Vampire Academy Series Book 3 Shadow Kiss by Richelle Mead Review

Three weeks have gone by since the storyline in the Vampire Academy series book 2 Frostbite ended. In Richelle Mead’s VA book 3 in the series entitled  Shadow Kiss, people are still feeling the pain of Mason’s

shadow-kiss-vampire-academy-series-by-richelle-mead-1 Three weeks have gone by since the storyline in the Vampire Academy series book 2 Frostbite ended. In Richelle Mead’s VA book 3 in the series entitled  Shadow Kiss, people are still feeling the pain of Mason’s death, they’re still trying to get readjusted to their lives beforehand. How is Rose doing? Well… up until she started seeing Mason’s ghost, things were good, I guess.

When Rose and her guardian classmates get their assignments for their field exam, Rose is absolutely thrilled when she finds out she’ll be guarding Christian Ozera (instead of Lissa) for the remainder of the year. When the tests begin throughout the school, the only action Rose got was standing by Christian and Lissa while the other guardians-in-training “fought”.

When the test finally came to Rose head-on, things didn’t exactly happen the way they should have. When school guardian Stan Alto came to “attack” Christian, Rose froze. Of course it wasn’t because she was afraid of Stan, it was because she staring at the ghost of her dead friend – Mason.

Because Rose showed no attempt to protect Christian even the slightest bit, Rose stood in front of the school guardians, facing a removal of the field experience. Since Dimitri was there to defend Rose’s actions, Rose only had to do community service on her one day off.

When it’s time for Viktor Dashkov’s trial against his torturing Lissa, Rose was positive that Dimitri had got Rose and Lissa access to the trial. Despite that Viktor makes a statement accusing Dimitri and Rose of… doing adult things, a small uproar occurs in the courtroom over it, and ultimately he was sentenced to prison.

When Queen Tatiana makes it very clear that the “relationship” Rose has going on with Adrian must stop, Tatiana reveals that she is going to have Lissa marry Adrian. Regardless of Tatiana’s wild dreams, Rose is determined to keep Lissa happy with Christian. Although the flight home was delayed, Lissa thought it a treat for Rose to be pampered by Tatiana’s VERY personal assistant – Ambrose.

On the flight home, Rose gets one serious migraine headache. This is no ordinary headache since Rose starts seeing Mason’s ghost again, along with the ghosts of Lissa’s deceased family and a ton of other dead people. Since they couldn’t land right away, the plane had to land somewhere else; and that’s when Rose’s head felt like it exploded, and caused Rose to pass out. This time, Rose had no choice but to fess up what really happened.

After Dr. Olendski was convinced to put Rose in counseling and allow her to do halftime for the field experience, it was time for Rose to show everyone what she was really capable of doing. Although Rose was getting seriously impatient, her time to shine arose on a Sunday when she got “attacked” by Guardians Jean, Yuri, and her mentor Dimitri. Not only did Rose take out Jean and Yuri, but because of an intoxicated classmate, Rose had no choice but to take out Dimitri as well.

Right after Rose’s moments of glory, she had to save Christian from fighting Adrian, and then save Lissa, who was getting tortured by Ralf and Jesse. Though Lissa’s anger broke though her control, Lissa caused Jesse to hallucinate by using her compulsion to make Jesse see spiders crawling all over his body. As Rose’s only way of getting Lissa to stop using her compulsion against Jesse, Rose “took” Lissa’s anger and put it in herself.

While it seemed like a good idea at the time, Rose was now filled with an uncontrollable anger and rage, that it took Dimitri quite some time to get Rose to snap out of it (while also using adult-like romantic means…) When it was time to go back to the school, Rose’s moments of sheer bliss were shattered, when Rose came to a sudden halt and asked Dimitri if he sees Mason, cause Rose sure as hell does!

After the next few moments of awkwardness happen between Rose and Mason’s ghost, Rose and Dimitri realize the school is suddenly being overrun by a huge pack of Strigoi. When Rose realized that no one knew where Christian was, Rose took off to find him. Not only did Rose find Christian alive, but the two of them went to help the other guardians kill the remaining Strigoi on campus.

After Rose was told that a number of Moroi and Dhampirs had been kidnapped by some of the escaped Strigoi, she insisted that a search-and-rescue mission gets launched. Although a number of people objected to it, they eventually came around to the idea. With Mason’s help, Rose was able to tell where the Strigoi were hiding. Retrieving the lost people wasn’t the most difficult part, but things for the guardians went terribly wrong when Rose saw Dimitri being taken by the Strigoi and being turned against his will.

While another mission was sent to retrieve anyone else, the guardians came back without Dimitri’s body, sending Rose into a deeper state of depression. With Rose grieving over Dimitri’s lost soul, she decided to withdraw from St. Vladimir’s to hunt for and kill Dimitri; all just to keep a promise they made to each other a long time ago…

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