Reality Steve Bachelorette Ali Spoilers – Bachelorette Final Two – Who Does Ali Choose?

bachelorette-ali-fedotowsky3-135x150-2 Reading Reality Steve’s blog, after each Bachelorette episode with Ali Fedotowski, makes watching The Bachelorette show a lot more entertaining than watching the silly show without Steve’s hysterically sarcastic recaps. While the internet buzz surrounding the recent Jake and Vienna breakup continues, with questions about the real reasons for the breakup, many seem to agree that what happened between Vienna and Jake and their now defunct relationship will be forgotten soon enough.

Bachelorette spoiler alert! If you don’t want to know who the final two Bachelorette guys are, or who Ali chooses during the Finale (if any), stop reading now! Reality Steve, aka Steve Carbone, posted the season 6 spoilers on his blog some time ago, including spoiling the question and speculation surrounding which Bachelorette contestants were the final two men left standing, and ultimately, who Ali would choose as the “winner” on The Bachelorette. But, did Ali pick anyone in The Bachelorette finale yet to be aired?

Episode 6 of The Bachelorette, to air tonight on ABC, with the scandal surrounding Justin “Rated R” (wrestler guy) will be shown. Ali kicks Justin off the show in Turkey for having, not just one girlfriend, but there are TWO girls involved. This scandal is not the only scandal Bachelorette viewers are going to see during this season. Although there aren’t any “sex scandals” associated with Ali’s season on The Bachelorette, as there have been on other seasons of the Bachelor and Bachelorette shows, there is yet another humdinger coming up involving Frank Neuschaefer.

Reality Steve has revealed on his blog that the final 4 Bachelorette contestants for the hometown dates are Kirk DeWindt from Wisconsin, Frank Neuschaefer from Chicago, Roberto Martinez from Florida, and Chris Lambton from Cape Cod. Kirk is then eliminated, leaving the remaining three guys to fight for the final two spots, in hopes of being chosen by Ali as her prospective husband.

It is during Episode 9, shot in Tahiti, where the overnight dates take place and the Frank scandal is aired. Basically, Frank eliminates himself from the Bachelorette show to return home to Chicago because he decides that he’s still in love with his ex-girlfriend Nicole. Why Frank waited so long to actually leave the show, knowing he was still in love with his ex and wanted to get back with her, may have more to do with the Bachelor/Bachelorette contract the contestants sign and must abide by than Frank actually being just a scumbag dog.

Reality Steve says his secret sources told him that Frank wanted off the show long before all of this scandal stuff took place, and that the producers made Frank shoot some film footage with his ex before going to Tahiti for dramatic effect, which will be shown. The contract contestants must sign is a legally binding document, so Reality Steve feels there may have been some threatening of some kind going on, to force Frank to go along with the whole sordid affair.

Bachelorette Final Two – Who Does Ali Choose?

Which of course leaves the final two Bachelorette contestants being Chris Lambton and Roberto Martinez to “guard and protect” Ali’s heart. Oh wait, that was Kasey, sorry haha. So, of the two remaining guys going into the finale, who does Ali choose in the end? Does Ali find true love? Take a guess. Do you think Ali picks Chris or Roberto to be her main squeeze?

As Dallas’ own Reality Steve Carbone revealed on his blog at, Ali does not choose Chris Lambton. Which of course leaves Roberto Martinez as the one man Ali chooses to be her one and only, right? Wrong. Steve revealed on his blog that Ali did not choose anyone, Mr. Nobody was her choice. Ali is not dating, not engaged, not getting married to either of these two Bachelorette finalists. Ali is Single and available.

As expected, speculation has been building that Ali didn’t choose either of the two final men in hopes of getting back together with Jake Pavelka, but Ali has already said in interviews that she is over Jake and has no interest in him whatsoever. For the full, complete, blow-by-blow Bachelorette episode recaps and spoilers, go and read Reality Steve’s blog at for all the details.

The next big question yet to be determined is, Who will be the next Bachelor? Who would you choose or vote for to become the next Bachelor, Chris Lambton or Roberto Martinez or ____???

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