Top 10 Christmas Toys for Kids – Affordable Christmas Gifts, Toys and Games for Kids

Predictions by major toy makers of what toys for kids will make up the list of hottest toys for Christmas 2011 have been released. The most popular and highly sought after toys and games for kids of all ages, for babies, toddlers, tweens and teens, includes many deep discount Black Friday and Cyber Monday-type sales to help the family budget.

Finding affordable Christmas gifts, gifts for under $25 to $50 and even less than twenty dollars are available if you know where to look. Christmas shopping online, vs physically going shopping in stores and malls, is an extremely efficient and time-saving way of doing price comparisons and finding the absolute best deals on toys, gifts, Christmas wrapping paper, decorations for the home, etc.

Top 10 Most Popular Christmas Toys For Kids

fijit-friends-147x150-1 Fijit Friends – Fijit Friends Interactive Toy by Mattel are going to be HUGE sellers for Christmas this year, with young girl’s clamouring for one of these cheerful, dancing, squishy friends that will chat, tell jokes and respond to the mood of your music. Girls can poke and squeeze Fijit’s soft supple skin that enables lifelike movements and fun surprises. Featuring voice recognition, beat detection capabilities, and includes her own original songs, can respond more than 100 built-in phrases and jokes, and perform different dance moves. Designed for children 6 years old and up.

lets-rock-elmo-by-sesame-street-150x150-1 Sesame Street Let’s Rock Elmo – Kids will have lots of fun rocking out with the new interactive Let’s Rock Elmo. Elmo takes the stage singing and making music for kids and preschoolers. Let’s Rock Elmo comes with his own microphone and two instruments, a tambourine and a drum set. Preschoolers can choose which instrument Elmo plays, and he “magically” recognizes which one you give him. Elmo also interacts with other LET’S ROCK instruments (each sold separately); he knows when you’re playing the LET’S ROCK Guitar, Keyboard or Microphone and plays along with you! Let’s Rock Elmo is an ideal Christmas gift for kids from 18-months to 4-years old.

leapfrog-leappad-explorer-learning-tablet-150x150-1 LeapFrog LeapPad Explorer Learning Tablet – LeapPad Explorer is the personalized learning tablet just for kids ages 4 to 9 years. This popular interactive learning tablet for kids provides access to 100+ educational digital books, cartridge games, videos, flash cards and apps. A broad curriculum including reading, mathematics, science, geography, art, music, language and culture, health and more – skill levels automatically adjust the challenge to match each child’s pace and remember progress from game to game and book to book. The LeapPad’s built-in camera and video recorders, 5″ touch screen for use with finger or included stylus and 4 apps, allows kids to create animations and fun art to share with family and friends.

moshi-monsters-talking-plush-toy-150x150-1 Moshi Monsters Talking Plush – Kids will enjoy cuddling up and listening to the Moshi Monsters Plush Talking Poppet Soft Toy. Cute and shy, Poppets are a lot more like adorable pets than the other Moshi Monsters. They love dancing, but only when nobody else is watching. Show this cuddly Moshi Monster how much you love her by giving her a cuddle, and you’ll her her talk, laugh and giggle. This soft toy friend also comes with an Adoption Certificate and a secret code that unlocks a special in-game item. Moshi Monsters Talking Poppet Moshi Soft Toy is a cute and adorable cuddly friend. Suitable for ages 4 and up.

angry-birds-knock-on-wood-game-150x150-1 Angry Birds: Knock On Wood Game by Mattel is a popular board game based on the on the best-selling Angry Birds phone app game. This fun and exciting skill and action game features three Angry Birds, green pigs, one slingshot-style launcher, structure pieces and mission cards for fun family time playing board games. Draw cards, build castles, and knock them down in this hands-on version of the touchscreen hit. First one to 100 points wins! The Angry Birds: Knock on Wood Game brings all the fun of the touchscreen app to a new, tactile playing field for two to four players. This game follows the same goals as the online version: launch the Angry Birds toward the egg-stealing pigs’ wooden castles to destroy them and advance to the next level. With three Angry Birds, four pigs, a variety of “wooden” pieces, and a bird launcher, you can now bring the same action to your living room. 2 to 4 players, five years old and up.

kiddizoom-twist-camera-150x126-1 V-Tech Kidizoom Twist Camera – Designed for children three years old and up, the Kidizoom Spin & Smile Digital Camera comes with a built-in flash for indoor shooting as well as a twisting lens for easy self-portraits. A variety of wacky frames, stamps, and other effects will keep your budding photographer entertained. Durable and easy to use, this 2.0 megapixel camera lets kids take and edit photos, record digital video, and play games. The editing feature allows children to add colorful frames, stamps, and wacky effects to their photos. The Kidizoom Twist connects to a television so your child can view her work or play games on the big screen. PC and Mac compatibiility allows you to connect the camera to your computer for storing and sending photos.

bob-the-builder-construction-tower-150x150-1 Bob The Builder Construction Tower Set – Recommended for kids 3 to 6 years old, this Bob The Builder Construction Site by Fisher Price toy company allows kids to use their imagination in helping Bob the Builder build and construct the biggest project of his life. Kids can use the parts to build City Hall, then use the wrecking ball to knock the building down and start all over again. Transport materials using Manny’s dump truck. Roll the “crawler” crane along then remove the wheels to turn it into a crane tower. Load cinder blocks from the cement mixer into the dump truck and wheel barrow and transport them to the building site. Use the parts to build City Hall, and if you make a mistake, don’t worry – just use the wrecking ball to knock the building down and start all over again! Over 45 pieces including Manny, Rusty, Felipe and Eduardo figures plus a working crane with three attachments (wrecking ball, hook and claw), dump truck, cement loader, cinder blocks, wheelbarrow, shovel and more.

iball-3-interactive-memory-game-150x150-1 iball 3 Interactive Memory Game – Recommended for kids 6 years old and up, the iball3 is a colourful, exciting, cutting edge electronic interactive brain training memory game. The iball has 6 light buttons and a single LED display. The iball3 can easily be played with by children or adults. The object of the game is to turn on all the lights to the same colour within a specific time. Each iball3 is unique and has a pre-programmed registration number which allows you to compete on a World leader board on the iball3 website. The iball3 has two levels which reset after 90 seconds, which is plenty of time for practice games. The first level of the game (3 lights) must be completed within a time limit of 20 seconds before the iball3 moves to an automatic advancement sequence of 4 lights to level 2. Level 2 must be completed in less than 60 seconds if you want to have a chance of getting onto the World leader board. If the 4 light sequence is completed within 60 seconds you will be rewarded with a unique i-code that can be entered onto the World leader board.

fur-real-friends-cookie-puppy-150x150-1 Fur Real Friends Cookie Puppy – The Cookie My Playful Pup is the perfect plush toy pet for kids, and about as close to the real thing as you can get. She barks and wags her tail when you stroke her fur, replies in puppy babble when you tell her she’s been good and moves her head towards you when you squeak her toy bone. Give her cheek a little scratch and she’ll turn toward your hand to ask for more. When you tell her just how sweet she is, she’ll respond with puppy babble. When children put her toy bone in her mouth, she’ll make crunching sounds like she’s chewing it. Recommended for kids 4 years old and up, this soft, adorable cookie puppy is about 14″ tall and kids can either sit her up or pose her front legs so she’s lying down.

barbie-fashionistas-2-pack-gift-set-150x150-1 The Saturday Fashionistas – Barbie doll fashionistas is a mega-hit with young girls and tweens/teens, and the two-pack doll set including fashionistas Sassie & Sweetie makes the top ten list of hot toys for Christmas 2011. Barbie fashionista dolls are typically sold separately, but the 2-doll set of fashion Barbies is all about friendship and trying on different personalities at a great price. The Barbie doll gift set includes 2 Fashionista dolls and 2 wear and share best friends necklaces so the girl can wear and share with her best friend.

Still needing some inspiration on babies, toddlers and older kids Christmas gift ideas? Do what I do and browse the Best Selling Toys and games on Amazon, as well as the Hot New Releases in games & toys, bikes & scooters etc, for lots of great ideas on what to give kids for Christmas this year.

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