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Having continuous cell phone problems with our previous cell phones lead us to look into the difference between the Blackberry smartphone and the iPhone. We were both desperate to find the best cell phone and

smart-phones-and-blackberry-phone-150x150-1 Having continuous cell phone problems with our previous cell phones lead us to look into the difference between the Blackberry smartphone and the iPhone. We were both desperate to find the best cell phone and cell phone plan to fit our needs. Choosing a smart phone like the iPhone or Blackberry Bold or Curve, deciding which was the best, was a difficult decision to make.

After carefully reviewing many of the cheaper cell phones on the market and knowing what our needs are for business and personal use, we ultimately decided that we both needed a good quality smart phone. But which one? The iPhone or the Blackberry? If we decided on a Blackberry vs. an Apple iPhone, what is the best Blackberry cell phone? Is it the Blackberry Curve, the Palm, the Storm, the Pearl, the Tour, or the Blackberry Bold?

We both spent a lot of time reading iPhone reviews from current users, and it was interesting to learn that there has been numerous complaints from female iPhone users who have long fingernails. Apparently a lot of women aren’t very happy about how the iPhone design makes it difficult to type on the iPhone touch screen keypad, and that women with long fingernails or “chunky fingers” are hankering for a stylus to use with their iPhones.

I thought it was kind of funny that some women were accusing Steve Jobs and Apple, the maker of the brand spanking new Apple iPad device, of being “misogynistic” due to the fingernail problem. It’s pretty ridiculous to expect every geeky gadget or electronic device to match every possible user, long fingernails or not, and I have no problem trimming or cutting back my nails in order to not have the problem with my smartphone.

After spending some hands-on time with both the iPhone and the different Blackberry smartphones, and checking out the many features each offers, we both ultimately decided to buy a Blackberry and adjust our cell phone plan a little to allow for internet use, emailing, instant messaging and a few more necessary options.

Out of all the different Blackberry phones we reviewed and tried out, we both chose the BlackBerry Bold 9700 with AT&T over the other cell phone devices. Text messaging with the tiny little buttons has been a challenge for both of us, but with some practice and trimming back my fingernails, we both love our Blackberries. I’m still trying to figure out how to text message correctly, using both thumbs at the same time, without hitting the wrong buttons by mistake and having to continuously edit the message.

Medical Blackberry Applications for Professionals

One of the coolest features of the Blackberry are the medical Blackberry applications and software available to medical professionals, like Skyscape and the Epocrates RX for Blackberry application. Even though my profession is in the dental field vs. the “medical” field, there are several medical-related applications that are very helpful to medical or dental professionals. The “Epocrates RX for Blackberry” application for Blackberry users in the medical profession is a free mobile drug reference, with weekly updates that include monographs for more than 3,500 drugs.

Epocrates Rx is available for the iPhone, Blackberry, Palm, Android, Win Mobile and Win Smartphones. Part of my responsibility in the dental field is being the one “on call” during weekends and after-hours, handling emergency calls and contacting the doctor with relevant patient information as needed.

The ability to instantly access drug and safety information for more than 3,500 generic and brand drugs for our patients allows me to provide the doctor up-to-date information regardless of where I am at the time. The fact that it also helps make me that much more valuable to the doctor and patients is just icing on the cake. The InteractionCheck feature allows me (and the doctor) to check for interactions and/or contraindications of up to 30 drugs at a time.

Features of the Epocrates RX for Blackberry include:

  • Pill pictures displayed within the drug monograph show you exactly what each drug looks like
  • Provides adult and pediatric dosages for FDA-approved and off-label indications
  • Black box warnings, contraindications, and caution warnings
  • Adverse reactions and drug interactions, both common and serious, organized by category
  • Approximate drug prescription costs for patients paying out-of-pocket
  • Safety and monitoring information (ie pregnancy risk factors and more)
  • Manufacturing information including DEA/FDA status
  • Pharmacology information (metabolism, excretion, drug class and more)
  • Notes section for jotting down notes

I’ve also heard that there is a medical dictionary for Blackberry users called Stedman’s Oxford Concise Medical Dictionary for health professionals and nurses that have a Blackberry, but I haven’t checked that out personally yet. Another dictionary option for medical professionals that a friend told me about is called the BEIKS medical dictionary for Blackberry, so I’ll be spending some time checking those out soon. Maybe I’ll find they are both one in the same, but I don’t know for sure yet.