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twitter-thumbnail-1If you haven’t yet discovered the benefits of using Twitter, I highly recommend you take a leap of faith and begin using it right away, as Twitter is an extremely effective tool to help you build personal relationships with other bloggers. Bloggers are constantly being reminded about using social media networks to get to know other bloggers on a more personal level as a way of networking with like-niche blogs, and Twitter is one of the best ways I have found to accomplish this.

I’m not going to provide a long, drawn out Twitter Tutorial here for those wanting to know “What Is Twitter?” and other basic information for Twitter newbies, because there is already a plethora of information on the subject, so I will simply explain how I’m using Twitter, with a few links and a video to help you understand why you need to become a Twitterer today.

It’s important for bloggers to understand that there is a right and wrong way to use Twitter, so before you rush off to sign up for Twitter and begin following other Twitter users, take the time to educate yourself on how to use Twitter properly in order to avoid the pitfalls and faux paux others have experienced that have cost them some followers.

While I do agree that building relationships with like-niche bloggers is very important, I also believe there is great benefit in stepping out of our own niche and getting to know other bloggers that can inform and teach us things we may not have known before. Although my blog niche is about parenting and relationships, I’m a blogger that continues to learn new things every day about effective blogging techniques, so why not build some online friendships with those I’m learning from even though their niche is different than my own? Twitter provides me the opportunity to do just that in real-time, as opposed to just commenting on blogs, in or out of my niche.

Promoting my blog posts on Twitter has also increased the number of visitors, comments and subscribers to my blog (Hello to all of my new readers!) by using TwitterFeed, and interacting with other Twitter users on a more personal basis. One of things I enjoy most about Twitter is providing links to discovered blog posts from using StumbleUpon (or other social networking sites) for my Twitter followers to enjoy.

I’ve often said that you must “give to get” in regards to social networking and building relationships with other bloggers, and Twitter provides ample opportunity to promote each others content and share advice, asking and answering questions, and so much more. Building relationships with other bloggers is not “all about you”, so it’s important to have a balanced view of self-promotion so as not to degrade the quality of Twitter and turning it into a selfish RSS aggregator.

Pay special attention to the 17 Ways You Can Use Twitter, as you will be amazed at the many ways people are using Twitter and reaping the benefits from it. Since becoming a Twitter user, I’ve made contact with someone locally with helpful information in my efforts to change careers, and another Twitter user has found extraordinary business leads and subcontractors for her business and so can you.

Twitter In Plain English

Who you choose to follow on Twitter is entirely up to you, whether or not you stay within your niche or if you simply seek out Twitter users that “tweet” whatever interests you, which is how I select who I follow. Don’t delay any longer, get Twitter! Oh, and if you’re interested in following me, I surely appreciate it.

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