Spring Cleaning Checklist – Springtime House Cleaning Up Tips

spring-cleaning-checklist-1-2 Spring cleaning is a tradition around our house every year as early signs of spring approach. Deep housecleaning isn’t one of our favorite things to do, but once the deep cleaning throughout the whole house is done, we’re able to relax and enjoy the birds chirping and blooming flowers that comes with spring and summer in a clean, freshened up home.

We haven’t decided yet if we’ll get some spring cleaning quotes from any of the professional housecleaning services like Merry Maids, Molly Maids, Maid Brigade or other local cleaning companies to handle the heavy, deep cleaning jobs around the house or not. We could also offer to hire friends and family to come and help with some of the cleaning inside or outside, such as washing windows and window screens etc, and any other indoor spring cleaning jobs Grandpa and I might want help completing.

Being the very organized type, I’ve been reviewing our spring cleaning checklist I have saved in my computer to print off and get started cleaning up room to room, from top to bottom, inside and out. Having my printable checklist for spring cleaning chores makes the job much easier to handle and less overwhelming than if we started cleaning house with no action plan to check off the list as each chore is completed.

Spring Cleaning Checklist

Besides the regular housecleaning of dusting, vacuuming, cleaning bathrooms, washing or mopping floors etc, deep spring cleaning inside and outside the house for many people typically includes: cleaning window treatments; rotating and flipping mattresses, washing windows inside and out; pulling out furniture to vacuum behind couches, tables and chairs; dusting corners/ceilings/walls; cleaning inside and outside of kitchen cupboards and drawers; cleaning out the refrigerator and freezer; cleaning kitchen appliances, cleaning ceiling fans, air vents and light fixtures; shampooing carpets, rugs and upholstery; organizing and cleaning out desks, drawers and closets and more.

Since we have our own professional grade carpet steam cleaning machine that does an excellent job shampooing carpets, we clean our own carpets and rugs and save a lot of money that would otherwise go to hiring to a carpet cleaning service. Having high ceilings requires bringing in a tall ladder to clean high up above the fireplace mantel and hard-to-reach high shelves, clean ceiling fan fixtures, replace batteries in smoke alarms and washing windows at their highest points. Since we maintain our regular housecleaning schedule well, getting started on deep spring cleaning is less of a chore, although time-consuming. It’s a lot easier to deep clean on top of clean.

Spring cleaning a large house requires much more than just a weekend, a lot more time than household cleaning an apartment or small home, which is why having a printable spring cleaning checklist is so helpful. Tip: To prevent becoming overwhelmed with all the many spring cleaning chores on our checklist, we each deep clean one room at a time until each room is completely clean top to bottom and checked off the list before moving on to the next room.

“Grandpa” (aka my husband) may start spring cleaning at an opposite end of the house from where I’m cleaning, so we find it very helpful to close doors to each cleaned room (bedrooms, bathrooms, etc) once the spring cleaning job is done to avoid wasting time deep cleaning rooms that were already done.

Some items on our deep spring cleaning checklist are things we do regularly anyway as part of our normal, weekly, regular housecleaning schedule. Cleaning out the refrigerator and freezer is often found on annual deep cleaning lists, especially cleaning refrigerator coils, but frig/freezer cleaning and washing out trash containers on a weekly basis prior to going grocery shopping suits us best.

Our spring cleaning checklist also includes resealing grout lines between walls, floors and countertop tiles, but we won’t have to re-grout this spring since re-grouting was done previously where needed, so we’ve crossed this off the to-do list. This spring we’re adding a little painting to our list, but just to paint the front door and maybe the back door since both are showing signs of age and chipped paint in some places. Painting doors will be a good time to also polish the door hardware and window hardware once the door paint is completely dry, as those are also on our checklist.

Our cleaning checklist for spring time deep cleaning is divided room to room. Kitchen, living room, den, dining room, bedrooms, bathrooms, family room, home office, closets, garage, laundry room, attic, etc. Throwing away old expired medicines, cosmetics and beauty products should be on everyone’s spring cleaning lists. We review our master checklist together and decide if we’re going to add anything to the list or cross something off the cleaning list for one reason or another.

Before we even begin spring cleaning, we remove household clutter and donate unwanted or no longer used items not sold in a garage sale or on eBay etc to Freecycle, and make a trip to the dump if needed. We’re very organized and plan things thoroughly so nothing is missed or forgotten. Then we decide how long it will take to finish all of the deep cleaning tasks, usually a couple of weekends planned and marked on the calendar. Once the day comes to start spring cleaning, we split the checklist between us and any cleaning help we may decide to hire and get to cleaning.

There is nothing like the appearance and smell of a deep cleaned home, windows open to air out the entire house and enjoy the sounds of the outdoors with window curtains blowing in the wind. By the time we’re done deep cleaning, we’re ready to enjoy a nice sit-down meal at one of our favorite restaurants, and this year we’re planning to treat family/friends who we pay to help spring clean to a nice dinner as a special thank you. That is, if we decide to hire any spring cleaning help.

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