Top 10 List of Favorite Links

I’ve been busy catching up on reading posts on blogs I’m subscribed to, as well as discovering some phenomenal blogs I hadn’t known about before now. I wanted to share some posts I believe you

toptenlist-thumbnailI’ve been busy catching up on reading posts on blogs I’m subscribed to, as well as discovering some phenomenal blogs I hadn’t known about before now. I wanted to share some posts I believe you will find very interesting and informative on a variety of topics.

Dealing With Postpartum Depression (by Penelope Trunk) offers personal insight into the struggles and difficulties associated with postpartum depression, and the things you need to know if you are experiencing this largely misunderstood and controversial aspect of motherhood.

Get Together Etiquette offers ten rules of etiquette when having gatherings in your home, and how everyone should and should not behave. I bet you’ll find some of these listed to be true in your own families as well, I know I did.

Would You Let Your Employees Bring Their Babies To Work? Discusses the options being made available for moms and dads to bring their young children to work with them, citing a recent article in the Dallas Morning News that says, “More than 80 companies nationwide allow babies in the workplace” but “most companies are unlikely to allow babies in the workplace because of liability issues”.

14 Ways To Affair Proof Your Marriage has been a hot-topic on the news lately since politicians are coming out admitting to having affairs, subsequently resigning their posts. Brett and Kate McKay have written a phenomenal post explaining the importance of making your marriage priority #1, and the dangers involved with emotional cheating that often leads to sexual infidelity.

Teens and Technology…Parents, Don’t Be Left Behind offers valuable information for all parents, even your children have not yet reached the teen years saying, “If you don’t utilize today’s technology as your teenager does, this will have a negative impact on your ability to provide important guidance for your teenager.” Forewarned is forearmed in my book, and I’ve written on this topic myself because parents are simply not paying close enough attention to what they’re children and teens are doing online.

10 Ways to Make Sure You Never Have Sexual Intimacy discusses surefire ways to make sure you don’t have sexual intimacy in your relationship, along with the importance of caring for our significant other and ourselves physically and emotionally.

What Not to Do When Dancing With Someone’s Wife can happen in a variety of situations, whether married or single, and it reminded me of some rather awkward moments during my single days when out dancing with friends at local clubs.

Correcting Someone Else’s Child really caught my attention, as Gayla McCord details how difficult it can be in dealing with undisciplined children, and finding strategic ways of getting out of doing babysitting favors for parents with children that are out of control.

Internet Marketing Isn’t Blogging – I’ve learned a lot from Grizzly’s Blog, such as how to get Double Indexing in Google with interlinking my posts using specific keywords, as well as tricks to make sure my posts rank well with the SERPS, and are found as close to the #1 spot as possible for people doing online searches. If you haven’t yet discovered Grizzly’s blog, you really should subscribe to it, as you will benefit immensely by following his suggestions.

10 Compelling Reasons Why People Read Your Blog – Liz Strauss really knows how to tell it like it is in this post that makes clear the various reasons why people subscribe to your blog. Anyone with a blog hopes to increase readership and subscribers, so I especially appreciate how Liz makes clear the importance of allowing our readers to get to know the Real Person behind the posts.

Have you discovered some amazing blogs recently as I have? What causes YOU to Subscribe to blogs? And, what causes you to Unsubscribe?