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While browsing other blogs to fulfill my daily goal of commenting on at least 8 blogs, I kept running across topics discussing the benefits of Viral Linking, and how it is claimed to help Increase

dominoes While browsing other blogs to fulfill my daily goal of commenting on at least 8 blogs, I kept running across topics discussing the benefits of Viral Linking, and how it is claimed to help Increase Technorati Page Rank as well as Google Page Rank. Being a relatively new blogger, I’m much like a sponge soaking up every bit of information that could help bring traffic and authority to my blog. So, we’re going to participate in a little tag game of Viral Linking, and let’s see how it goes. And if for no other reason, this list will give you a good headstart on setting your own goal on commenting on other blogs. All you need to do is copy the A-Z blog links below, make a post on your own blog (like this one you’re reading), and replace the appropriate link with your own blog link. For example, in the “T” link location is my blog link for “Telling It Like It Is”. Get it? Okay, so here’s the link list:A About Interesting Stuff : A blog collection of interesting stuff.

B Blogger, Blog, Blogging : A blog about blogging and blogs for bloggers.

C Crisp Networks : Tech, blogging and make money online.

D : Crude yet refined.

E Environmental Economics : Economists on environmental and natural resources: news, opinion, and analysis.

F Flowers Blog : A blog about flowers.

G Graphic Identity : Photoshop tutorial, design showcase, photography, typography and much more.

H Healthia Cynthia : Journey to ultimate health.

I Instructor Blog : Instructions on Blogging and Blogs.

J Jonathan Phillips : Personal “music” blog of Jonathan Phillips. Random stuff and thoughts of a rock guitar player. Guitars, gear, studio, life in general!

K King’s Blog : Views from Kingsley.

L Lady’s Confessions : I have a confession to make. Will you listen?

M Missylicious : Making money with the internet

N Networking Blog : Blog about networking and social media.

O One Dollar Man : This is a man’s dreams sanctuary. See his strange and weird dream occurrences.

P Photoshop Weblog : The unofficial photoshop weblog.

Q Quest For Fair Trial : Show us the inherent law. Quest for fair trial in Concord.

R Relationships – All about Relationships, marriage, children, step families, parenting, etc.

S Scribble On The Wall – Blog about different stuff.

T Telling It Like It Is – Blog reviews, tips and tricks of blogging to success, blog promotion, issues about relationships, family, parenting, blended families, children, teens, marriage, divorce, elderly parents and so much more! Whew!

U Untwisted Vortex : Blog reviews, promotion, issues, monetization and more.

V Very Best of Blogging : All about blogs, blogger and blogging!

W Western Standard Blog : Tells it like it is.

X Xplain – The visual thinking company.

Y Youth Blog : An insight into youth issues, volunteering trends, charity life and more from the UK charity YouthNet.

Z Zealous Blog : My little place on the web.

Here are some reasons why I encourage you to join viral linking:

  • Increase your Technorati Ranking and Google Page Rank.
  • Since this linking activity is viral, expect that you’ll get results fast.
  • You could probably get more friends, fans or readers.
  • Increase the number of traffic to your blog.

Have fun with it!

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One of the key aspects of writing a successful blog is choosing the right niche for your personality and passion. Spending some time reflecting on where you have the most knowledge, experience and expertise, really focusing in and writing about those topics, are key elements to a successful blog.

What are your interests? What are you passionate about? What really “gets your motor running”? Are you interested in the topic? If you are serious about building a successful blog, with an ever-increasing number of subscribers, you must understand that it takes a considerable amount of time and will not likely happen in the short term. Potential subscribers will not be fooled, and will quickly turn and run the other direction if they find you are not serious and passionate about your topics.

This was an area I had initial difficulty with, deciding where to hone in and make a decision about what I would write about in my blog. After carefully following along with a program started by Darren Rowse and Andy Wibbels, I now have the tools I need to further my opportunities at building a successful blog with increasing readership.This program consists of a 6-week course that teaches novice, and experienced bloggers alike, the tools necessary to build a successful, money-making blog, where readers will keep coming back for more.

Week 1 – Quick review of blog basics, functions and definitions. How and why blogs make money. What to consider when choosing a blog tool. Examples of Six Figure Bloggers and the importance of making a “blueprint” towards success.

Week 2 – Choosing a niche. What makes a good niche versus what makes a bad one. How to evaluate possible niches for maximum profitability. Choosing the right niche for your personality and passions.

Week 3 – Mastering Google Adsense. How Adsense works, where best to place ads for maximum clickability, and properly setting up your Adsense account to ensure you get the right ads for your blog.

Week 4 – Explanation of the best Affiliate programs for your niche, proper positioning of affiliate products so they are correctly related to your niche content. How to cultivate partnerships and joint-ventures with other entrepreneurs, and tracking click-throughs and traffic to your affiliates.

Week 5 – How to write content with Keywords, and maximum search engine optimization. Using RSS feeds to create a constant stream of content to your readers. Strategies to create buzz and promotion for your blog. How to track statistics and using them to adjust your site for better performance.

Week 6 – Other revenue building resources to build into your blog. Resources for designers and other geeks to help get you started. And finally, how to replicate your success into an entire empire of successful blogs.

One of my favorite things about this is that Darren Rowse and Andy Wibbels allow for a preview into the course, with full audio coverage, explaining all the details of what the course covers and how new bloggers and those more experienced can be benefited by this course. And an extra plus is being able to listen to Darren Rowse’ accent while speaking. Talk to me, Darren! 😉

Discovering my personal niche, where I have the most knowledge, passion, experience and expertise, opens tremendous opportunities for me to reach a lot of people. My niche is that of Relationships: marriage, friendships, blended families, divorce, single mothers, elderly parents, raising teenagers, joys and heartaches of parenting, and abuse of all types. With a bit of authoritarian religious upbringing thrown in, it offers me a large range of possibilities to keep me writing for many years to come.

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