Reality Steve Bachelor Spoiler – Jake Pavelka Vienna Girardi Engaged and Getting Married!

Reality Steve has done it again with his Bachelor spoilers! This one is a doozy! Reality Steve’s blog is reporting that not only are Jake Pavelka and Bachelor “winner” Vienna Girardi still together, but they are actually ENGAGED and planning on getting married! Jake proposed to Vienna. Are you shocked? Whether or not the engagement will last, or if a wedding will actually take place, is anyone’s guess.

Every Bachelor fan knows that Tenley and Vienna are the final two contestants on The Bachelor “On The Wings of Love” hit show and who Jake chooses to be his wife. The “After the Final Rose” shindig was taped last Sunday, February 21st in Los Angeles.

At the ATFR taping, Jake Pavelka announces that he’s happy and that he and Vienna Girardi are engaged. Yep, they’re still together at this point. Engaged and planning on getting married.

Some online sites have reported that Vienna has been spotted in Dallas at various times, dates and locations, but no proof (photos etc) were provided. Guess proof isn’t needed anymore since Jake announced the news of their engagement himself.

Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi are happy and engaged. Planning a wedding for who knows when. If they’re smart, they won’t rush into marriage too quickly, but take time to get to know each other a lot better. A lot better.

Disappointment setting in for you Bachelor fans? Were you hoping that Reality Steve (Steve Carbone) would be proven wrong about what has been happening on The Bachelor? Were you hoping that Jake Pavelka would “come to his senses” and dump Vienna for Tenley, or perhaps even Ali?

Speculation has been rampant that Jake would suddenly realize that he is in love with Ali after all and chooses her over the final two contestants and will live happily ever after. Sorry…ain’t happenin.

Who will be the next Bachelorette? Reality Steve says Ali pretty much has it in the bag to become the next Bachelorette, even though there has been no official statement. Yet.

Considering how Steve Carbone has gotten every episode and every known detail right about what will happen on The Bachelor, I’m betting that Ali fans will be happy to hear the news that she will be the next Bachelorette when it’s announced officially.

Since taping for The Bachelorette begins next month in March, if some crazy thing happens where Jake and Vienna break up before Ali’s season starts taping, bets are that Jake would show up in hopes of trying to win Ali back.

Do you think Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi will make it to the altar? Most online sites don’t believe for a second that the duo’s relationship will last very long at all. What do you think?

I know, I know, Vienna has been getting slammed and raked over the coals in the trash mags for everything under the sun except for what toothpaste she uses. Yawn. It’s boring to say the least.

Do you think Vienna and Jake can make their relationship work and actually have a successful marriage? Who were you hoping Jake would choose to become Mrs. Jake Pavelka if not Vienna?

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