The Dangers Of Using Microwave Ovens

Modern advancements have made it such that we have a variety of electronic appliances which make our life easier in so many ways. One of such appliances is the microwave which makes life in the

microwave-oven-dangers-150x150-1 Modern advancements have made it such that we have a variety of electronic appliances which make our life easier in so many ways. One of such appliances is the microwave which makes life in the home extremely convenient. Whether it’s a matter of quickly defrosting some frozen food for visitors or maybe a hungry child, you usually end up working with your microwave.

However, did you know that there are dangerous side effects to the convenience you get from having a microwave in your home? Did you also know that although approximately 90% of the homes in America have and use a microwave, while other countries including Russia have banned this appliance?

Consider the following:

1. Is your food well-cooked or is it raw?

Microwaving doesn’t always kill the micro-organisms which exist in food and if you chose to skip cooking food over a fire and instead go for the microwave, you could very well be eating raw food which is dangerous especially in the case of meat. Although the consumption of raw foods is good for your health, this only applies to fruits and some vegetables. This poses an even greater risk for babies and small children whose immune systems may not be strong enough to fight food-related diseases which are considered minor for adults.

2. Do you know what microwave radiation does to the human body?

Microwaves emit electromagnetic radiation which changes the position of atoms in your body and affects the molecules that come into contact with it. This gives this form of radiation the name “non-ionizing radiation”. Exposure doesn’t just happen inside the microwave when you place your food in it; it also spreads to the area around the microwave and penetrates the human skin. What does this mean? Well, pregnant women are not only exposed to the radiation, it also goes as far as their unborn children too! Non-ionizing radiation is also emitted by the sun and this is what causes damage to your eyes and skin and may even lead to skin cancer.

Microwave radiation also causes something called “microwave sickness” whereby high levels of exposure causes impaired cognition, insomnia, vision problems, dizziness, a weakening of the immune system and other symptoms which you may confuse for a non-threatening bug. However, the long-term effect from these symptoms, which may seem minor, is very serious and is something that we should all be vigilant about as we go about our daily activities.

3. Are you making your food dangerous for consumption?

Apart from eating food which may be raw from being undercooked in a microwave, there is also the issue of actually changing the composition of your food as you microwave it. During a study carried out by the Russian scientists to find out the true effects of microwaving food, they found that nearly all foods tested after microwaving were found to contain carcinogenic substances. A carcinogen is a substance that is an agent directly involved in causing cancer.

In other words, you are actively creating the potential for you and your family to be affected by cancer which is a terminal disease! That is definitely a wake-up call! What basically happens is that the heat and the radiation in a microwave cause the conversion of amino acids, plant alkaloids, and other complex vitamins into carcinogenic substances. Each time you ingest these, you’re increasing your chances of being affected by one of the most deadly diseases known to humans.

Other than causing cancer, microwaving food lowers its nutritional value which also makes it dangerous in that it doesn’t fortify your body as it was meant to. What if you’re microwaving vegetables for a child or an elderly person? People need the vitamins and nutrients in their food to help boost their immune system and in the case of children, to help them grow.

Microwaving food essentially kills the nutritional aspects of foods, which means people may be well-fed but are nutritionally deficient, lacking the important vitamins and minerals etc in their foods. For example, microwaving broccoli with a little bit of water loses up to 97% of its beneficial antioxidants, while steaming it only causes a loss of about 11%. Microwaving both processed and breast milk turned a percentage of around 30% to 40% of the B12 in the milk into a dead form which is not beneficial to babies, small children, invalids, elderly people or anyone else for that matter.

Why not consider other safer forms of cooking or warming/defrosting food?

Mary is a mother of two children and a blogger at Miracle Maternity.