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One of the most fun things to do when hosting a baby shower is trying to make it as unique and different as possible. Baby showers are intended to be fun and entertaining, versus the kinds of baby showers that turn out to be rather dull and boring and you can’t wait for the oh-so lame party to be over so you could leave.

One common way of making a baby shower fun for everyone in attendance, especially parties where many (if not most) people don’t know each other, is to include a couple/few baby shower games to break the ice. Although games for baby showers are not a requirement, games do help party attendees to feel more comfortable and welcome amongst a crowd of people they may not know at all.


Having thrown a very large baby shower recently, with many in attendance not knowing each other or ever having met, including some baby shower games that bring laughter and fun to the party was a very good idea. My co-hosts and I scoured the internet searching for new baby shower games with a unique flair, versus the most commonly used games that many people seem to feel have been done to the point of exhaustion.

Meaning, they’re no longer funny and no longer considered to be entertaining for baby showers. Having checked out many websites offering paid or even free baby shower games that include detailed instructions on how to play the games, customer reviews and message board comments on the topic were all agreeing that creating brand new baby shower games is greatly needed.

Free Baby Shower Games

While my co-hosts and I had included costs of buying games in our baby shower budget, being able to find some free, downloadable baby shower game templates with directions and game pieces (if needed), would certainly help with keeping costs down. I’m very cautious about downloading just about anything from the web, unless I know for sure the site is trustworthy.

Finding some unique ideas for the Precious Moments baby shower theme we threw was challenging but well worth the effort. If we were going to throw a monkey, duck, ladybug or Princess and the Frog themed baby shower, these creative baby shower ideas would have been one of the first places we would have checked because I know the site owner and would gladly download templates from her. She even offers a downloadable version of the baby shower game called the dirty diaper candy bar game that many seem to feel is fun to include at baby showers, while others seem to feel its been overdone.

We chose not to include that particular game simply because we had already selected other games that are not used as often at baby showers and are more unique, in our opinion. Here is a short list of 40 baby shower games we found during our searches for more unique game ideas, but there are many more ideas not included here available online.

Many of these games can be bought for very little money, with all the needed game pieces and instructions necessary, but some online sites I’m not personally familiar with offer free downloads of these games. Personally speaking, I would much rather spend a few dollars and just buy baby shower games outright, than take any unnecessary risks of downloading templates from random websites.

  • Don’t Call Me Baby (aka Never Say Baby)
  • Who’s That Baby? (aka Baby Mug Shots)
  • Who’s The Celebrity Baby?
  • What Will Baby Look Like?
  • Guess How Many Safety Pins
  • Blindfolded Diaper The Baby
  • Pin the Diaper on the Baby (just like pin the tail on the donkey game)
  • How Well Do You Know Mommy-To-Be
  • Baby Shower Scavenger Hunt
  • Baby Shower Musical Chairs
  • Fastest Baby Bottle Drinker

One of the funniest games played at co-ed/couples baby showers is a diapering baby game, where the mom and dad-to-be are both blindfolded and must race against the clock to diaper and dress a life sized doll with cloth diapers and diaper pins, plus an outfit, socks, hat, etc. Although I’ve seen that game played at a few baby showers, it is still a very funny game and everyone in attendance enjoys a great laugh.

Baby Shower Food Ideas

Deciding on the menu for the recent baby shower was probably one of the easiest parts of planning the shower with my two co-hosts. What to serve at a baby shower, especially a large baby shower with lots of adult guests and even young children invited? If the baby shower had been a relatively small affair, with no more than a dozen or so guests, a sit-down meal might have been a possible option to consider.

Just because we were throwing a large baby shower and were planning every detail, we still wanted to make sure we were also able to enjoy ourselves during the festivities, rather than feeling as though we were spending every second stressing and worrying about food or drinks. Choosing a variety of hot and cold food items, finger foods, various salads prepared ahead of time, fruit trays, vegetable trays, chips and dips, delicious Swedish meatballs kept hot in a slow cooker, BBQ sausages and chicken wings – all kept at perfect temperature etc, made the food for the baby shower by far the easiest thing we had to do.

Depending on the amount of beforehand preparation time available, and how many helpers are involved in preparing foods and drinks before the party guests arrive, determined what menu items would be homemade and which foods might we want to buy pre-made or specially ordered at a local store. The goal was not only to have delicious tasting food and drinks for the guests to enjoy, but for the hosts to actually be able to sit down with all the guests and enjoy the party too.

If you’ve ever witnessed a party host running around like a chicken with its head cut off, stressing and worrying about every single detail to an extreme, you understand the difference between that and actually being able to relax, have fun and truly enjoy the party you’re throwing. The internet offers some very unique baby shower food ideas that includes recipes and directions, plus numerous punch recipes that are quick and easy and downright cheap to make yourself.

Quick and easy, cheap, unique but very special and personalized, are some of my favorite terms to use when searching for fun baby shower party planning ideas. Throwing a baby shower doesn’t have to be ridiculously expensive, whether or not it’s a large, medium size or small baby shower.

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