Social Networking Tips for All You Whiners

violinI think if I read one more blog post from someone whining about not getting any blog traffic or trouble getting your blog noticed, I think I’ll scream. Let me pull out my violin for all you online social networking whiners and play you a slow sad song. Boo-Hoo, Waah! “I want traffic, You want traffic. We all want blog traffic!” Well, so what! What are you really doing about it?! And don’t tell me, “I leave comments” or “I Stumble and give a thumbs up and reviews” or “I Zoom blog posts” or… (insert your personal favorite whine). Well guess what? So is everybody else! Now what are you going to do to stand out from the rest? To get your blog noticed, you must learn how social media marketing works and how social media optimization is vital for any website or blog.

Let me ask you social networking whiners a question: What does your blog offer that would make anyone want to visit, comment, subscribe or link to your blog? Who are you anyway? Does anyone even know you or know that your blog exists? I know, you’re probably going to tell me that you write fabulous articles/posts that are very helpful to others, and you just want people to know about them. Yeah okay, yawn. Well, I’ve got a little secret for you; so do I and many other bloggers. Now what? If you want to keep whining about it, go ahead and take a few minutes and get it out of your system, then pay very close attention to what I’m about to tell you.

Social Media Marketing

You can join all the free social networking websites that you want, but it won’t do you one bit of good unless you actively participate in getting to know your fellow bloggers on a more personal basis. Commenting on other blogs is certainly helpful to some degree, but just running from one blog to the next dropping comments in hopes that you’ll get noticed, just might get your comments filtered as spam.

Joining Entrecard, MyBlogLog, BlogCatalog, BloggingZoom, Bumpzee, Stumble Upon, Digg, Sphinn, and all the others won’t get you noticed unless you actively participate. I laugh out loud when I receive messages on BlogCatalog or MyBlogLog saying “Thank you for visiting my blog”, when I have never ever been to their blog. They’ve just ensured that I will never drop by their blog (at least not on purpose). I’ve even gone so far as to edit my email notifications of messages received on both BlogCatalog and MyBlogLog due to the high number of spammers.


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Business Social Networking

The key to social networking or business social networking comes from building personal relationships with other bloggers, even those that are not in your blogging niche. Does John Chow know who I am? Probably not, why should he? I’ve commented from time to time on his blog, but I only do so if I feel I have something to add to his post, which is often few and far between. Does Darren Rowse or Andy Beard know who I am? Maybe, but so what. Why should either of them care about my blogging about relationships and parenting children and teens?

One sure-fire way of getting noticed is by taking the time to write a personal email to another blogger discussing how you were personally benefited by one of their posts, or perhaps even discussing or suggesting an idea for an upcoming post. Rob from recently emailed me asking me my thoughts on the affects technology has on children today, thus leading me to write my post “Technology and Children – A Wake Up Call For Parents”. Had he not emailed me with those questions, it may not have occurred to me to write what turned out to be a very popular post.

Get Your Blog Noticed with Blog Links

Freely linking to other blogs or specific posts that help further develop and expound on your own post, without expecting anything in return, is by far what has worked best for me in increasing traffic to my blog. It will help get your blog noticed. Whenever I find a post that has valuable information I know will be of benefit to others, I bookmark the page and link to it in an upcoming post. You have to “give to get”, but doing so with selfish motives or expecting a reciprocal link later on down the road is ridiculous. Does Stephan Miller and Dane Morgan know who I am? You betcha they do! Get Blog Noticed!

Some people initially thought of as “controversial” or “downright intimidating” get noticed because they are actually very nice and helpful when needed, answering questions and giving helpful advice. Some bloggers may see a question you’ve posted, then write a detailed explanation in answer to your question, even being kind enough to link to your post. That not only creates attention, traffic and links, but also helps develop personal relationships amongst fellow bloggers.

Increase Blog Traffic to Blog

Actively participating in a variety of blog carnivals, or an occasional meme, can help increase blog traffic and links to your blog. I’ve seen some so-called meme’s where the blogger doesn’t actually link to anyone they’re writing about, so how is that supposed to bring attention to your blog? Give to get, give to get.

While you’re making out your New Year’s Resolutions, be sure to include taking steps to build personal relationships with other bloggers, and may this year bring you the increased attention and traffic you so desperately desire.

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