace around it onto the back part of unused wrapping paper or butcher paper, cut it out and sew! This is where I got the idea for making some cotton pajama bottoms without buying a pattern, although I made adult size bottoms and have used other fabrics like fleece for PJ’s too.

I tend to follow specific Pinterest boards rather than following people overall. That helps me to narrow down and organize the types of things I want to see on my Pinterest homepage feed of images and links that I have to scroll through. Pinterest multi-user boards have been a tremendous help in finding easy crafts to make, but actually creating some collaborative boards about wedding planning has made my job of helping a couple of brides plan their weddings and receptions much, much easier. The brides pin some of their own ideas of how they envision their wedding, wedding dress styles, bridesmaid dresses etc, and I pin various wedding ideas for the specific wedding theme or color schemes each bride is considering. Easy peasy, especially when the brides live in a different state than I do.

I make ample use of the Pinterest search tool to find written instructions and video tutorials of making quick and easy quilts, and virtually every other type of craft I’m interested in. Ahhh quilts. I love them. Since I’ve never made a quilt before and feel somewhat intimidated by the whole process, and am still learning the “lingo” and terminologies quilters commonly use among themselves, finding a “cheater quilt” tutorial on Pinterest was right up my alley. Being a sewing beginner, and quilting beginner, following easy step-by-step instructions for making quilts or anything else I haven’t yet mastered is a perfect solution for me.

, Telling It Like It Is

The above picture is an example of a Cheater Quilt, and the instructions on how to make a cheater quilt can be found right here. Superb details given. If I can do it, you can do it. I’m currently making a cheater quilt per those instructions, and I can’t wait to see how nice it turns out once it’s finished.

Have you ever tried making a quilt out of pre-cut quilt kits? After deciding to make a cheater quilt, and having already bought what I needed to make the quilt, a friend told me about quilt kits for kids and adult beginners. What a brilliant idea that is for quilting beginners. I love the “Cuddle Strip Quilt Kit” varieties, they’re adorable. I wish I had known about quilting kits before I chose to make the cheater quilt, but I’m still very excited to make it and am keeping my fingers crossed that the quilt turns out as good as I’m envisioning.

, Telling It Like It Is

Babies Are Precious Stamped Cross Stitch Quilt Kit

Once I’m finished with the quilt, I’ll begin making some homemade floor-length maxi skirts for myself. I LOVE maxi skirts for spring, summer, fall or winter. I of course have a few, but I want to give my sewing machine a good workout making my own maxi skirts. How-to tutorials for maxi skirt making, some that include free patterns to print out, were all found on Pinterest, but I’ll be making my own skirt pattern from skirts I already have. For me, Pinterest is definitely NOT a waste of my time, but has been an excellent organization and bookmarking tool for everything I’ve been doing and will be doing. Whether or not Pinterest is a waste of time for you is up to you to decide, but it’s all about DOING what you’re pinning and not pinning just for the sake of being on Pinterest.

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