Proactiv Solution – Proactiv Does Work – Review

I know what you’re going to say, “C’mon now, Proactiv does not work.” Despite what the popular belief about this acne solution is, from someone who’s been using it twice a day for the past

I know what you’re going to say, “C’mon now, Proactiv does not work.” Despite what the popular belief about this acne solution is, from someone who’s been using it twice a day for the past couple of weeks; I can tell you, Proactiv Solution does work! I know, I was skeptical of it too. My brother used Proactiv for a while, and seeing that it cleared up his skin, I was sold!

It’s amazing the things we don’t know about our own skin, let alone how to take care of it properly! Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t have “severe” acne in the slightest bit; my acne is very mild, but very annoying for someone who has to see it every day. I get my flare-ups on my forehead and my chin the most, the “t-zone”.

proactiv-solution-150x150-1 Despite still being very young, as I got older, I noticed I was getting more frequent flare-ups, and in more places on my face: my right cheek, under my jaw on the right and left sides, and on the left side of my mouth. Luckily, I can cover it up with a little makeup, but for someone who tends to wear NO makeup, more-so than wanting to apply makeup every morning, it’s quite bothersome.

As I was looking at my face one day, I decided to be proactive (hehe) and do something about it. After trying Clean & Clear, Zapzit, and a couple other products in the past, I was set on taking the Proactiv Solution acne care test, and run my own experiment and see if Proactiv really worked. I got on my laptop, and ordered the Starter Kit right away. $20, and 3 days later, it arrived in the mail. As excited as I was to try it and get my skin feeling nice and smooth, I was still a little skeptical, but needless to say, I scrubbed away!

Proactiv arrived as a 3-piece set, that consists of the facial cleanser/renewal cleanser, the “revitalizing” toner, and the repairing treatment. Have you ever been told that for your skin to feel nice and silky smooth, that you need to “exfoliate” your face with some micro-beaded face-wash? Well, I have, and that’s exactly what the facial cleanser consists of; a ton of little micro-beads that scrubs away all the dead skin on your face, and opens up your pores to clean out the dirt that’s in there.

Since I know where my problem areas are, I spend the most time scrubbing those areas while still scrubbing my whole face just in case something decides to make a special appearance somewhere else! The toner works as an oil-remover for those places where you have a lot of oil, like my forehead, nose, and chin. It helps make your skin feel smoother, while also helping to minimize your pores, and tighten your skin. The Repairing treatment is kind of self-explanatory; it helps to repair whatever damage has been done to your skin due to acne.

The fun doesn’t stop there, either! Inside the Starter Kit box, are all types of information in a little book, which tells you some facts and myths about the cause of acne. For example, an acne myth is that sun exposure clears up acne. NOPE! It actually causes your skin to shed dead cells even faster, which is an acne TRIGGER! (That’s bad news for those people who like to sunbathe all the time!) That’s an ironic thing for me, since my left cheek spends more time in the sun (from driving) than my right. Somehow my left cheek is pretty clear, but my right cheek has the acne? Another myth is that what you eat causes acne, such as oily and fatty foods. Although things that have a high hormone count, like cow’s milk can be a trigger for SOME people, in most people what you eat has nothing to do with acne!

Another cool thing about using Proactiv Solution, is that if you feel like it’s drying out your skin too much, you can reduce the usage and it will still work! They even give you tips on what to do to help your skin “adapt” to using Proactiv, by reducing the amount of times you wash your face, until you feel your skin is “okay”. For me, it started to dry out my skin a little, so instead of washing my face twice a day, I washed it once a day in the morning. I even reduced it further to washing my face every other day for the first week to week and a half.

During the second week, I increased it to washing my face once a day, every day, and by allowing my skin to “adjust” it hasn’t dried it out as much (thankfully!) During the third week to fourth week I’d increase it to twice a day (which is the recommended amount).

proactiv-solution-acne-care-150x150-1 The second week I was using Proactiv was when I had started to notice that my acne on my right cheek was starting to fade, and the acne under my jaw was starting to go away (despite not washing my face the recommended 2-times a day). I was so excited that Proactiv was working that I kept walking up to my boyfriend and telling him, “See! It’s working! My acne is starting to go away!” (All while pointing at my cheek).

I’d even do the same thing to my sister when I’d see her at work, and other people I had told that I was using Proactiv. My sister told me that she was curious to try it and see if it’d work for her, since her problem areas are on both of her cheeks, and just like me, all of the other products we’ve used hadn’t worked, at all. Fortunately for her, my 90-day box had just arrived in the mail, and I still had plenty of the solutions left in the starter kit, so I gave her my starter kit for her to use and run her own experiment!

Although my sister only just barely started using it the other day, I’m confident that Proactiv will work for her the same as it’s been working for me. Despite the fact that I’ve been on Proactiv for a couple of weeks now, my skin hasn’t completely cleared up, and I don’t have “perfect skin”, but I’m still seeing where my acne is clearing up every day and just like it takes a couple weeks for acne to sprout, it’ll take a couple weeks for me to clear it up and get rid of it. I’m glad I stopped being a baby and decided to buy Proactiv and give it a try, because now I have something that’s REALLY working for me, the way it’s supposed to! Next step is to convince my eldest sister to try it out too!

Guest post written and submitted by Heather P. If you’re on Twitter, you can follow Heather P, and engage with her and fellow Hush Hush fans and Twilight book fans.