Practical Christmas Gift Ideas for Senior Citizens

christmas-150x150-5 As the song goes “tis the season to be jolly”, indeed, Christmas time is one of the most festive occasions in the world. From the younger ones to the older people, holiday season is being celebrated around the globe regardless of age, gender and ethnicity. Christmas may be celebrated in different ways; but, giving gift is a common norm.

Wrapping gifts for the children is quite easy as there are wide array of items suitable for them. But how about for the old ones? Actually, choosing gifts for the senior citizens could be a bit tricky specially if you don’t know what they like. So if you plan to give a Christmas present to an elderly family member or a friend, here is a checklist of some practical gift ideas you can think of.


When talking about practicality, the sound amplifier could be on the top list. This piece of device is very useful for the senior citizens. As we all know, hearing loss is a common condition that affects older adults. A hearing aid device is placed into the ear of the senior to help him/her hears sounds. With the piece, seniors can hear soft and clear sounds.

And so, wrapping this device will not just suggest the “giving-gift” tradition but your care for them as well. This season, using the amplifier allows the seniors to clearly hear the Christmas carolers.


Another useful gift item that you may consider for the older adults is a medical alert system. With the help of an alert device, seniors are able to move independently without the supervision of any family member. For adults with limited mobility or illness, using the system enables them to quickly notify the monitoring center if there is an emergency or incident. This means they can immediately get help when needed. So, wrap that alarm device and surprise your special senior.


Make the senior’s bedroom more comfy to stay in by giving bedroom gift. A comforter or blanket can give the senior enough warm during cold nights. But, be sure to check the materials used on the blanket to ensure it won’t cause allergies or mishaps to the user. You may also consider a soft, cushiony pillow to help them get a good night sleep. Or, a nightstand table lamp is a good idea as it serves as secondary light inside the room.

Still not sure what to give? Why not give your elderly some things to use for his/her hobby? For instance, if gardening is a favorite pastime, then purchase tools that can be used when springtime comes. Take a look at the gardening section of the department store then check out which could suit the recipient. Gardening supplies may include gloves, apron, gardening belt and handy tools eg. claw, spade, trowel or transplanter. All you need to do is find out what keeps him/her busy in a day.


Most seniors are a bit sentimental. And oftentimes, they tend to brag a lot about their families. Help them show off how proud they are of their families by gathering memorable photos in a photo album. By simply looking at the pictures, they can recollect happy memories captured in the photographs.

Keep in mind that gift ideas for elderly do not have to be expensive. As they say, “it’s the thought that counts”. Try choosing those things that they can use after the holidays. Thus, practical things are perfect options.

About the author. This guest post was written by Ashley O’Connor. She is a social media writer who works with several successful establishments including Fall Alert, a provider of personal emergency response systems. When not writing, she just watches tv or reads books.

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