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It’s the beginning of a long holiday weekend, with Memorial Day coming on Monday, so I wanted to end this week with a Smilie Saturday Linky Love post to showcase some great articles I’ve been

smiley-saturday1-1 It’s the beginning of a long holiday weekend, with Memorial Day coming on Monday, so I wanted to end this week with a Smilie Saturday Linky Love post to showcase some great articles I’ve been reading that I’m sure you will enjoy as much as I have. You all are awesome writers, so keep up the good work!

I’ve also been interviewing some fabulous authors of books dealing with children and teens, including someone who was on the APA Task Force that I wrote about in my post about sexualizing children, and who participated in developing the in-depth APA Report I linked to in that article. That will be a great article (if I say so myself), so stay tuned for that. Now let’s get to the Weekend Roundup, shall we?

Weekend Roundup

Lynnae has begun a series of posts called (Not) Keeping Up With Our Parents, where Lynnae discusses her thoughts on the book “(Not) Keeping Up With Our Parents: The Decline of the Professional Middle Class” by author Nan Mooney. Entitlement issues has always been a topic that bothers me immensely, and anyone that has been a subscribed reader of my blog from its inception knows how strongly I feel about that subject.

FrugalDad wrote a fabulous article entitled How to Get Out of Credit Card Debt, and Stay Out, and it’s a great read with informative tips for people trying to get out of debt. With gas prices going up seemingly every ten minutes, eliminating debt (or at least greatly reducing debt) is a very wise plan.

Speaking of money and debt, check out Peter’s discussion Good News: Gas Prices Will Continue to Rise, and see if you can think of some ways you will or have begun tightening your financial “belt” due to higher gas prices. My hubby and I have been discussing trading in our vehicles and getting cars that are much more gas efficient, but my hubby is very tall so trying to find a vehicle he can even fit in creates another set of problems.

Allan Cockerill’s post Is It Possible To Have An Affair Without Sex is very interesting to say the least, including the video he’s running at the conclusion of the article. Cheating spouses are some the lowest forms of the human species in my opinion, and anyone considering having an affair needs to either fix the problems in their marriage or get out of the marriage and move on with their life, but don’t cheat on your spouse.

Christine’s post 10 Summer Jobs Your Teen May Not Have Considered is a must read for anyone with tweens or teens looking to find a job over the summer. The school year is almost over and kids will be looking for ways to make some money, and having a summer job is a great way of teaching kids responsibility and money management, as well as a great way of building self-esteem in children.

Last but not least, Jeremy and wife are Introducing Baby Caitlin into the world, weighing in at 5 lbs 6 oz, six full weeks ahead of the due date. The idea of giving birth to a 5 lb baby seems so foreign to me since each of mine weighed more than 8 lbs, and one son weighed 11 lbs! Mine must have weighed 5 lbs when I was about six months pregnant! Congratulations to Jeremy and family on the new arrival! babytumbling-1

Have you made your Memorial Day plans yet? What will you be doing? I’ll be putting my hubby to work cooking out on the grill for sure, whipping us up some tasty BBQ slathered in sauce that sticks to the ribs. We will also be remembering and honoring those who gave their lives so that we can live in Freedom, including my father in-law who served in two wars, and saying prayers for our soldiers overseas and their families.

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smiley-saturday-1It’s been an extremely busy week around here and I haven’t had much time to prepare new articles, so I wanted to point you towards some articles I’ve read that I believe you’ll find very interesting. I’ve been dealing with an odd little bump that suddenly appeared on my hand two weeks ago, and have been told by the doctor that it’s due to “overuse”, but he wouldn’t give me a doctor’s note that said I had to quit my job on “doctor’s orders”. Darn.

One little side note. I’ve contacted a well-known expert in the area of child sexual abuse, and have suggested to him that he consider doing a Blog Tour to bring greater awareness to the prevalence of sexual abuse on children, the misunderstood subject of “mother blame” and things parents need to know to help protect their children. I’m happy to report that he is very interested, so stay tuned for more on that, as some people may have the idea that what I write regarding child sexual abuse is simply my personal opinion. Nope.

Weekend Roundup:

Be Wise With Your Economic Stimulus Tax Rebate What will you be doing with your tax rebate? We’re just putting ours in the savings account rather than spending it.

What Moms Really Think is a 5-part series that I really enjoyed reading. Be sure to check out each part of the series, as the ladies who participated are awesome!

14 Timeless Ways to Live a Happy Life gives some wonderful reminders for everyone about living a happy and fulfilled life, whether you are a parent or not.

12 Reasons to Turn Off the Television gives excellent advice on many ways our lives will be improved by switching off that little black box.

When Normal Child Sexual Development Becomes Abnormal is something everyone must read, and be sure to check out the links provided there.

Oh Well, Then, Allow Me to Retort is an explosive response to another blogger’s slam on stay-at-home dads. You can click on the links Joe provides in his article to read the “anonymous” dad post on Penelope Trunk’s blog, as I’m not going to give that shameful post any linky love.

Writing Better Blog Post Titles is a Must Read for all bloggers and writers, as this is an area so many bloggers get wrong. Your post titles are one of the most important things to consider in order to pull subscribed readers into your articles, or to increase search engine traffic. Do not miss Lorelle’s article on how to write better titles for your posts.

Thanks to all you for your exceptional blog posts, I really enjoyed all of them.

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