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jake-pavelka-the-bachelor-season-141-135x150-1-6 Our favorite snarky and sarcastic reality tv blog-master Reality Steve has Bachelor producers in a dither because of Steve’s bachelor spoilers. Reality Steve, aka Steve Carbone, just might need to watch out for the Israeli secret service to come knocking on his door, according to an interview executive producer Mike Fleiss had with EW. Really ABC? I just bet that Reality Steve is shaking in his Texas boots right about now. Not likely.

While Bachelor producers are going about their business of preparing for the upcoming wedding of Jason Mesnick and Molly Malaney, to be aired on March 8, producers of The Bachelor aren’t too happy with Steve Carbone and the oh-so-fabulous spoilers on Reality Steve’s blog.

Reality Steve’s blog updates comes complete with some of the best, if not THE best, Bachelor episode recaps and spoilers on the web. Sarcasm, wit and snarkiness flows freely on Steve’s blog and his fans love it! ABC knows it too and Hollywood Insider interviewed Bachelor producer Mike Fleiss about the impact Reality Steve and his blog is having on the hit reality show.

Part of ABC’s problem with Reality Steve is that he accurately revealed the shocking details of how Jason Mesnick would propose to Melissa Rycroft and then dump her for Molly on national television before the After the Final Rose special aired. The fact that Steve has revealed on his blog a number of great spoilers, who the Final 4 would be and who would “win” Jake Pavelka’s heart at the final rose ceremony, should give viewers and fans reason to believe Reality Steve is right. Again.

“That’s something that kind of bugs us,” says executive producer Mike Fleiss. “In some ways, it’s just more promotion. We would like to find out [who his source is].” While Fleiss says the show has taken extreme measures in the past to track down leaks — “We spent a lot of money and we hired these guys from the Israeli secret service to shake down people and look at phone records and stuff like that. We ultimately found out who it was. That person no longer works for us.” — he has not gone to such lengths to suss out Carbone’s mole. “We would love to know if anyone knows [who the source is]. I’m offering a $25 reward!”

Fleiss’ apparent tongue-in-cheek response to the bachelor spoiler leaks is likely due to the fact that the spoilers didn’t keep fans from tuning in and watching Jason Mesnick dump Melissa for Molly: The After the Final Rose shocker scored 17.5 million viewers last March.

Steve Carbone, former sports talk DJ from Los Angeles now living in Dallas Texas, says that he doesn’t “go looking for this stuff, it comes to me because I’m willing to throw the show under the bus”. Relying on several different tipsters for his highly sought after bachelor spoilers and sarcastic recaps, Reality Steve says he doesn’t want to read spoilers about his favorite shows like American Idol or Survivor but likes to “one up” The Bachelor simply because he can.

Considering the fact that Reality Steve’s blog only gets somewhere between 400,000-500,000 page views per week, with occasional downtime due to server problems handling such a high volume of traffic, the impact for The Bachelor has been positive. More people are watching this season’s “On the Wings of Love” with Jake Pavelka, 10% more viewers, than the same time last year. Reality Steve has seen a large increase in readership for his blog as well, and for very good reason. He’s hysterical!

Hopefully now that Steve has changed servers, anxious readers won’t have to worry anymore about getting their Reality Steve fix and play-by-play episode recaps. Seems to me that ABC and Mike Fleiss just might owe Reality Steve a big debt of gratitude and a sincere Thank You for doing such a great job at actually getting more people to tune in and watch The Bachelor – even if it’s just to find out if Reality Steve is right or wrong about what will happen on The Bachelor this season.

He’s been right with previous seasons, and his spoilers are right this time too, and Jake Pavelka’s choice for a wife is getting ripped apart in the tabloids while Bachelor host Chris Harrison defends Vienna as a “gentle loving woman”. Speculation is that Jake Pavelka and Vienna won’t last, if they’re even still together at this point since taping ended in November. People that don’t want to know the details of spoilers on The Bachelor, or any other show for that matter, should just not read them. It’s that simple. Really.

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