Top 5 Gifts: Gift Guide for Father’s Day 2011

Buying Dad impersonal gifts like ties, cigars and cologne are “safe” but exceptionally boring. Instead of taking the traditional gift-giving route, why not make this father’s day extra special by getting him one of the top 5 gifts listed below? As a bonus, there are also some really neat craft gift ideas kids can make for Dad as well.

5. Wrap a Nap—Just because Dad is man doesn’t mean that he doesn’t need his beauty sleep. This unique and highly innovative pillow acts as three devices in one which will give any hardworking dad the soundless rest that he deserves. In addition to being an extra comfy pillow that is designed to allow anyone to sleep comfortably in even the most awkward positions, the device also serves as ear muffs that can block out a spouses’ excessive snoring and as a blindfold for sleeper’s who are sensitive to light. Price: $14.99


4. Personalized Book—Hard and paperback books are something that people keep forever. So why not make a permanent declaration of how much Dad means to you by designing and publishing your own bound book filled with sentimental phrases, “coupons,” and artwork. You can either select pre-made pages or make your own. Price: Starts at $24.95

3. Stuffed Animal—Another great way to immortalize Dad is to create a stuff animal that looks just like him. All you need to do is send in a digital photo of Dad and a team of cartoonist will design and create a stuffed-replica toy. If you like this idea you may want to get on it as soon as possible, it may take a few weeks to get the toy. Price: $69 plus shipping

2. Amazon Kindle—If your dad is a hard-core book lover, a great gift to give this season is a Kindle. This e-reader is extra light, has no sun-glare and can store up to 1,500 books at a time. You can make the gift even more special by purchasing a few books so that he’ll have some reading material already loaded onto the device and add a heart-felt personal note that he can read as soon as he turns the Kindle on— Amazon allows it’s costumers to convert e-mail letters into a custom Kindle document. Price: Starts at $114

1. iPad 2—The new and improved iPad2 is “the” gift to give Dad this Father’s Day. Dad can do all sorts of neat things with the ultra light and sleek gadget, including watching his favorite action flicks, reading up on his favorite sports teams, listen to his favorite music, and video chat with his college buddies. He can even take care of work-related business. Price: Starts at $499.00

Craft Ideas for Kids:

Memory Jar: There’s nothing more loving than reminding dad of all the great moments he’s shared with his children. This simple but personable gift requires children to write down their fondest memories of their dad on colorful strips of paper and insert them into a glass jar with their father’s favorite candy. For example, notes can say “I remember waiting for you to come home from work so we could play basketball” or “I remember when you took me to my first baseball game and you spilled mustard on your shirt.”

What You’ll Need:

• A Mason Jar • Different colored craft paper • Scissors • Glue • Dad’s favorite candy

• Beads, buttons, ribbons

Directions: Decorate Mason jar however you’d like. Fill jar with candy and memories.

Scrap Book: Another excellent way to send Dad down memory lane is to have children make a scrap book filled with photos and other mementos.

What You’ll Need:

• Scrap Book • Different colored craft paper • Different colored markers • Stickers • Scissors • Glue • Photos

• Beads, buttons, ribbons

Directions: Decorate each page as you wish, making sure to add photos and other significant mementos such as concert or movie stubs. Adding dates and personal messages on each page or creative headings is also a good idea.

Homemade Tie: Sure real ties might be a passé gifts but ones that are made from the heart will be treasured forever.

What You’ll Need:

• A piece of colorful construction craft paper • Different colored markers • Stickers • Scissors • Glue • String

• Beads, buttons, ribbons

Directions: Cut and shape construction paper to resemble a neck tie. Decorate tie using markers, stickers and beads and button. Write personal messages on it. Glue sting near the neck of the tie. For more detailed directions visit

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