The Cards Against Humanity Card Game is Among Amazon’s Most Popular Products

cards-against-humanity-150x150-1 If you haven’t yet heard about the card game called Cards Against Humanity, surely you will soon. As I’ve been going through the various Amazon wish lists in my early Christmas shopping efforts, this very popular card game is listed on at least three people’s lists of things they want for Christmas this year, and sits at the top of Amazon’s best sellers in the toys/games category.

Although I haven’t ever played Cards Against Humanity, I’ve been hearing about how popular it is, and how graphic and disturbingly hilarious it seems to be for those who choose to play it. Marketed as an adult card game for those 18+ years of age and up, and now in its third expansion, I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised to find people we know wanting to buy it, or hoping someone will buy it for them as a gift.

I’ve played many board games and card games throughout my life, but none of them have been of the caliber and subject matter of this game, which some describe as the reinvention of Apples to Apples, another game I haven’t played. Having read many of the Cards Against Humanity reviews online describing the rules of the game, with examples of particularly offensive white cards that can be drawn as answers to the black card questions, and having seen brief videos on Youtube showing how the game is played, I’m not too sure I want to purchase this “hot” card game for anyone.

My personal taste in card games and board games are more of the classic family-friendly type, where the entire family (kids and teens included) can enjoy a fun and laughter-filled evening around the table. Cards Against Humanity is most definitely NOT a game for kids, far from it. Maybe it’s because I’m a grandma, or maybe it’s because my sense of humor is more along the lines of “clean humor”, so-called funny card games that are dirty, raunchy, politically incorrect and disturbing, puts Cards Against Humanity among those I would consider to be strictly adult-fare and yes, horrible.

I’m not a prude by any sense, if groups of adults choose to buy Cards Against Humanity and play the game without young children in hearing range, by all means, go ahead and enjoy yourselves. Just please make sure little ones aren’t being exposed to such dark humor and bad language as is contained in this game.

Cards Against Humanity is so popular that every time I’ve looked up “most popular products” on Amazon, looking for new cool products or toys etc to buy for people on our Christmas lists, CAH is consistently listed at the top of the toys/games category. It’s often out-of-stock, and apparently people scramble to buy the game the moment “sold out” disappears and they’re able to purchase the game. That should say a lot about the popularity of this card game, hopefully just among full grown adults and at least college aged kids, rather than younger people.

Some of the possible examples for answers that may be drawn with the white cards, in response to the black card questions, are not disgustingly horrible, but are quite tame. Some would likely be rated a modest PG-13, which I’d even feel comfortable with, but many of the other possibilities can rate much higher. There is frequent use of vulgarity, offensive swear words that may offend some unsuspecting players, and “humorous” references to body parts and bodily functions, racism, rape jokes, and Holocaust jokes. (Maybe I should put “jokes” in quote marks, as I don’t find such things funny in the least.)

You may have noticed that I have made a point of NOT including specific examples or images of what “funny” answers or questions this card game offers. I’ve done so on purpose, as I would much prefer not to have this site associated with such vulgarities, where parents and adult subscribers might have a child sitting on their lap or looking over their shoulder and be shocked to see some the possible responses Cards Against Humanity offers.

To put it mildly, the game Cards Against Humanity is an “offend everyone fest” in a neatly packaged black box, but based on the huge number of rave customer reviews, it will be a sure hit for Christmas shoppers this year. CAH started on Kickstarter, the game has a free PDF version that can be printed and played, or anxious game enthusiasts can buy the latest third expansion of the card game on Amazon for $25.00, or choose the first or second expansion for just $10.00 also on Amazon, in its discreetly packaged box that thankfully doesn’t display any offensive images of included game cards.

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