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The Precious Moments baby shower theme is a very popular baby shower theme for both boy and girl baby showers. Figurine Precious Moments, dolls and collectibles come in blond, brunette and black hair styles, making Precious Moments universally accepted by expectant parents. Precious Moments figurines and matching decorations for a baby shower are so cute and colorful, and that includes the adorable Precious Moments Noah’s Ark theme or Disney theme with Mickey and Minnie Mouse etc.

Finding Precious Moments invitations that weren’t retired and no longer available was somewhat of a challenge, but I did manage to order some gorgeous rare, personalized baby shower invitations with the Precious Moments baby theme in beautiful pastel colors to match the girl baby party theme.

precious-moments-baby-crib-nursery-set Precious Moments Babies 4-Piece Crib Set

Hosting a baby shower for the happy mom and dad-to-be in celebration of their coming bundle of joy was such a fun experience I won’t soon forget. The baby Precious Moments figurines and party supplies used, plus of course the homemade Noah’s Ark Precious Moments diaper cake I made myself, added the personal touch to the baby shower we were looking for and everyone in attendance loved the attention to detail.

Precious Moments Baby Shower Invitations


Choosing baby shower invitations and “save the date cards” for the Precious Moments baby shower was a lot of fun, and picking the perfect wording to go on the custom printed invitations with envelopes included. While we certainly could have chosen to buy cheap baby shower invitations found in various stores that didn’t match the theme at all, my co-hosts and I wanted to do everything possible to make the baby shower all about Precious Moments from start to finish, and we accomplished it with flying colors.

In the picture illustration shown above, the baby birth announcement we used as the Precious Moments shower invitation, the gold-colored wording across the top and bottom cannot be changed or customized. Across the top it says: “Hush-a-bye baby In The Tree Top When The Wind Blows The Cradle Will Rock”. Across the bottom it says: “When The Bow Swings So Gently And Sweet Baby Will Safely And Tenderly Sleep”. Simply adorable.

precious-moments-birthday-train Precious Moments Train Gift Set

The wording in the center of the birth announcement/invitation can be changed and customized to say whatever words suit the occasion, whether it be something spiritual, funny or some famous quote or nursery rhyme. The text colors and font are customizable too, to match the Precious Moments baby shower colors or style. The example wording for the birth announcement says, “Happy, cuddly, cute as can be. Our baby’s arrived…blessed are we! We are delighted to announce the birth of our daughter on…”, the birth date, baby’s weight and happy parent’s names are displayed, and the baby’s given name is shown on the far left.

As cute as that wording is for the announcement, we decided to change the text colors and wording to say: “Tiny fingers, tiny toes, little itty-bitty clothes. Dresses, dolls, hair and curls. Guess what…It’s a girl!” Since the girl baby shower was a couples shower, the invitation asked that guests “Join us for a Couples Baby Shower honoring…” with the parents-to-be names, party date and time, location, RSVP details and where the couple registered for gifts. We received many compliments from the invited guests about our choice of invitation, the cute poem and details about the baby shower, as well as the theme-matching party decorations that were used.

precious-moments-prayer-dolls Precious Moments Prayer Dolls

Precious Moments Baby Shower Decorations

Oh the decorations that we chose for the baby shower looked so pretty, colorful and impressive, thanks in part to all the great ideas found at We pulled out all the stops to make sure the baby shower decorations matched the Precious Moments theme to a “T”, and we even used some unique items on the gift registry as decorations and for food display. The fact that the Easter holiday happened to fall around the time of the baby shower made finding and buying pastel color-matching decorations that much easier, and pretty inexpensive overall.

Ordering helium balloons for a large baby shower for decoration purposes can get quite expensive if purchased at a party supply store, so we chose to blow up large size regular balloons in all the light pastel colors to match the theme of the baby shower ourselves. Balloons were tied together in large bunches with colorful ribbon and displayed throughout the party location, plus lots of colorful crepe tissue paper streamers and a few carefully selected party decorations found at a local party store.

personalized-precious-moments-alphabet-letters Precious Moments Alphabet Letters

Special ordering of the Personalized Precious Moments Alphabet Letters to spell out the baby’s first, middle and last name was a big and unexpected surprise gift for the parents, and the letters were used as part of the decorations for the baby shower. What a fun surprise that was! Tissue paper pom poms in pastel pink, yellow, blue, green and purple colors are easily made with gift tissue paper and string, or pom poms can be bought ready-made at a party store.

One of the most popular and well received baby shower decorations used was the idea of strategically running clothesline (or clothesline colored yarn) all around the party venue, with inexpensive baby clothes in various sizes, dresses, shorts and tops, baby jeans, socks, wash cloths and towels, baby swimsuits, hats and bonnets, receiving blankets and burp pads/cloth diapers, hung with laundry clips.

precious-moments-little-blessings-baby-musical-tune-always-in-my-heart Precious Moments Little Blessings Baby Musical Tune Always in my Heart

We made sure to use baby outfits from newborn size all the way up to size 2T, rather than limiting the sizes to just preemie/newborn sizes, since all the items on the clotheslines would be given to the shower honorees as gifts. There were baby clothes and outfits everywhere the eye could see, of course hung well above the tallest person’s head so there weren’t any mishaps.

The clothesline with baby clothes and other baby needs was a real hit with party attendees, and some even commented that they plan to use our baby shower decorating ideas for a shower they are throwing soon. In my next post I’ll explain choosing baby shower food and beverages, and some interesting ideas that were used for displaying the menu items in rather unique ways. Since baby showers are supposed to be fun and exciting (and bring about some joyous laughter too), the baby shower games we played and our table decorations made for a great time had by all in attendance.

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