Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Lovers

heart-in-my-hand-thumbnailValentine’s Day is one of my all-time favorite holidays. I’m a sappy romantic fool from head to toe, and I thoroughly enjoy planning early for what I’ll do for my husband to show him how much he means to me. You won’t ever find me wandering the store aisles on February 14, rushing around at the last minute trying to find “something nice” to bring home to my man, because I’ve prepared well in advance and I’m ready-to-roll several weeks before the day arrives.

One year for Valentine’s Day, I sent my husband on a mini treasure hunt (but you don’t have to be married to do this). I had pre-arranged for a nice lunch to be delivered to his office, since he’s usually tied up in meetings and wouldn’t have time to go out for lunch. With the lunch was a note saying that at 5 p.m. he had to leave work and “immediately become my love slave”, and that he must do whatever I asked the remainder of the evening without question. (He tried several times to call me at my office to find out what was going on, but I made sure that I was otherwise indisposed).

The note also asked him to go to the address shown on the card after work, and pick up what was being held for him in his name (a new sport jacket and tie), and two gift baskets I had purchased earlier. Once there, he was given the items and told to put them on, along with another personally handwritten card asking him to meet me at the address shown on that card, where he met up with me at a classy, fine-dining restaurant with an incredible view overlooking a large body of water.

It’s usually only on very special occasions, such as our anniversary, that we get all gussied up and go out on the town, so that Valentine’s Day was not only fun but very romantic. If you ever decide to do something similar, a treasure hunt of your own, don’t forget to include Chocolate Baskets or Cookie Baskets to the hunt, and remember to keep the different destinations to a minimum because too many can become frustrating, ultimately bringing results completely opposite of what is intended.

, Telling It Like It Is Fortunately for me, my husband knows and understands how much I enjoy everything about romance, and he’s very good at coming up with unique gift ideas for me too. One year he surprised me with a beautiful bouquet of Romantic Flowers that arrived at my office, with a little note saying he loved me and asking that I pick up a bottle of wine on my way home. He also knows how much I enjoy receiving gift baskets with all sorts of snack foods and candies inside, and I’ve never been disappointed by any of the gift ideas he comes up with.

Once I arrived home, I walked in to find a candle-lit dinner waiting for me, soft romantic music playing in the background, followed by his giving me a beautifully engraved locket from with a picture of my children inside. He had also purchased rose petals from the florist, and a gorgeous set of high-quality sheets, and decorated our bed and bedroom with rose petals and candles. I get gooey-eyed just thinking about it!

Valentine’s Day gift ideas don’t have to be expensive, since there are many unique gift ideas for anyone’s budget. If your special someone is an avid book reader, you might consider purchasing the latest book by their favorite author, or one they have been meaning to buy for themselves.

, Telling It Like It Is Consider searching online to see if there is an upcoming concert or sports event, for which you could buy tickets in advance and enjoy the event together. Think about what your significant other likes and enjoys, and let that guide you in determining what would be the right gift idea for you. If your boyfriend or husband is a beer drinker, get him a beer gift basket that he’s sure to enjoy. Does your guy or gal enjoy chocolates? Don’t just grab the stuff in the candy aisle at the store, but carefully select something delectable from a famous chocolatier. Amazon’s new Kindle 2 would make a great Valentine’s Day surprise gift for him or her, or for yourself!

It’s very important to give serious thought to what you know your special someone likes and enjoys when choosing a Valentine‘s Day gift, and what they do not like. What type of gift you give also depends on the level of the relationship you’re in, such as dating and not yet serious, serious and planning to become engaged, or already married.

Giving a very personal gift, such as lingerie or sexy undergarments, to someone you’ve only recently begun dating is not considered by many to be a wise choice. If you’re in a serious relationship or are married, and you want to give the gift of lingerie, then be sure to keep in mind that the lingerie should also be comfortable for the wearer. I don’t know of anyone who would be happy to receive and wear lingerie that is uncomfortable and irritating to the skin, so be very careful in your choice if you go that route.

Valentine’s Day can be a fun and exciting holiday, made even more special by thoughtful early planning. Don’t wait until the last minute to begin looking for Valentine’s Day gifts for him, or forget to call for dinner reservations at a romantic restaurant, only to find they‘re already filled to their limit. Calling well in advance of Valentine’s Day just might also provide you better choices of being seated in a more private and secluded section, away and out of ear-shot of other diners.

Are you making your Valentine’s Day plans yet? Do you have any tips or suggestions on choosing the right Valentine’s Day gift for a spouse or significant other? Share your ideas in the comments section below.

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