Vampire Academy Frostbite Book 2 by Richelle Mead Review

vampire-academy-frostbite-by-richelle-mead-119x150-1-2 Welcome to the Vampire Academy book 2 in the VA series entitled Frostbite, by author Richelle Mead! Vampire Academy is a school where Dhampirs train to become guardians and moroi learn to wield magic. Right away things jump to a start with Rose Hathaway being taken off campus to take a test for her pre-field exam. This test will determine whether or not Rose will continue to train as a guardian or not.

Only problem, the legendary Arthur Schoenburg was supposed to administer test and now he and his moroi charges were massacred in their own home. Things only get worse when Dimitri issues a “replacement” test and it is discovered that humans are now helping Strigoi murder moroi royal families.

As a precaution, Headmistress Kirova issues a mandatory ski trip for all the students and staff. Before the trip, the school needed to stock up on more guardians. Thus, introducing Janine Hathaway, who happens to be Rose Hathaway’s very own mother. Janine has a very high guardian reputation and just so happens to be a guest speaker in one of Rose’s classes. After Rose gets thrown out of class and Janine has a brief discussion with Rose, you can tell their relationship isn’t the greatest.

After a training session with Dimitri, he feels Rose needs a lesson of another kind and takes Rose to meet Tasha Ozera: Christian Ozera’s aunt. After conversations were shared, Rose and Dimitri say their goodbyes, until the next day. Since Dimitri did Tasha a favor, he needed a fill-in for training with Rose. Who better to do the job than her own mother Janine!

When the training session goes awry, Rose ends up in the nurse’s office for possible concussion, and a black eye. During Christmas, Janine told Rose that an offer was put on the table for Dimitri to become Tasha’s guardian; among other things. Lucky for Rose it was time for the ski trip, and the perfect thing to make Rose forget all about Dimitri possibly becoming Tasha’s guardian.

Once Rose and her friend Mason get their skiis on, it was time to play “dare-devil” and see whose stunts could outdo the other, After Mason got badly injured from a fall, Rose went back to her dorm only to get interrupted by alcoholic, cigarette-smoking Adrian Ivashkov. Although Rose isn’t very fond of the Ivashkov family, she does have a very interesting conversation with Adrian until it was time for bed.

All the fun is short-lived when this is a report of another odd Strigoi attack very close to the reserve. When it was uncovered that Rose’s “evil nemesis” Mia’s family was killed as well, things started to get really personal. While guardians were discussing tactics, moroi royals were discussing safety. When Tasha Ozera stood up to voice her opinion on a subject, many people didn’t agree with what she had to say. When asked what Tasha thought about what should be done about Strigoi, she simply waved her hand and set another royal’s clothes on fire.

Once the guardians got more information on the latest Strigoi attack, Rose thought it harmless to share the information with Mason; until she went to look for him later and find that he, Mia, and Mason’s friend Eddy took off to Spokane – a town where the Strigoi were sighted at. Luckily, within a matter of hours, Rose and Christian found the three runaways at the Spokane mall without incident. When everyone convinced Rose to check out the tunnels that had “supposedly” had been the Strigoi hideout, only Rose seems to realize that the guardian information was indeed accurate.

In a failed attempt to escape the tunnels, Rose, Christian, Mia, Eddy, and Mason rind themselves being taken hostage by a group of humans; only to be taken to the Strigoi who massacred both royal families. As days went by with no sign of escape, a starving Rose and bloodthirsty Christian conjured up a plan of escape using Christian’s fire magic. When everything looked like it was going according to plan, their Strigoi captors Isaiah and Elena came back to find Rose and her friends breaking free.

When Rose tells Mason to get everyone out, she distracts Isaiah and Elena long enough, only to find that after getting Christian, Mia and Eddy out, Mason came back to get Rose out. When Mason’s rescue attempt goes terribly wrong, Rose has no choice but to watch Isaiah snap Mason’s neck.

After Rose “loses her mind”, she not only beheads Elena, but Rose beheads Isaiah as well, with an old rusted sword; with a little help from Mia’s water magic. After Dimitri and all the school guardians come to rescue everyone, it seems like quite a challenge to get Rose away from Mason’s body. After all is said-and-done, the school has a “ceremony” for Rose for her “killings”. When the “ceremony” ends, Dimitri feels it important to talk to Rose about what happened in the tunnels with the Strigoi, and feels like he has a couple confessions to make… Confessions you’ll have to see when you read “Frostbite”.

You’ll have no problem understanding what’s going on in this book. Frostbite picks up where Vampire Academy ends. Rose and Lissa are still in their junior year, and while the characters themselves are the same, a lot about them changes.

Rose begins to take a lot after Dimitri: His need to stay in control of things, his understanding of his duty as a guardian, and his “no-games” kind of attitude. Although she still is a trouble-maker and a heart-breaker, Rose begins to understand the seriousness of what it takes to be a guardian.

Lissa is still Lissa, and is still struggling to understand her magic. But she starts to get help when she meets her “cousin” Adrian Ivashkov. Although there is nothing romantic happening between Adrian and Lissa, Christian can’t help but feel jealous when it comes to seeing Lissa with Adrian. What a typical guy!

When it comes time to fight and show whose boss, Richelle shows that even when tragedy strikes, Rose is still ready to fight and defend. Imagining how the fighting actually looks, was the most fun. I wonder if the way I imagine the fight scene to look, if it’s the way Richelle wanted it to look while she was writing it.

For those people who liked the romance and love between the characters, don’t worry. There is still plenty of kissing and flirting in Frostbite to make you all very happy. Just try not to say, “AWW!” at the very end of the book. J

Guest post review written and submitted by Heather P. If you’re on Twitter, you can follow Heather P and engage with her and fellow Vampire Academy fans, Hush, Hush and Twilight book fans.

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