Submit an Article as Guest Post – Article Submission Guidelines

Telling It Like It Is” has Guest Blogger opportunities available that you may be interested in. Do you have a passion for writing? Do you feel you have developed some creative writing skills that would fit well with our site?

We are primarily interested in Guest Bloggers that can share helpful information and experiences related to the responsibilities in relationships, parenting and raising children in today’s society.

If you haven’t had an opportunity yet to review the variety of topics we discuss on this site, please take a moment now and consider the topic Categories shown on the left sidebar column, in order to best determine if your writings are a good fit.

If you are interested in discussing the possibility of being a Guest Blogger, please Contact me with pertinent information about your topic of choice and your website URL, so we may begin guest blogging discussions.

Why Be A Guest Blogger?

Guest Blogging provides opportunities to share your creative writing abilities with our readers; increase the number of subscribers to your blog; inbound links to your blog that enhances search engine credibility in the Blogosphere, etc.

Can I Use Images?

Absolutely! We will discuss the number of images that may be used in posts, what size each image can be to fit our layout design properly, choosing appropriate images for posts, etc.

If you have any further questions, be sure to let me know in your “contact me” message, and I will get back to you as soon as possible.


I often receive emails from people asking if I accept guest posts on my blogs, and if so, what are the post guidelines or requirements for submitting guest articles for possible publication. Yes, I do accept article submissions/guest posts on this blog and a couple of my other blogs on an ongoing basis.

Most of the people inquiring about submitting articles or guest posts contact me by email via the contact form with questions about how to submit articles, if I require the guest writer to have a blog or website of their own, if I pay for article submissions, what kind of content I would accept, and if guest writers are required to write articles on a regular weekly or monthly basis.

In order to submit articles for publishing on my blog, it is important for guest writers to follow guest post guidelines and legal standards for content and use of images within posts, plus understanding what kind of article content fits best with the niche topics hosted on my blog(s).

I do not require guest writers to have their own blog or website, nor do I require guest writers to agree to submit articles weekly, bi-monthly or monthly etc. If you have your own website or blog, you can certainly include a link to it within the guest post itself and/or at the bottom of the article within your self-written byline paragraph describing yourself and/or your site as a great way of helping to promote you, your blog site or business.

Two external links to your blog site or specific post are allowed, or one within your guest article itself and one more in your byline at the bottom of your guest post. No affiliate links and no “sponsored posts” will be permitted. If you do not have a website you can link to your facebook page, myspace page, twitter page etc, or none at all – the choice is yours.

Why Submit Guest Articles?

The reasons for writing and submitting guest articles are many, even if you don’t have your own blog or website.

  • Maybe you are just starting out as a blog writer and you want to get a couple inbound links to your blog or specific titled post to improve its ranking in online search results.
  • Maybe you have read a great book or two that gets your creative writing juices flowing and you want to write and publish a review of the book(s) you enjoyed so much.
  • Maybe you have a blog that is strictly confined in its niche topics or categories and you want to share your thoughts on topics outside of your own niche.
  • Maybe you just want to share your thoughts and views on topics of interest to you and my readers, regardless of whether you have your own blog or not.

Before submitting guest articles for possible publication on my blog, take the time to consider the kind of articles and subjects that fit best with the blog niche. I do not pay for guest articles. Articles about health, diet, exercise, education/schooling, home-schooling, raising children and teens, dating, marriage, parenting young or adult children, step parenting, general or specific family relationship problems, divorce, infant/baby care, holiday-related topics, spiritual/religious topics that are not too controversial are all fine and fit within the large niche.

Visit the article archives page to see the large variety of relevant topic subject matter that can be posted on this blog. If you are unsure about a topic you would like to write and submit as a guest post, email me and ask. I’m easy. Topics on religion, spirituality, bible/scriptural matters relevant to real life and family living are fine too, as long as the content of the post is not highly controversial or inflammatory to individual beliefs or that negatively target certain religions or denominations.

Guest Article Guidelines

Your submitted guest article does not have to be perfect, and I rarely ever reject guest submissions unless the article is extremely controversial or inflammatory to readers and visitors (ie politics, abortion, etc), or the guest post has so many spelling or grammar errors that I would end having to almost rewrite the article myself in its entirety. Other than running your guest article through a spell checker, grammar checker, checking/verifying outbound link destinations and possibly editing punctuation used, no changes will be made to the actual content of your guest article.

Guest articles submitted for publishing must be your own original work and must not be republished anywhere else on the web. Articles submitted are checked for duplicity with copyscape and google, therefore, no duplicate content whatsoever. Articles must have a minimum of 800 words, must be relevant to the host blog, and image(s) used must be free of copyright use restrictions and pre-sized/optimized appropriately. The less work I have to do on your guest post the better.

Potential guest writers interested in having their guest post approved, or if you have any questions about guest posting here or getting your article approved, or even if you just want to pitch a post idea you would like to submit, email me and I will reply as quickly as possible. Guest writers are strongly encouraged to comment on their own submitted post(s) and subscribe to subsequent comments or questions from readers/visitors and respond promptly, as will I.

Submit an Article

Article submissions should be sent via word doc with desired image(s), may not include advertisements, promotional items or sales letters, and your name must be used as the author of the article. Once a submitted article is approved and published, the author will be notified via email along with a courtesy link to their published article.

As owner and host of this blog, I retain the legal right to publish, edit or reject any/all article submissions for this site to maintain the integrity and reputation of the site and site owner (me). Guest article submissions requiring extensive editing will be returned to the author for rewriting, and if necessary rejected.

To submit a guest article for publication or if you have further questions about guest posting on my blog, contact me via the contact page at the top of the site or email me if you already have my email address. I look forward to hearing from new and/or experienced guest writers interested in guest posting once, occasionally or even on a semi to regular basis.