The End Is Near

This is the first time in my life where I have had to face the reality of losing someone I love in death. Both of my parents are still alive and well, and both sets of grandparents passed away before I was born, so watching my father in-law move closer towards his final day brings about emotions never experienced before. I’m not liking this one bit.

He was released from the hospital this past Tuesday, and moved to a senior rehab facility where he is under 24-hour nursing care. He is still not eating, so the doctor’s have prescribed something called Megase to hopefully increase his appetite, but so far no change.

We talked to the management of his Senior Independent Living apartment complex, and were able to get his lease cleared at the end of the month, then worked on the beginnings of packing up his apartment and belongings. That was hard to take, going through his things and deciding what we will need to do with it all by the end of the month.

Seeing the pictures and various momento’s of his life and achievements, family portraits of him smiling and happy really touched my heart. Remembering how he’d hear certain songs on the radio that he liked, stand up and start doing his little “jig” around the room like he was Fred Astaire, gave me and my husband moments to smile and reminisce.

The family has come to the realization that his days are numbered, and it’s quite clear that he has completely “given up” on trying to get better. He has no energy whatsoever and sleeps most of the time, and efforts to get him to eat in order to build his energy are quickly thwarted and ignored.

Taking him in a wheelchair to the main sitting room of the facility, with chairs and couches for family to visit with him, doesn’t even bring a sparkle of interest and within a few minutes he’s wanting to go back to bed.

Phone calls are being exchanged amongst friends and relatives to let them know the current status, as well as informing them to expect the dreaded phone call at any time that he’s gone to heaven.

For now, we just want to spend every moment possible with him, going through photos of happy times with his wife, children and grandchildren. Until he is taken Home.

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