Sex Every Day for Married Couples – 30 Day Sex Challenge

sex-every-day-thumbnail Sex every day is most men’s fantasy, whereas most women dream of emotional intimacy in their marriage or relationship, as well as a satisfying sex life. The 30 Day Sex Challenge is a marriage enrichment program, developed by Tampa Florida’s Relevant Church Head Pastor Paul Wirth, for married couples to determine their personal and unique emotional needs in order to build upon and improve their marital relationship.

Cheating Spouse

Is he cheating? Is she cheating? Is your spouse cheating? Why do men cheat? Why do women cheat? Lack of intimacy in marriage or dating relationships. Men want and need intimacy too, despite the common and mistaken belief that all men have a fear of intimacy or that all men have commitment phobia.

The differences between men and women in communication styles often create marriage problems and marital conflict that can sometimes lead to an unhappy marriage, broken marriage, separation and divorce, sometimes due to a cheating husband (cheating boyfriend) or wives cheating (cheating girlfriends) as well as other relationship problems.

Relationship experts agree that the main reason why men cheat (or why women cheat) is because both of the individuals are not meeting each others deepest emotional needs and then wonder why they are not connecting on a sexual level and enjoying sexual fulfillment within the bounds of their own marriage or relationship.

Affair Proof Marriage

In order to have an affair-proof marriage, couples must take the time to learn how to communicate effectively and learn each others needs and desires, working together to ensure a strong, intimate, emotional connection to their spouse rather than looking outside the marriage to have emotional and sexual needs met.

Regardless of the excuses and so-called “reasons” why husbands cheat or why wives cheat, cheating is wrong and immoral, and there is no legitimate way to minimize the effects of marriage infidelity on marriages and children.

30 Day Sex Challenge

The 30 Day Sex Challenge is intended to help couples succeed in creating an affair proof marriage by breaking the sex challenge up into four mini-challenges: spiritual, emotional, sexual, and physical. Using a holistic approach, the Relevant Church developed an assortment of resources to help couples, such as an emotional needs questionnaire, a 30-day devotional guide for married couples, and a 30-day devotional guide for singles.

The sex challenge series is biblically and scripturally based, teaching singles that the Relevant Church (if not all churches) believe that God has reserved sex for married couples and if done God’s way, married sex can and should be the best sex of their lives.

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To “have a stable relationship you need to be connecting spiritually, emotionally, and sexually and in that order”, says Paul Wirth. For the sex challenge, single men and women can’t have sex for 30 days, and married couples are urged to have sex every day.

The Sex Challenge:

  • Each person, whether single or married, take the emotional needs test, then daily begin to meet the needs of the other person without thinking of themselves
  • Each person fills out the daily journal after reading the questions and the scripture verses, and then write down his or her answers to the questions and thoughts about the verses
  • Then the couples exchange journals with their partners and discuss them.
  • Last the married couples are to be sexually intimate every day for 30 days (sex is more than just intercourse) and single couples are to abstain from sex for 30 days (any form of sex)

Couples participating in the sex challenge work through questions that deal with personal feelings, fears, uncertainties and joys that come up because of the sex challenge, helping couples build intimacy into the relationship and give the couple a fresh passion for each other. It makes for a win-win relationship.

Married couples can and need to take necessary steps to keep the fire alive in their marriage, not only with good communication but also with selfless giving in and out of the bedroom, which works well to affair proof your marriage.

Openly discussing emotional and sexual needs before getting married is vital for a healthy and happy marriage, and discussions of sex in marriage should never be a taboo subject after the wedding, otherwise how will your husband or wife know what you want or need emotionally or sexually in order to feel happy and fulfilled in your marriage?

Make the decision today to affair proof your marriage by taking the 30 Day Sex Challenge , discover each others emotional, sexual and spiritual needs, and take steps to fill those needs within your marriage. You just might discover that 30 Days of sex, sex every day with your husband or wife, makes for a very enjoyable habit to develop.

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