Safety and Sanity Tips When Traveling with Kids

five-years-old-boy-with-headphone-isolated-on-white-2 Children are by their very nature inquisitive and eager to explore the world around them. Research shows that children are much more receptive and adaptive with learning abilities far more advanced than previously realized.

They often become bored and irritable when they do not have something interesting to keep them occupied. Ensuring that your children have a good variety of activities not only keeps them engaged but aid in the development of the child’s mind and motor skills.

Travel Bug

While at home, children are able to use their favorite toys and games and within reason able to move about freely. But when placed in a restrictive or a confined environment which is typically experienced when traveling. While many children travel well some when restrained in a car, bus, a train or even an aircraft, will all too often become irritable and restless due to the limitations inhibiting their natural wish to move around, explore and learn.


Traveling with the children in a vehicle can be a real challenge for some parents; many kids will become restless after sitting in their child restraint seats for just a few minutes. Keeping the kid’s occupied is not only important for your sanity, but as a safety consideration most of all, particularly when traveling in a car together. An unhappy child is a dangerous distraction for the driver of a car.


Do adults need to suffer through the whines and complaints of a restless child in the back seat for hours on end? the answer is no, not at all. The key to finding harmony when traveling with kids is keeping them occupied, as parents we have a pretty good idea what the kids favor as entertainment or activities. Some are practical while others are not.

Something Entertaining and Educational

While not a total and single solution, audio books should be at the top of your children’s travel check list. Unlike videos, movies and TV, recorded books engage a child’s imagination. Not only are they entertaining but specially narrated children s titles entertaining, there other benefits that might not be apparent. “Childcare’s recorded monologues give insight into the development of the process of organising information into meaningful units.” From Wikipedia

Kids Love to Listen to Stories

It’s hard to go wrong with the time-tested classic audio books for children; they will often listen to the same story many times. When youngsters hear a narrator or an actor read a story, they must visualize the action in their head. This develops creativity, a longer attention span and an ability to listen for details. Studies also suggest that children who listen to audio books may have a larger vocabulary than those who only read traditional books.

One of the more redeeming features for children listening to recorded stories, is that the story is beings read out aloud using correct grammar and pronunciation and in correct context. The narration is mindful of being both entertaining and fun with a view of retaining the child’s interest.

Media Players

Kids love gadgets and high-tech devices .and often have an uncanny ability to use them, often with an ease that can embarrass an adult. A portable MP3 player such as the Apple iPod is an ideal device to store, and listen to an exciting tale while traveling. Today’s media players come with huge storage capacities, allowing a large library of online books for kids with audio specially narrated for them always on hand. With the amazing amount of children’s titles available online, every youngster confined to a car seat should have something interesting to listen to.


Free for Kids

There are many discounted audio books online for kids. Classic fairy tales like those by the Brothers Grimm and Hans Christian Anderson are available in the public domain and available at no charge. Parents can download them and save them just for use in the car. This makes riding in a car seat something to look forward to and not an event to dread.

Timeless Classics

Mother Goose Treasure Island by R. L. Stevenson Dorothy and the Wizard Emma by Jane Austen Heidi by Johanna Spyri Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain The Adventures of Tom Sawyer The Wind in the Willows

Fun Topics

If your child is interested in a particular nonfiction topic like butterflies, fire trucks, horses, submarines, dinosaurs, or any other subject, you will be able to find audio books as online downloads to appeal to him or her. There are also biographies of historical figures available and dramatizations of famous events that are tailored especially for a child’s tastes.

The benefits are expanded even more if the family enjoys a story together. It can bring parents, children and siblings closer together and help them build memories that will last a lifetime. Digital audio books are light weight and easy to carry and together with a budget media player are an affordable addition for your children s travel kit. Actually, not only when traveling, but anytime.


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