Shape Up With Skechers Shape Up Shoes: Do Skechers Shape Ups Work?

Wearing toning shoes and shape up shoes, like the $110-$125 Skechers Shape-Ups, may be the hottest trend in health and fitness these days, but the question still remains: Do Skechers Shape-Up shoes really work? Commonly

womens-skechers-shape-up-shoes-150x146-1 Wearing toning shoes and shape up shoes, like the $110-$125 Skechers Shape-Ups, may be the hottest trend in health and fitness these days, but the question still remains: Do Skechers Shape-Up shoes really work? Commonly misspelled as Sketchers Shape Ups, with a “T” mistakenly inserted, Skechers Shape Ups shoes for men, women and kids are very popular walking shoes.

Before I decided to buy a pair of women’s Shape-Ups a year ago, as part of my home workout exercise and diet program, I read many positive and negative reviews about the claimed benefits of walking and toning in Skechers fitness shoes. Being an “I’ll believe it when I see it” skeptical type person, promotional videos and commercial ads claiming Skechers Shape Up trainers can “turn your workout into a part of your everyday life, without ever going to the gym”; and another clip featuring former pro football quarterback Joe Montana saying “Get in shape without setting foot in a gym!”, left me thinking Yeah Right, Prove It.

Based on the many Shape-Ups reviews I found online, it’s pretty obvious that consumers either love the shoes or hate them, for various different reasons. The online reviews of people wearing Skechers Shape Ups for a few hours, a day, a week, or a month or so didn’t tell me much since it would seem obvious that they would feel the “burn” in unused or rarely used muscle groups for such a short period of time. I’ve had my Skechers shoes for almost a year now, since October 2009, and I love them.

Pro and con reviews were pretty much split evenly right down the middle, including doctors, physical trainers, health experts and even Consumer Reports. Positive opinions and personal experiences of the benefits received by wearing Shape Ups seem to show a slight edge above those reporting foot, knee, back, hip-joint pain problems, based on my findings.

I’ve experienced none of these problems wearing my Skechers Shape Ups, and neither has my husband who also has a pair of men’s Shape-Ups walking shoes. Oddly enough, some people have reported falling while walking or running in their Skechers Shape Ups, even though the instructional DVD video guide and brochure that comes with the shoes clearly says these walking shoes are NOT intended for standing in all day, running or stairs.

mens-skecher-shape-ups-150x150-1 Others have mentioned tripping or falling down stairs while wearing their Skecher Shape Up shoes, perhaps because Shape Ups put you slightly off balance and your muscles are constantly working to keep you balanced and centered, helping to strengthen your core. $250 MBT (Masai Barefoot Technology), Skechers Shape Ups and $100-$125 Reebok EasyTone toning shoe companies report case studies, clinical trials and consumer testimonials “proving” the results one can expect from wearing a pair of their particular curved sole walking shoes.

Disputes about whether Skechers Shape Ups work or not, continue to create an internet buzz, especially since a “study” report questioned Skechers advertising claims for Shape-Ups. Skechers has since announced the results of an independent review board which says Skechers Shape-ups advertising claims are accurate, truthful and “the claims in the [Shape-ups] advertisement regarding muscle tone, posture and weight loss had been substantiated by [Skechers] and therefore were not likely to mislead or deceive consumers.”

A spokesperson said “The American Council on Exercise is in the business of selling goods and services to professional trainers. They want people to go to gyms, so they don’t like advertising that says you can get in shape without getting to the gym.” Let them all argue and banter back and forth about if Skechers Shape Ups work or not, while the rest of us SKECHERS Shape-Ups lovers enjoy our curved sole, rocker shoes.

Do Skechers Shape Ups Work?

Skechers Shape Up shoes claim to:

  • Reduces cellulite and tones thighs
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Increase cardiovascular health
  • Tightens abdominal muscles
  • Reduce stress on knee and ankle joints

The brochure says Skechers Shape-Ups are “Designed to improve your life by changing the way you walk, Shape Ups feature a unique soft kinetic wedge insert and dynamic rolling bottom to simulate walking barefoot on a yielding surface such as sand”.

I love my Shape Ups and have felt the effects, tightening and soreness in my calf muscles, legs, hips, stomach and my umm derriere. My husband also likes his Shape Ups for men and says he feels a difference in his calves primarily, but is unsure if he has noticed a difference anywhere else. We have been walking regularly in our Shape Ups, as part of our exercise regimen for better overall health and diet/weight loss program, and I typically wear my Shape Ups every day, all day, with no problems whatsoever.

Friends, family and complete strangers have asked me if the Skechers Shape Ups are as cushy and comfortable for walking as is reported. These shoes are the most comfortable walking shoes I have ever worn, and even though the price is a bit higher than I would routinely spend on any kind of shoe, the cost is well worth it in my opinion.

Shape Ups may not be the most stylish looking shoe, with its funky thick wedge sole, but Skechers has added many colors, shapes, styles and designs to fit the needs of choosy shoppers. The black-and-white Skechers Shape Ups are quite popular, but my husband and I much prefer the plain, solid white trainers, as they resemble regular walking tennis shoes more and don’t draw as much attention as other colors may.

Skechers Shape Ups are not a magic pill for diet and weight loss enthusiasts, so don’t quit the gym or your home workout routine if you are trying to lose weight and tone up flabby areas. If there were a magic pill that really worked for overweight or obese people wanting to lose weight, we’d all be slim and trim, thin and healthy, now wouldn’t we?

Dr. Fabian Pollo, Director of Orthopedic Research at Baylor University Medical Center, says wearing Shechers Shape Ups “can lead to some of those possible benefits, but not to the extent you can replace exercise routine or diet.” President of Skechers Fitness Group, Leonard Armato, says recent studies conducted that negatively criticize Skechers Shape Ups were “too limited and contradicted many other studies that touted the benefits of the sneaker.”

Armato also added, “Skechers has received 12,000 unsolicited positive reviews of Shape Ups”, and “many of these people insist that the benefits they have received have literally transformed their lives for the better.” It goes without saying (or at least it should), that eating sensibly, making good food choices in moderation with proper exercise, is what brings about weight loss, not some magic diet pill and most definitely not relying on a walking shoe to do the job.

If someone chooses to buy Skechers Shape Ups as part of their workout routine and diet program, and the trainer shoes help motivate men and women to get their body moving, than I see that as a very good thing. While I paid full retail price for my Skechers and my husband’s, I’ve since noticed there are coupon codes and discounts on Skecher Shape Up shoes available online.

Since Skechers has over 2,000 Styles to choose from, I’ll be checking out the SKECHERS Tone-ups® Sandals since I’m looking to buy some Shape Up flip flops to wear during the spring and hot summer months. Have you seen the Mary Jane Wedge or Pumps yet? What do you think about Skechers Shape Ups, sandals, wedge and pump style shoes?