The Bachelor Contestants – Bachelor Season 14 Jake Pavelka On The Wings of Love

the-bachelor-2010-jake-pavelka-150x150-2 The season premiere of The Bachelor “On the Wings of Love” starts on Monday, January 4 (8 p.m. EST on ABC), with Jake Pavelka the pilot as the new bachelor. Fans of sappy romantic television shows like The Bachelor and The Bachelorette are excited to find out if Jake finds true love and who Jake will choose to be Mrs. Pavelka at the final rose ceremony of The Bachelor season 14, of if online dating sites will be his next stop.

News reports quoting 31-year-old Jake Pavelka, the hunky commercial airline pilot from Dallas, say that Season 14 of The Bachelor promises to be “a very rocky and dramatic season”. If recent spoilers of the very popular dating series are true, claiming a “shocking scandal” involving a contestant having a sexual affair with an ABC production crew member of The Bachelor show, host Chris Harrison and ABC big-wigs have yet to confirm or deny the scandalous rumors.

Creating drama and media hype about the premiere of The Bachelor to help stir up excitement and ratings with a sex scandal, ABC began running a brief, on-air promo spot about the cheating female contestant. On the promo, a female contestant is heard on the audio clip saying, “She’s been having an sexual affair with somebody else in the Bachelor House”. To say “it wouldn’t be The Bachelor if it didn’t start with one shocking scandal” is an understatement, and it certainly helps keep up the show’s ratings.

Who the contestant is and who she is reportedly cheating on Jake with while The Bachelor 2010 was filming last fall won’t be revealed until late January, but reports are that season fourteen of The Bachelor just may turn out to be “the most shocking ever” – above and beyond the shock that occurred when Jason Mesnick “changed his mind” and broke Melissa Rycroft’s heart to be with Molly Malaney.

The Bachelor Contestants

  1. Alexa, a 25-year-old entrepreneur from Galloway, OH
  2. Ali, a 25-year-old advertising account manager from Williamstown, MA
  3. Ashleigh, a 25-year-old account manager from North Potomac, MD
  4. Ashley, a 29-year-old teacher from Pittsburgh, PA
  5. Caitlyn, a 24-year-old spokesmodel from Winfield, IL
  6. Channy, a 29-year-old mortgage loan officer from Santa Rosa, CA
  7. Christina, a 25-year-old restaurant manager from San Diego, CA
  8. Corrie, a 23-year-old wardrobe consultant from Kissimmee, FL
  9. Elizabeth, a 29-year-old nanny from Imperial, NE
  10. Elizabeth, a 29-year-old Air National Guard captain from Washington, DC
  11. Ella, a 30-year-old hair stylist from Lafollette, TN
  12. Emily, a 23-year-old model from West Chester, OH
  13. Gia, a 26-year-old swimsuit model from New York, NY
  14. Jessie, a 25-year-old cosmetic sales manager from Oakville, Ontario
  15. Kathryn, a 25-year-old corporate flight attendant from Lexington, KY
  16. Kimberly, a 24-year-old NBA dancer from Norman, OK
  17. Kirsten, a 25-year-old waitress from Aurora, CO
  18. Michelle, a 26-year-old office manager from Anaheim, CA
  19. Rozlyn, a 28-year-old model/makeup artist from Richmond, VA
  20. Sheila, a 25-year-old commercial pilot from San Juan Capistrano, CA
  21. Stephanie, a 24-year-old dance teacher from Morris, IL
  22. Tenley, a 25-year-old college admissions representative from Newberg, OR
  23. Tiana, a 31-year-old medical technician from Vancouver, British Columbia
  24. Valishia, a 32-year-old homemaker from Carlsbad, CA
  25. Vienna, a 23-year-old marketing representative from Sanford, FL

Contestants Facts:

  • The twenty five bacherlottes range in age from 23 to 32, with an average age of 25.
  • There are 2 Elizabeths and an Ashley/Ashleigh pair
  • 14 U.S. states represented, as are Washington D.C. and two Canadian provinces
  • California has the most contestants (5), with Florida, Illinois and Ohio each having 2
  • 3 of the women have children; 1 of these single moms has 2 kids; All the children are boys under 10.
  • 4 women claim to be models, at least part-time.


Bachelor fans recall that Jake Pavelka was rejected by Jillian Harris on The Bachelorette partly because he came across as being kind of dull and boring, despite being a nice guy. As a fan and viewer of the show myself, I tend to agree with sentiments shared on Bachelor fan sites that say season after season of same o’ same o’ rose ceremonies and teary-eyed limo rides for rejected contestants may mean efforts are being made to remove the staleness of the show and really spice things up.

Bachelor host, Chris Harrison, was interviewed about Jake Pavelka’s stint on The Bachelor saying, “Jake’s a very spiritual guy. He wasn’t there to make out and have sex with everybody. Jake’s as sincere as any Bachelor we’ve had,” he says. “He really came into this not for the action and adventure but to find a wife. This is something we’ve never had, but it made for a great show. So the women had drama, but it was in a totally different way.”

Names, photos and bio’s of the 25 female Bachelor contestants vying for the heart and affections of Pavelka, with high hopes of being chosen to become Mrs. Jake Pavelka at the final rose ceremony, include a diverse group of beautiful bachelorettes. Deciding between the 25 gorgeous cast members on the new bachelor will be tough for the hunky star but as the saying goes, “It’s a tough job, but somebody’s got to do it” eh?

Jake Pavelka grew up north of Dallas in Denton, Texas and attended the University of North Texas and Embry Engineering University for Aerospace Science. Jake’s older brother Jason and uncle Miro are both professionals in the dental industry and highly respected in their field of choice. Pavelka has acted in local commercials and also played the role of the young Chuck Norris on the tv series Walker, Texas Ranger, under the stage name of Jake Landrum.

Does Jake find love with one of the 25 contestants? Jake says, “I don’t want to ruin the ending. I stayed true to myself from the very beginning. I went in and said very honestly, if I find love I’ll come out engaged. I didn’t promise a ring at the end of this and stayed true to myself. I didn’t necessarily do what everybody wanted me to.”

The fourteenth edition of The Bachelor starts on Monday, and as a fan of the popular reality show, I will definitely be watching. Are you a fan of The Bachelor and/or The Bachelorette? Will you be watching to see if Jake Pavelka proposes to one these 25 contestants at the final rose ceremony of The Bachelor 2010?

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