Reality Steve The Bachelor Spoilers – Is Ali Coming Back to The Bachelor?

Spoilers alert! Bachelor fans out there want to know if Ali is going to return to The Bachelor, fight for Jake Pavelka’s heart and actually be the “winner” on this 14th season of The Bachelor in a major reality tv coup de jour? Not so fast. Sure, sure, ABC has a promo circulating with Ali making a phone call to Jake saying she wants to come back to the show. Is Ali returning to The Bachelor this season? No.

Not gonna happen. Reality Steve, our sarcastic and snarky reality tv blogger at sure knows how to tell a great story about the Bachelor goings on, doesn’t he? Reality Steve (Steve Carbone) makes clear on his blog that Ali, just like all the other Bachelor contestants, are under contract to say and do what they’re told to do while they’re on The Bachelor and thereafter.

They’re all under contract. Including Ali, who left the show because her job with Facebook was in jeopardy. Ali hadn’t been working at her job for very long and she took off the amount of time to appear on The Bachelor that she could squeeze out, but the time came where Ali was given the ultimatum to return to work or lose her job.

With this economy and the difficulty people are having finding work, Ali’s decision to “leave Jake” and leave the show for her job vs. thumbing her nose at the job on the 1-in-4 chance that Jake would choose her at the final rose ceremony, was a risk Ali couldn’t take. Is she coming back? Nope.

If you’re a Bachelor fan, or even a Bachelorette fan, have you ever paid real close attention to the video promos ABC puts out? Do you watch The Bachelor or The Bachelorette so closely that you can spot where videotape has been edited and spliced together? Have you noticed the editing, splicing and dicing of video promos in order to make things appear how Bachelor bigwigs want them to appear? Yes, no, maybe?

Take a real close gander at ABC’s promo video of Ali placing a phone call to Jake, telling Jake that she wants to return to the show and fight for him. While you’re watching the short video clip, pay very close attention to the bathroom/hotel phone call scene, and see if you notice something suddenly/instantly appearing on Jake’s arm that wasn’t there a split second before? Watch the video.


Did you catch the editing of the videotape where Jake is in the bathroom doing some primping, with no watch on his arm at all, but as he suddenly turns the corner from the bathroom to go answer the phone call from Ali, suddenly/instantly he has a watch on? It’s called editing, splicing and dicing of videotape to make things appear as they’re not. For drama and ratings.

The phone call from Ali is completely staged. She HAS to make that phone call. She’s under contract with ABC to do whatever they tell her to do. For drama. For ratings. To get everyone, like you the viewer, all in a dither wondering… Is Ali going to return to The Bachelor and win Jake’s heart and get the proposal at the final rose ceremony in St. Lucia? Nope. Not going to happen.

But all the buzz about Ali coming back sure got people excited and anxious to find out all they can about what’s going to happen on The Bachelor, didn’t it? Reality Steve says on his blog that Ali is very likely going to be the next Bachelorette! How Ali would work all that out with her job is unclear at this point. While you’re over there on Reality Steve’s blog (, be sure to read word-for-word the blog post he wrote about all the humiliating and embarrassing shenanigans (and outright lies) that ABC can do in the taping of the show in the legal contract all the contestants have to sign in order to be on the show. It’s an eye-opener for sure.

RealitySteve says that Ali will be at the “Women Tell All” taping, as will Rozlyn Papa, who was booted from The Bachelor because of the so-called sex scandal that never was. I don’t expect there to be any real revelations about the scandal between Rozlyn and the fired producer, who were accused of having an “inappropriate relationship”. The WTA is being taped this weekend in LA, and you can/should expect a lot more heavy editing. ABC certainly can’t allow Rozlyn to actually prove she is completely innocent, now can they? The Bachelor show is heavily edited. Very heavily edited.

Don’t believe everything you think you see going on with the show. It’s about as real as some of the female Bachelor contestants “ta-tas”, if ya catch my drift. Wouldn’t it be great if Reality Steve could attend the Women Tell All, in disguise if necessary, then post what REALLY went on at the WTA taping?

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