Vampire Academy Series Book 4 Blood Promise by Richelle Mead Review

You know you have a really great book series when instead of writing about its greatness you spend your time rereading the book! Apparently that’s what’s been happening to me while I try writing about

vampire-academy-book-4-blood-promise-130x150-1-2 You know you have a really great book series when instead of writing about its greatness you spend your time rereading the book! Apparently that’s what’s been happening to me while I try writing about these Vampire Academy books. So let’s keep going and see what’s going on in book four: Blood Promise!

As Blood Promise starts out, Rose is at a nightclub in Russia. No she’s not trying to pick up guys; she’s trying to find someone who knows how to get to Dimitri’s home town. As Rose leaves the nightclub, she realizes she’s being followed. After a quick flashback of the past three weeks, Rose meets her stalker: Sydney.

As a Strigoi comes to attack Rose and Sydney, both girls realize they have a lot of talking to do. Sydney is an alchemist. Alchemy gets passed down though families and helps hide the secrets of moroi, dhampir, and Strigoi. Since Sydney has connections all over the place, Rose asks for Sydney’s help in finding Omsk: the place that will lead to Dimitri’s home town. When Sydney makes a call, she tells Rose that her superiors have instructed Sydney to take Rose to Omsk.

Back at the Academy, Lissa is being introduced to Eugene Lazar, his daughter Avery and his son Reed. Shock spreads through Lissa and Christian when Kirova announces that Eugene will be the academy’s new headmaster. Lissa’s spirit use is getting better, but she’s still angry that she can’t walk dreams yet. Although everyone misses Rose deeply, Avery tries to befriend Lissa, Christian and Adrian.

Back with Rose, she and Sydney found somewhere to rest overnight before completing their journey to Omsk. Despite this nice rest-stop, Rose gets woken up by her nausea-feeling and goes outside to see where the Strigoi are coming from. The two Strigoi managed to surprise Rose, and while she suddenly becomes overwhelmed by stress and other things, the spirits “free” themselves from Rose, and go attacking the Strigoi.

While they are being distracted, it gives Rose the upper hand at killing them both. Although the fight didn’t seem to last long, the effects of using the ghosts exhausted Rose, causing her to collapse right after Sydney comes outside. Once Rose woke up, she found that she was in the care of Olena Belikova: Dimitri’s own mother.

As Rose comes to realize that Dimitri’s family hadn’t been told about what happened to him, Rose had to let them know that he’d been turned Strigoi. Since his family only believes in life and death, (and Dimitri is in-between) they start making funeral arrangements for him. When it came time to share stories between everyone on what they remembered about Dimitri, Rose had a difficult time not crying.

Back at the Academy, Lissa is having a hard time. Avery is getting Lissa intoxicated, and is pulling fire alarms to get Lissa out of class. Avery is also making a terrible nuisance of herself since she is making it completely obvious that she wants Adrian Ivashkov. And not just his attention either…

When Rose wakes up, Dimitri’s grandmother Yeva needs help carrying garden bricks to a friend. When they arrive, Rose understands (without being told) that their hosts: Oksana and her husband Mark are bonded, just like Rose and Lissa. The cooler part was realizing that Oksana’s spirit tricks are totally different than what Adrian and Lissa can do! As the next few days pass, Rose starts to realize that living with Dimitri’s family isn’t going to work.

To see if Rose still has a place among her old Academy friends, she decided to check on Lissa. It seems that while Rose has been away, Lissa has started getting reckless; she’s doing things she wouldn’t typically do. As the night finishes off, Rose finds herself leaving to Novosibirsk with some young renegade guardians. And now the fun starts because its time to finally search for Dimitri!

Finding Dimitri proves to be a difficult task, so they go to plan B: finding Strigoi and asking for information about Dimitri. After only a little waiting, Rose’s wish came true. But hesitation got the best out of her as she finds herself being held hostage by non-other-than Dimitri Belikov.

So as not to TOTALLY give away the rest of the book, that’s all I’m going to report. Although the trips into Lissa’s mind don’t seem all that important right now, Avery actually plays a huge role in how Blood Promise ends. It explains Lissa’s reckless behavior, and Lissa and Adrian learn of another spirit user who can control a lot of power all at once.

But don’t worry guys! Even though I’ve written a lot so far, technically I’ve only written about HALF of this amazing book! The whole other half focuses on Rose’s captivity with Dimitri: whether or not she escapes. Also what winds up happening with Lissa because of Avery and whether or not Lissa can be saved? It gets really intense! As I said in the very beginning, this book is so incredible that I would rather reread the book than write about it!

Rose gets a chance to live her own live, instead of doing what’s being dictated to her by the academy. Rose finally gets to follow her heart and do what she feels is right. Rose gets to explore and decide for herself ultimately, if being a guardian is really what she wants for herself and her life.

Lissa gets to be more reckless and run than always be so reserved and so serious. She gets a chance to be a 17 year old girl (because she really is) instead of feeling like she has to be 40. Richelle shows more individualism in the characters in this round. If Rose weren’t bonded to Lissa, I think this is how they would’ve turned out. The relationships between the characters change somewhat, but just enough to throw a monkey-wrench into the story.

Rose is still in love with Dimitri, but can she kill him to save his life? Lissa is in love with Christian, so why would she risk it for another guy? Adrian has serious feelings for Rose and wants a REAL shot with her if she comes back, so why is he getting flirty-friendly with Avery? And could Abe Mazur possibly be Rose’s long lost father? This book is so intricately written that once you think you know what’s going to happen, a monkey-wrench gets tossed into the story, and you’re like, “WHAT?!”; its crazy.

Richelle Mead’s Fifth Vampire Academy book: Spirit Bound comes out May 18th. The Series comes to its ultimate close with the book titled: Last Sacrifice that will come out December 14th of this year. So keep an eye out for both of these books! You will definitely enjoy reading Blood Promise and all of the other books included in the Vampire Academy series!

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