Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas: Valentine Flowers, Candy, Chocolate, Leather, Gold and Diamonds

valentines-day-gift-ideas-150x150-1 Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and with Valentines comes flowers, “Happy Valentine’s Day cards”, Valentine’s heart candy, chocolates, Chocolate Baskets, leather, gold and diamonds on February 14, just to name a few. As much as I enjoy receiving Valentine’s Day flowers on Valentine’s and other special occasions, I’m hoping for a couple unusual Valentines Day gifts this year.

Making Valentine’s Day special simply requires putting some thought into what Valentine’s Day gift your special someone would enjoy and what he or she likes, and carefully choosing a Valentine’s Day gift for him or her, rather than just grabbing something off the store shelves. Valentine’s Day is for lovers, dating couples and spouses, but children also enjoy getting in on the fun of Valentine’s Day at school and at home with their families, handing out gifts of Valentine’s Day hearts, cards, candy and/or chocolate treats.

Valentine’s Day roses are always nice, but roses are so cliché and often more expensive as a Valentine’s day gift than any other day in the year. Some companies offer nice discounts and sales on flower arrangements, so Valentines Day orchids may be a viable Valentine option for the flower lover in your life.

I’m a pure romantic through and through, so romantic Valentine’s Day gifts mean the most to me. A romantic dinner for two, with candlelight and soft romantic music in an elegant restaurant with a piano bar, followed by slow dancing to romantic music really sets the mood for the entire evening.

A few of my favorite Valentine’s Day gifts include Cookie Baskets, Chocolate Baskets, Romantic Flowers rather than just a bouquet of Roses (yawn..), and especially beautiful fine jewelry from from my brilliant and romantic husband.

, Telling It Like It Is Full-figured women may enjoy plus size leather lingerie for Valentine’s Day, and don’t forget the woman who loves charms and jewelry such as gold tennis bracelets for Valentine’s Day. “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” as the saying goes, so my Valentine’s Day wish list includes diamond tennis bracelets since I don’t have very many jewelry items in my jewelry box to wear on Valentine’s Day or any other day.

Concert tickets are always a favorite, and I’m anxiously awaiting our Bruce Springsteen tickets to arrive since Bruce tickets and the new Kindle 2 from Amazon are at the top of my Valentine’s Day gift list this year. My man knows what I like, so finding a Valentine gift for moms like me is very easy, and finding a gift for him to let him know how much he’s loved isn’t hard for me either.

Valentine’s Day gifts for men, especially the hard to buy for men who have everything, can be a challenge. Gift baskets for men or women are a unique Valentine’s Day gift idea and reasonably priced. Very cheap Valentine’s Day gifts may include a handwritten card, love letter, a favorite music cd, or a book by a favorite author as a gift for him or her.

Do you have plans for Valentine’s Day yet? What Valentine’s Day gift will you be giving your significant other for Valentine’s Day 2009? Feel free to add your Valentine’s Day gift ideas in the comment section below, from the cheap to the extravagant, to help each other come up with more gift ideas for Valentine’s Day.

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